Deep River Shusaku Endo English Literature Essay

September 14, 2017 English Literature

Shusaku Endo has had a long calling in literary plants. He has written some really compelling novels that dive deep down into the journey of religious acquisition. He has fixated most of his Hagiographas on two chief traversing issues such as eastern and western civilizations specifically between Nipponese civilization and Christianity. His novels have sited a broad scope of issues of cultural and religious individuality, disaffection, and personal pledge to faith. The narrative he wrote “ Deep River ” is a absorbing journey of disclosure for the characters involved, particularly the relationship between Mitsuko has with Otsu.

Otsu and Mitsuko foremost meet in college, Otsu is an awkward spiritual pupil and Mitsuko is a adult female who has no existent passion for life. She decides she wants to steal Otsu off from the God he believes in. She invites Otsu to a party to inquire him about his beliefs, to my surprise he comes clean stating he is diffident of what he believes in. Mitsuko forces Otsu to imbibe and wo n’t halt coercing him until he forsakes God, but he drinks till he throws up, ne’er giving up on God. No it sounds like these two would ne’er see each other once more after something like that. To your discouragement Mitsuko ca n’t go forth Otsu be, she says he must distort his belief in God. She so gives him the chance to be her fellow if he gives up his religion. I candidly ca n’t believe anyone would coerce that upon person. To my discouragement they end up holding sex and dating for several months until she breaks his bosom. Otsu now depressed, foliages and does n’t return, although they do of class, meet once more. Mitsuko has a job because she feels no passion in life ; she goes through her life and this narrative with a atrocious feeling of emptiness in herself

On Mitsuko ‘s Honeymoon alternatively of disbursement clip with her new hubby she hears Otsu is in France and searches him out. They meet up and come up with a new word for God “ onion ” because to Mitsuko the term God means nil. Otsu is on the complete opposite page, stating God is everything everyplace. The Gallic really state he is a heretic for his beliefs that other faiths are besides true and that god uses both wickedness and agony for the greater good. Otsu is opposed by his instructors because of this statement he gives “ evil lurks within good, and good thingsaˆ¦good things can lie within immorality every bit good ” ( 65 ) . I believe what Endo is seeking to show be that God has the power to change over every wickedness into some sort of good. Later in the narrative another quotation mark comes up, “ God has many faces. I do n’t believe god exists entirely in the churches and chapels of Europe. I think he is besides among the Jews and the Buddhists and the Hindus ” ( 121 ) . Otsu wants to populate a life of altruistic forfeit for all people, which at the clip Mitsuko finds to be a waste of clip. I believe the ground she seeks out Otsu so many times in the narrative even though she does n’t truly cognize what it she is seeking for she is seeking for God which in the terminal brings love. Otsu signifies a belief in integrity of all. He believes in uniting all religions and caring for all world, bring forthing an tremendous societal assembly of love.

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Even with being called a misbeliever, Otsu ne’er revokes his beliefs and maintains a strong religion and trust in Jesus. While speaking to Mitsuko he decides to state her he has dedicated his being to trailing merely one thing: “ the love of that onion ” , “ Love is all the onion has imparted to us. The thing we are most deficient in our modern universe is love ; love is the thing no 1 believes in any longer ; love is what everyone jeeringly laughs at, and that is why person like me wants to follow my onion with dense earnestness ” ( 119 ) . Otsu follows his beliefs to India at the river Ganges. This is a topographic point that is really sacred to the Hindus, they travel here when they are deceasing with the hope to hold their organic structures cremated and their ashes spread into the holy river. Otsu goes here to give himself so he can assist these people make the deceasing journey. He literally carries the people to the river who can hardly walk.

Sacrifice is the focal point of Otsu ‘s religion. Jesus is the figure one symbol of forfeit. He gave up his life for world ‘s wickednesss. Jesus symbolically lugs all of the torments of world on his shoulders when he is made to transport his ain cross to decease. Otsu imitates the carrying of agony by obviously transporting the asleep and deceasing on his dorsum to the River Ganges. Otsu sees more than merely the undertaking he is making, he feels something pure and necessary in seting the agony of others on his shoulders, by giving himself. Mitsuko sees what Otsu is making as a waste of his ain life, because he is acquiring nil out of it in her eyes. Otsu knows he will non alter the universe or remedy agony, he is making this act of forfeit for the good of the people, if there is a benefit that comes from it so Otsu knows the act will non be the true good act of forfeit.

By the terminal of the narrative you start to acquire the feeling that Mitsuko eventually understands the belief of forfeit and love for others. She decides to bathe in the sanctum river fall ining the Hindus with her ain supplication, which she still believes is a prevarication, she still has that emptiness until she sees the ultimate forfeit.

Sacrifice is to give and have nil in return except for felicity in you. To love is to give ; Otsu makes forfeits for people seeking to turn their sorrow into love. The terminal of the narrative brings the biggest forfeit, when Otsu becomes mortally wounded, while salvaging Sanjo, who is a individual who most would n’t give for because of his cultural insensitivity. But because Otsu and his beliefs he saves the adult male and in the terminal giving his life. This act makes his forfeit even greater, he is non giving for a loved one or a household member but for a alien who does non cognize or appreciate what Otsu does for him. Otsu has Christ-like, selfless love that rises above all cultural, racial, and spiritual biass to encompass all of humanity, merely like the river Ganges, which he saw as a deep and fluxing river of love “ accepting all, rejecting neither the ugliest of work forces nor the filthiest ” ( 185 ) . This is when we eventually understand what lies at the bosom of Christianity ; Love and forfeit for others. Otsu ‘s forfeit is one of pure love for world, deaf, blind and dumb to how unpointed it may be.


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