Date: spoke about the project basic requirements

February 25, 2019 Commerce

Date: 28/8/17
The group was formed and a brief introduction was done between the members.
We chose VSJ ventures as our final year project which was an e-commerce platform for customizing shoes.

Roles were assigned to the members.
Date: 21/9/17
Project kick-off and a meeting with the VSJ representative was done on this day.
We spoke about the project basic requirements and a brief overview on the technical side of it.

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Date: 25/9/17
Project planning started on this day.

Research and literature review on similar business that have shoe customization in their business model.
Soft lunch in January was asked by the client and our project planning was going good.

Started working on the backend of the project.
Date: 2/10/17
I started researching about creating roles and accounts for customers and designers and admins on the website.

In anticipation for the first checkpoint with the client I started creating the backend.

Date: 11/10/17
Started researching on Jetpack Analytics which is an analytical module for the website for statistics analysis.

Working more on the backend.

A checkpoint meeting with the client was supposed to be conducted this week but the client was unavailable so it was postponed to a later date yet to be decided.
Date: 13/11/17
Started creating categories and tags at this week.

Unable to reach the client the project design came to a stop.

Date: 11/1/18
Client still unreachable.

We had a group meeting to determine the project direction and had a discussion with our lecturer and decided to proceed with the project design based on the original requirements.
The soft launch for the project was cancelled.

Joy helped me with the backend design and I assisted him a little with the frontend as well.
Date: 15/1/18
We had an online discussion for the project design.

Media library creation and server integration and management was done.

Swatches configuration was done.

Had a team discussion on which features to implement in the website.
Date 18/1/18
A group meeting was held and few ideas were exchanged.

Date: 1/2/18
Another group meeting but without the client (Still unreachable).

Modules, Application which can be integrated to the website were tested in addition to the comparison between different cloud services to host the project.

The design and creation of a newsletter of the website was conducted.

Date: 8/3/18
Discussed the current and future project plan with the project supervisor Ms. Robina and we were handed the new contact details for the new VSJ representative.
Integrated the “CUSTOMER” & “DESIGNER” & “ADMIN” to the backend of the project.

Date: 14/3/18
We were finally able to meet the new representative and get some feedback on the progress of the project.

The representative had some ideas as well on the overall design of the project and new requirements.
Integrated the Wishlist, items in cart, checkout page, and placed orders to the backend each to their account.

Date: 22/5/18
A meeting was conducted with the client and we updated him on the current progress of the project which he had a satisfactory response to the progress.

Worked alongside the group members to design the commission module and integrate it to the backend.

Setup of order invoices, reports, and status was done
Plugins customization and installation was done.

Project hosted and became live and we started testing the website.

Date: 19/6/18
This week we had the tradeshow where we presented the project to different business clients and fellow peers and it was well received and praised.

Date: 9/7/18
Final meeting with VSJ representative to handover the project.

The VSJ representative gave positive feedback on the project and praised it.

The VSJ Ventures project is completed at this point.


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