Definition Essays

July 2, 2017 General Studies

As it seems to be clear from the title a definition essay is one in which an author tries to define something. Basically, the use of such essays is about determining a term or a word meaning. As we all, know there are a lot of words in English and even more that come from other languages. Some of them we understand and even moreover – use in our everyday life. Some of them contain mystery for us and we can hardly wonder what they mean. The purpose of definition essays is to clarify it all.

During our overview we shall try discuss some tips and basics of successful writing.

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What you should do
Generally, writing a definition essay reduces to performing of major steps of explanation:

1) point a term (a word) you explore;

2) present common information about the word and its origin;

3) express the word in different cases: examples of sentences, phrases, life situations etc.

While writing, never forget to be strict and consistent. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit. To do so set some restrictions to your word. Other words, you should sharply define the category and do not step aside. Of course, you can describe some abstract term like hate and love, life and death, good and bad etc. for ages. But your purpose is to make audience understand the meaning, not to be pleased with how nicely you can illustrate.

How to define
When you finally pick a matter to deal with and draw first lines of a story in your imagination, it is the right time to think over how to make your writing piece look like a definition essay. Basically, it refers to realizing how to define.

There are several ways to describe and determine a term or an object. Let’s list some of them:

• to point what it is: to describe genus, species, type, color, size etc (for example, an apple is a fruit that has round shape and either sweet or acidulous taste);

• to define an objects functions: it means to show what can be done with its help and how it performs (for example, a bulb is used to illuminate a room, a space etc.);

• to analyze a term: in this case you may compare your object with similar words and thus provide the explanation (for example, the Moon is a satellite of the Earth, it is a space object like planets and stars but has different features, it sheds light like the Sun but, unlike the Sun it does not accumulate any, it reflect it).

Thus, you can see that the target definition essays try to aim is by any means to explain the clue. To do so, you need to learn and study as much information about your object as it is needed and possible.


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