Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished Essay

September 13, 2017 Human Rights

In the yesteryear. their lives who commit offenses were taken easy. The Code of Hammurabi has many austere Torahs to penalize guilty people. It was said “If anyone ensnares another. seting a prohibition upon him. but he can non turn out it. so he that ensnared him shall be put to decease. ” by the codification of Hammurabi. This jurisprudence shows that people were punished when making something of illegal. Apparently the decease punishment is one sort of warning penalty. and reminding people non to jeopardize the rights of other people. However. in the late old ages. people pay more attending in the human rights. Some of people start believing that the decease punishment should be abolished. Furthermore. there are contrary sentiments to judge the issue of the decease punishment. In my sentiment. the being of the decease punishment is necessary. Particularly we can salvage society resource. forestall the offense rate addition. comfort the population’s psychological science.

First. the society doesn’t have responsibility to costs much money for a slaying all life in gaol. It is really expensive to keep person in prison for life. Life captives stay in prison on norm for 30 to 40 old ages at a cost of$40. 000 to$50. 000 per twelvemonth. In the get downing the slaying commit offenses which has encroach on other’s right. Every twelvemonth the authorities has to pay much money on the captive of life imprisonment. On the other manus. if a slaying is provided by all common people. it is unjust for all common people to raise the slaying who is a slayer. We work hard in the universe. why do we hold to pay our wage to a slaying? Nothing the slaying done. but the offense does. It seems excessively pathetic to raise a slaying who makes a large error for a life. Second. the decease punishment can scare and impede committing offense. To forestall people non to take other people easy. they should cognize they would decease if they kill person. For the probe. implementing the decease punishment can salvage 18 people’s life. Another newsman shows that the Korea has abolished the decease punishment for seven old ages. but the offense rate has been addition.

The of import of decease punishment can’t be ignored. and the decease punishment has the place can’t be waved. The being of decease punishment warns people non to perpetrate serious offenses easy. and forestall the offense rate addition. Third. the decease punishment consoles the people’s psychological science. Some people think that anyone has no right to take away other’s life. even to penalize the captive. I agree that life is a valuable nowadays which God gives us. So the life is really of import for us. Otherwise. a slaying who offended other’s the valuable right. he is non be excused. A slaying may take more over one life. The same. he takes so many valuable nowadays that he can’t be excused.

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Then we don’t punish him. and give him s opportunity to populate. Who can give the opportunity for the victim to populate? Finally. we don’t need to pay so much society resource to incarcerate a slaying. and the authorities can utilize the money in instruction and bettering the society. The power of put to deathing the decease punishment is a warning to state people non to slay others. The human right is really valuable. so we can’t take other’s life easy. Enforcing decease punishment is a manner to squeal the relations of dead people. It stands for the justness of the society. So the decease punishment can non be abolished in this society.


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