December 30, 2016 History

Hello!! We are about to present you a PowerPoint Presentation about the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People, usually known as NAACP. The NAACP was a civil rights organization which included mainly American blacks, but this organization included many whites as well. The main goal of this organization was to end any kind of racial discrimination and segregation. Before the NAACP was founded there was a lot of racial discrimination against the blacks, most importantly there was a lot of lynching going on. The NAACP was founded 1909, and has achieved many goals and victories through out the years. This organization helped the American blacks a lot in discrimination and segregation. .

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Before the NAACP actually formed there was a very big incident that occurred in Springfield, Illinois, which led to the formation of the NAACP. In the morning of August 14, 1908 the whites had found out that there were two black people arrested for raping a white lady. By the afternoon groups of angry white started to gather around outside the jail. The number of people outside the jail had just kept on increasing, by 5.P.M there were four thousand people. The sheriff, Henry Loper, who was concerned for his prisoners send them away to the safety of state prison. By sunset the crowd outside the jail became an angry mob. Not soon later the crowds outside found out that the prisoners are not in the jail, they got very angry. Loper had a restaurant five blocks away, and as soon as the crowd found out they quickly went there in destroyed it totally. This is not what they only did, the blacks now became the crowd’s target. The angry crowd beat the black porters at the railroad station, dragged blacks from streets and beat them, and wrecked and torched nearly every building and home in the black residential district. The crowd didn’t even leave the elderly, the found one black elderly person, and burned him to death.


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