Deep Water in Deep Trouble Essay

July 29, 2017 Communication

What type ( s ) of control- feedforward. concurrent. or feedback- do you believe would hold been most utile in this state of affairs? Explain your pick ( s ) Feedforward control would hold been a good start in this state of affairs. It would hold been wise to look into all of the pots on the ship before heading out onto the H2O. After look intoing once it would non ache to duplicate cheque in instance something was over looked. Since the occupation is already unsafe. there should hold been action taken to look into the things that could make any bad state of affairss. Alternatively. these things were non checked and lives were lost. the economic system and the environment were affected by this ordeal. When marks of the jobs started demoing up. at that place should hold been action taken to acquire everyone off the ship safely and rapidly.

Concurrent control would be the following thing that should hold happened. Since the ship was so big and traveling to make such as large occupation. person should hold been assigned to watch the pots carefully and look into all of the small things that make the ship tally. Possibly if the jobs would hold been addressed in a timely mode. the incident could hold been prevented or non as tragic. After it was all said and done is where feedback control stairss in to topographic point. By taking notes of the marks. what happened and possible ways to forestall it in the hereafter would hold been important information. These sorts of paperss could assist others in the hereafter and be a lesson to BP to hold an review before go forthing the dock. Using exhibit 10-2 explain what BP could hold done better.

By mensurating the existent public presentation at that place could hold been a trial tally of the ship on the class to its finish. Upon taking off. there could hold been smaller ships that followed alongside to do certain there was safety if the ship had any jobs. In making so. the operator of the ship could hold learned about the bugs beforehand which may hold prevented the detonation. By making a pattern tally. they might hold been able to see the jobs and set this peculiar occupation on arrest until the mistakes were repaired. Another cardinal component would be doing certain their CB wireless worked and called the right location.

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Once the pattern tally was in advancement. the prima director could hold assigned occupations to the other employees. These occupations could hold included look intoing the bottom deck. watching pots. and watching for any possible menaces in the H2O. Each employee could hold filled out a study to demo what they inspected and what the result was of the review. If a subdivision did non go through the review. the director would hold cognition of what needed attending. Then the ship could hold been prepared to travel on their journey.

Once the director gave out the instructions on what to repair and assigned people to those occupations. another review could hold taken topographic point. This review would be to re-check the job countries for proper corrections. Then. if all of the parts passed review. they would cognize the ship is in top status to put canvas on their trip. Agendas could hold been made out for certain people to look into on the countries that had jobs. By delegating certain persons. it could hold helped maintain better path of complications. Why do you believe company employees ignored the ruddy flags? How could such behavior be changed in the hereafter?

I think there are several ways the ruddy flags may hold been overlooked. One possible manner would be hapless occupation preparation. If you aren’t trained to cognize what something is supposed to look like or how it is supposed to work so you wouldn’t cognize what a job is you saw one. It seems more and more employees have small preparation when being hired on to a occupation. That. or they merely do non pay attending to what their trainer tells them. By non cognizing the proper ways to make things could take to more on the occupation accidents. like what happened with the BP ship. Another ground that it could hold been overlooked is laziness. While the study says the job went unnoticed until after the fact. doesn’t needfully intend that person did non see the job and believe it wasn’t a large sufficiency job to ache anything. I think this sort of pattern is going more common which is a chilling idea.

There are several ways to forestall such behaviour in the hereafter. The manner the employees interact when they are trained is most likely a glance into their work ethic. It is non wise to demo them cutoffs or easier ways to make things in instance they are on the occupation and demand to cognize the right manner of making the occupation. If they were to be taught an easier manner and a job arose it could do an even bigger job or perchance an hurt. It could besides go forth them clueless as to what to make when they are on their ain in the occupation. Another thought. would be to hold regular meetings on the ship that are compulsory for all staff to go to. In these meetings the direction squad could turn to the regulations. what is expected of the other employees. and where the ship is headed. What could other organisations learn from BP’s errors?

A few things that other organisations could larn from this error is to ever look into for ruddy flags. When you look into your work. you have less of a opportunity of something traveling incorrect. Another thing would be communicating. Communication is ever of import. but even more so in concern. When employees communicate with one another they stay better informed and sometimes larn more about their occupations from others. Communication besides helps employees to cognize what their occupation is and in what countries need advancement.

By implementing rigorous regulations. it would assist companies to maintain their employees more focussed on their occupations which will assist the company be more successful. When a company sticks by the implemented regulations. there is less of a opportunity of employees believing they are able to slack off or take advantage of their places due to fear of effects. I think when directors pick favourites they allow them to flex or even interrupt the regulations. I believe that all directors should handle all employees every bit and non cut slack to certain people. When this happens. it causes other employees to be hostile towards those employees and the directors that do it. which makes a batch of them non desire to make every bit good of a occupation.


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