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January 20, 2017 General Studies

1986 was a time of change, war, confusion, death and life. We saw bombings of one country and the uniting for the greater good in another. With life there is death. For every beginning there is an end. Thiexisted) We have to remember this and try to keep in mind that everything happens where it does and when it does for a reason. What would be the point in life if there was not a goal? It would be like running in a race, but there is no finish line and you know that. Would you keep running?.

Many eventful things all over the world happened in 1986. On January 8, 1986, the West German Industrial Concern, formally known as the Flich Group, claims it has paid Jews that were used as slave labor in World War II. The West German Industrial Concern claims to have paid over Five Million Deustsche Marks (2 million dollars in United States American currency). Whether that is true or not we will never know. The key word there is “claims.” Another famous event would be Queen Elizabeth II of England signing a proclamation ending any remaining constitutional links between the United Kingdom take over the facilities. On January twenty-eighth the twelve nations of Europe issues a declaration to agree to ban arms to show that the countries are “clearly implicated in supporting terrorism.” [Day-by-Day: The 80’s].

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A few new presidents took office also. General Samual K. Doe is inaugurated as president of Liberia. Though his government is not the most “perfect.” His government becomes famous for r new president was the new Philippines president Aquino Corazone. Aquino Corazone became president of the Philippines when her husband Benigno Corazone was murdered. [Eighties Club].

Back home, in the United States of America, many things were going on. The deadly virus Aids is made more public. Condom use is urged to stop this “silent monster.” On October 22, 1986, C. Everett Koop (Surgeon General at the time) tells people about the virus and the ways to help prevent it from people listened very closely to Mr.


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