Dbq 10 Reconstruction: Us History Essay

October 22, 2017 March 26th, 2018 History

There were many plus sides to the Civil War. Those plus sides were the abolition of bondage. sezession was refuted. and there was domination of national authorities. Yet. there was one trouble which was that the Union had the challenge of calculating out what to make with free slaves. In 1867. Congress took control of Reconstruction to set up and protect citizenship rights. Congress had succeeded in many ways like holding the Southern provinces ratify the Fourteenth Amendment to free the military forces. But. by 1877 the Reconstruction had ended. all the work done failed. and everything reversed. Congress’ Reconstruction attempts to hold equal rights for freedwomans failed because the Ku Klux Klan intervened in incorrect ways. freedwomans were convinced to halt their actions. and editorial advocating was used as propaganda against freedwomans.

The Ku Klux Klan ( or KKK ) was. and still is in some countries. a secret organisation that used terrorist tactics in an effort to reconstruct white domination in Southern provinces. In document two. General Thomas discusses the KKK. The intent of the KKK was to acquire rid of any African Americans so the Whites could keep power. They even killed those who supported the African Americans. intending the killed Whites besides. They would make anything in their power to keep the power they had. They had undermined Congress’ attempts for equal rights to all by making precisely what they did. They would travel around endangering people. burned houses down. burnt crosses in lawns. and of class killed any Africans. That’s non what Congress wanted. They wanted everyone to hold equal intervention. The African Americans did hold much to be able to halt being invaded. If they did. they would hold been killed anyhow.

In document four. Atlanta News uses editorial recommending as propaganda. First off. column advocating is when the column representative of a newspaper or societal media comes to an event in favour of a cause. or thought. and uses their place on it to further that cause. In the papers the talker states his position on the African Americans in the South. He wants the Northerners to travel to the South and form a manner to free the African’s of their rights.

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Many Northerners tried to convert freedwomans to halt vote. Besides. they tried to halt them from taking portion in political relations. Dr. W. E. B. DuBois was an African American Historian and wrote a book about this. Document six is a extract of that book. The Northerners told the Southerners if they wanted a occupation they needed to maintain their olfactory organs out of political relations and if they wanted to be apart of political relations well they better non hold expected a occupation. Basically. close up and remain quiet. Either manner. they couldn’t win.

The African American didn’t have an easy life once Reconstruction ended. Everything Congress worked for reversed and the Northerners thought they had more power. Reconstruction failed for many grounds meanwhile it was supposed to be a rebuilding after the Civil War. Like many things that go on. everything doesn’t ever go every bit planned.


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