Duty of Care’

Define the term ‘Duty of Care’
Part of the Code of Conduct for Healthcare workers to all those receiving your care and support. This is a legal requirement and means promoting wellbeing and making sure that people are kept safe from harm, abuse and injury.
Describe how the Duty of Care affects own work role
Duty of Care automatically applies as soon as someone has care or treatment, you cannot choose whether to accept it. Breaking this duty could result in legal action. Duty of care is also to other workers, other support workers, nurses and caterers, cleaners and maintenance workers.
As a home care worker, we will often work alone in a variety of homes. The Duty of Care is to each individual and other workers we may work with and meet in people’s homes. This means working in ways that respect and protect the individual’s rights, including their right to live as independently as possible, to make their own choices and to take risks.

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