Dear Mom

June 4, 2019 General Studies

Dear Mom,

Out of all the people I hurt I know you feel the of most. You tried your best to help me become something better, and all I did was push you away. What I did was wrong and you would have been the first to tell me that I was, I could just hear you and Vera now. Asking me how could I do something like that, how could I be such a monster to take a life.

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Mom I just want you to know that what I did was not your fault. Don’t let my action hunt you, there was nothing that you could have done for me I let my own ego take over and have a power trip . I realize now that what I did was out of the fear that you tried to help me stay away from. I let the fear of these people turn me into the animal that they already thought me out to be. You tired to make the best out of a all around bad situation.

Don’t let what you hear from others tear you down, everyone already had their own opinion of me I just gave them a reason to be afraid. You have to keep going and be the strong person that I know you. That women that picked us up and moved us to Chicago when everything in Mississippi was crashing Down around us. I fed into all of their traps and even outsmarted them and some of them.


I'm Amanda

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