David, against her because of her boss’s

February 27, 2019 General Studies

David, a long term wheelchair user, is not employed as an administration assistant as the building has not been adapted so toilet facilities are inaccessible to him. He feels discriminated against as he is unable to use facilities like other workers. It is unlawful as David feels discriminated against as he does not have equal access as his co-workers.
Jean aged 60 applied for a job at a DIY store. She was told she did not get the job because they thought the job was unsuitable for an older person. Jean feels discriminated against because of her age.

Lexa works at the local call centre. She is a 25 year old black woman who answers the telephone to customers. She is bypassed for promotion for a job in the company’s reception as her boss thinks she is will not be able to do very well as black women don’t perform well with face to face customer interaction. Luca feels the boss has discriminated against her because of her boss’s negative stereotyping.

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