Data protection policy

Harmonizing to the Data Protection Act 1998 it the duty of every staff member and the pupils to stay by the Act. This Act includes the personal information of the current and pervious employees and pupils. This requires that all the staff should supply all accurate and up to day of the month information about themselves. Any alterations in the reference or phone figure should be informed to the College. The College will non be responsible for any mistake which has non been informed.

It is the duty of the College that all the information given by the staff and the pupils should be kept firmly. Personal information is non be disclosed orally or in composing or accidently or to unauthorized 3rd party.

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Datas Processed

  1. All Staff and Students are responsible for supplying the right information to the College Administration. If there is a alteration in any information provided to the College, the College should at one time be informed. For illustration if there is a alteration in reference of a pupil or staff it is their responsibility to inform the College. The college is non held responsible for mistakes of which it has non been informed by the staff or pupil.
  2. The College is responsible to maintain all the information provided by the staff and the pupils purely confidential.
  3. Any Personal Information unwraping in authorship, orally, or accidently can ensue in the breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  4. All mails received by the College that are marked Personal or Private & A ; Confidential should be opened by the concerned named individual merely because it may incorporate personal informations.
  5. All emails turn toing a peculiar individual or the Department, should non be disclosed unless it is asked by the authorization for a concern affair.

Any College Data that is Sensitive for case

1. Retention of Data.

Financial, legal, racial, cultural, origin, wellness, condemnable strong beliefs or any trade brotherhood rank informations that is to be kept in record for a longer period.

2. Research Data.

Sometimes the research informations collected legitimately for research intent does non place the names of the persons in the range it is because they do non desire their names to be disclosed. In such instances the range work should non be carried out with anon. name if the person wants otherwise such it should be avoided.

Any information that is collected for analyzing intent through questionnaires and studies about an person should be kept purely confidential.

The College holds some specific information relating to the Staff and the Students which are purely kept confidential in lock and key.

Related to Staff

  1. Personal bio-data
  2. All photocopies of Educational paperss.
  3. All pervious occupation History.
  4. Fiscal Records.
  5. Photographs images.
  6. Condemnable Offenses ( if any ) .
  7. Trade Union Membership.
  8. Physical or Mental Health Conditions.
  9. Home reference and phone figure.
  10. Emergency Addresss and Phone Numbers.

Related to Students

  1. Educational Details.
  2. Bank Statements.
  3. Employment Details -as how many on the job hours he is working.
  4. Attendance record with the College.
  5. Photographic images.
  6. Physical or Mental Health Conditions.
  7. Condemnable Offence ( if any ) .
  8. Home reference and phone.
  9. Fee record or any grant given on any evidences.


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