Day In The Life Of A Nose English Literature Essay

October 6, 2017 English Literature

In Nikolai Gogol ‘s, “ The Nose, ” Gogol writes this short narrative in order to satire the Russian civilization in the 19th century. Gogol besides concentrates on the issues of the different societal categories and how important it is to hold a rank. This short narrative seems to go a dream after Kovalev wakes up to happen that his olfactory organ is losing. The rubric plays a important function, “ Nos ” spells “ Son ” backwards, which translates to “ dream ” in Russian. This short narrative besides touches on the portraiture of adult female in the 19th century.

In this narrative, the secret plan plays an of import function. The narrative starts off by an debut, “ On 25 March an remarkably unusual event occurred in St. Petersburg ” ( page 1 ) . This shows when and where the narrative is taking topographic point, which is the twenty-four hours that a Barber, Ivan Yakovlevich, discerns an unusual olfactory organ in the center of his staff of life. He does n’t cognize what to make with it so he decides to acquire rid of it by dropping it in the street, “ His one thought was to free himself of the olfactory organ, and return softly place ” ( page 2 ) . Yakovlevich identifies the olfactory organ to be Major Kovalev ‘s olfactory organ, a collegiate assessor whom he shaves.

Another day of the month his repeated in the 3rd paragraph, “ The day of the month was 7 April, and when, that forenoon, the major awoke as usual, and, as usual, threw a desperate glimpse at the mirror, he this clip, beheld before him, what? – why, the olfactory organ once more! Immediately he took clasp of it ” ( page 18 ) . This quotation mark shows when Kovalev and his olfactory organ are reunited, on April 7th. There is a 13 twenty-four hours spread in which the olfactory organ went losing and reappeared. While this occurred, Kovalev was ever in the procedure of waking up, so could it be that he was “ woolgathering ” all along?

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This short narrative can obviously be compared to a dream. It seems impossible for the Barber to acquire rid of the olfactory organ because every clip he tries to make so, he gets caught. This can be compared to a dream, because normally in a dream it is difficult to get away or to run off from a state of affairs. A constable Michigan him and says, A ” No, no, friend. That is rubbish. Already I ‘ve got three Barbers for the intent, and all of them account it an award. Now, state me, I ask once more, what you have merely been making? ” ( page 3 ) . In this instance, the constable is detecting Yakovlevich as he tries to acquire rid of the nose, but merely like in a dream, he can non dispose of it because he gets caught everytime. At some point, he succeeds to drop the nose and at last get rid of it but a policeman catches him and says, “ ” Choice it up once more! You ‘ve lost something ” ( page 2 ) .

Dreams are frequently insistent and towards the terminal of the narrative there is a return of the same chance. When Kovalev is at one time reunited with his olfactory organ, he tries to attach it back to his face but experiences some troubles because it ever seems to fall off. As the physician tries to readapt Kovalev ‘s olfactory organ he states “ Of class, I could lodge it on once more – I could make that for you in a minute ; but at the same clip I would guarantee you that your predicament will merely go worse as the consequence ” ( page 15 ) . Kovelev replies stating, A ” Never head, stick it on once more, pray. How can I go on without a olfactory organ? Besides, things could non perchance be worse than they are now ” ( page 16 ) . This shows that he invariably drops it, but attempts once more, merely like in a dream when we try to reiterate our actions when they do n’t win the first clip.

This short narrative besides portrays the attitude of adult female, as Ivan ‘s married woman shows laterality and authorization in the really beginning of the narrative, “ ” You brute! ” she shouted madly. “ Where have you cut off that nose? You villain, you! You drunkard! Why, I ‘ll travel and describe you to the constabulary myself. You brigand, you! I have already heard from three work forces that, while shaving them, your pulled their olfactory organs to the point that they could barely stand it ” ( page 1 ) . Equally shortly as she find out about the olfactory organ, she starts to knock and diss him which demonstrates that Gogol believes that adult females have a higher function than work forces in society.

Furthermore, Kovalev believes that Madame Podtochina, his staff officer ‘s married woman, was the ground why he lost his olfactory organ in the first topographic point. He supposes that she was huffy at him for non get marrieding her girl and casted a enchantment on him to do his nose disappear. “ Yes, the truth must be that out of retaliation the Staff-Officer ‘s married woman had resolved to destroy him, and hired a set of enchantresss for the intent, seeing that the olfactory organ could non conceivably have been cut off ” ( page 13 ) . Furthermore, this shows that work forces were afraid of adult females and believed that they were enchantresss.

Furthermore, Gogol demonstrates issues of societal category. He characterizes Kovalev ‘s rank by typifying and stressing his facial hair and his apparels, “ Major Kovalev was in the wont of taking a day-to-day walk on Nevsky Prospekt in an highly clean and well-starched shirt and neckband, and in beards of the sortaˆ¦ … such beards run across the exact centre of the cheek ” ( page 4 ) . Kovalev has moved to St. Petersburg on order to accomplish a higher rank and wealth. Kovalev is focused on traveling frontward with his calling and is really confident, so confident that he demands people to name him “ Major ” . However, his nose becomes a civil councilor which has a higher rank than being a collegiate assessor. This is seen when Gogol quotes, “ The Nose did return, two proceedingss subsequently. It was clad in a gold-braided, high-collared uniform, buckskin knee pantss, and cockaded chapeau. And slung beside it there was a blade, and from the cockade on the chapeau it could be inferred that the Nose was purporting to go through for a State Councilor ” ( page 5 ) . I believe that by ranking a field nose a civil councilor, Gogol is jabing merriment at the Russian society to demo that even a simple organic structure portion could hold a higher rank than Major Kovalev. He is stand foring the higher category to hold no more power than any other categories. When Kovalev asks his nose to return to his face, the nose seems offended and says that he had nil to make with him, “ My beloved sir, you speak in mistake, ” was its answer. “ I am merely myself – myself individually. And in any instance at that place can non of all time have existed a close relation between us, for, judging from the buttons of your undress unvarying, your service is being performed in another section than my ain ” ( page 5 ) . It is clear to see that the olfactory organ was looking down upon Kovalev, and had no type of esteem for him.

The escapade of the olfactory organ can be considered as a jeer. Social rank and power were one of the most of import facets in Russia and if a individual did n’t hold a high rank so they were non of import at all. Kovalev ‘s nose wanted to detach itself from the rank that its proprietor has. The withdrawal of the nose symbolizes the release from power and freedom. Equally shortly as Kovalev gets his olfactory organ back, he decides to use for a occupation with a higher rank. “ Following, he sought the chancery of the section where he was fomenting to obtain a Vice-Governorship ( or, neglecting that, an Administratorship ) , and, whilst go throughing through the response anteroom, once more surveyed himself in a mirror. As much in topographic point as of all time the olfactory organ was! “ ( page 19 ) . When he obtains his nose back, he obtains his assurance back.

Gogol ‘s short narrative, “ The Nose, ” focuses on how important it is to obtain a societal rank. It satires the Russian civilization by giving life to a “ Nose ” , who has a higher rank than a regular homo. The adult females ‘s attitude symbolizes the authorization and influence they had on the work forces.


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