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September 6, 2017 Medical

Relationship groupings


Give at least two interconnectednesss for each relationship grouping


  • Matua supports pakeke, by stating them about moral values and by supply them medical attention.
  • Matua aid in the growing of the pakeke’s kohungahunga if they live together. Pakeke them felicity and overcome the job of solitariness.

Matua -kohungahunga

  • Matua and Kohungahunga are strongly linked to each other. Matua comes to the formation of particular household by giving birth to kohungahunga. It farther lead to whakapapa household.
  • Kohungahunga brings the felicity in the household and do a strong relation with all the members in the household.


  • Kohungahunga give felicity to kaumatua and bring around their solitariness.
  • Kaumatua aid in their physical growing by supply them alimentary diet and in their mental growing by giving them knowledge about history and traditional values.

Matua -Tamaraki

  • To supply nutrient and shelter to the kids there is relation between the parents and defenders of their kid.
  • Parents support their kid at each and every measure of their life and give them lesson of regard.

Iwi -Hapu

  • There is a strong relation between iwi and hapu these creates a household tree and follow the history of the household.
  • There is besides a connexion of metaphor and analogy.


  • There is a general nexus between them.Tane and whimper are acquiring married among themselves in this relation.
  • They both help each other to the formation of kohungahunga and makes the particular whakapapa household.


  • Tukana aid her younger sister teina in his teenager’s age by giving the recommendations to cut down emphasis and tensenesss of head.
  • Teina is besides help tukana by giving regard to her and follow her gives felicity to tukana.

1.1b ) Answering from the Maori worldview, explicate how each of the first rules and cardinal constructs listed below are relate to the interconnectednesss you have already explain in undertaking 1,1a ( as you answer this inquiry, delight guarantee that you refer to all five ( 5 ) first rules and all ( 3 ) three cardinal constructs ) .

Relationship grouping s


First rules

Whanua, whenua, tinana,

Wairua and hinengaro

Key constructs

Whakapapa, kaitiakitanga and whanaugatanga


Tukana aid in the teina in every field by steering her about new engineerings.


This is relation in the sisters in whanau.


Tukana provide the support to teina. Mentally and assist her in doing determination for his life.


After matrimony, both of them become the portion of extended household and in the early age, tukana ushers teina how to last in the drawn-out household.


Matua aid pakeke by supply them support and other particular installations.


Whanau is the female parent /father to pakeke in whanau.


Matua provides cognition to pakeke about the history of ascendant and traditional values.

Tane- Wahine

These both are interconnected to each other.they get married and assist in drawn-out household.


They both play a critical function in extended household and to convey felicity in household. They contribute in addition coevals.


This relation lead to the formation of genealogical household because they are able to give birth to their klids.


Kohungahunga bring felicity in the life of kaumatua and kaumatua besides help in their organic structure growing.


Kaumatua provide the religious values to kohungahunga in the whanau and teaches them how to populate in this universe in the religious manner.


Kaumatua help the kohungahunga’s matua by taking attention of the kohungahunga and its like a defender for whanau.

Matua – Tamariki

The relation of parents with their childs is to carry through their day-to-day demands which include nutrient, money and shelter etc.


The parents and kids are connected to each other, of course. parents play a critical function in the growing of their childs by supplying them a proper alimentary shows the love in this regard. Parents besides maintain them to increase the whanau.


Parents provide good chance to their childs and to themselves to bask their life by giving nutrient and shelter to populate.


It gives the strong nexus in the relation of kids and parents.


The relation of hapu and iwi lead to the formation of family tree.


They both are related to each other and they holding land and their land is varies from folk to tribe and iwi to iwi.


Both Hapu and Iwi are proprietor to land and they give their land to the another coevals of the same blood line.

Matua – Kohungahunga

In the relation of Matua and Kohungahunga is that matua helps in continue the coevals of particular household and formed the whakapapa household.


They help in do the household ( whanua ) and it besides help the parents to carry through their demand to come in his life.


They are holding both connexions physical and biological one.


Matua has a household history or blood lines to turn in a broader context.


Land is reassign to coevals to coevals and merely in the same blood line.

1.2 ) From a maori universe position, explain the development, care and continuity of each of the first rules and cardinal constructs.

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First rules

cardinal constructs





organic structure

It is the relation of organic structure and family tree and we can cognize about our background history with the aid of it.

Take a alimentary diet and the diet suited for our wellness

Make physical exercisings to maintain our organic structure tantrum and flexible.

Largely prefer the fresh nutrient and avoid debris nutrients.

Participate in athleticss and make other physical activities.

Put into consideration, the wellness of all the members of the household by provide proper alimentary diet to all.



It lead to the development of human encephalon by taking cognition from the household.

Develop mental ability by accomplishing cognition about head stableness and seek to quiet encephalon.

Make some mental activities to better mental well-being and besides contribute in seminars.

maintain head free from emphasis and tensenesss and no any negative thought come in anyone’sgoal.




The maori people take duty for the return attention of land and it move from folk to tribe and iwi to iwi we belong to same blood line.

Human existences entity originate from land.

Passed the land to the following coevals

people of same blood that we keep the status of land good.

Provide cognition to the future coevals about the care of land and usage of techniques for this development.




With this relationship whanau are linked to the extended household.

Whanau is developed when matua give birth to childs and following coevals comes and all these are combined to each other by whakapapa.

This would be maintained by enjoy and attend maps together.whanaungatang is besides present.

All the members should be work together and assist each other in every trouble and to supply cognition to new coevalss.




Defenders of spirit.


It besides province that physical organic structure contributes to cognize about household history.

By steering the Maori people that how of import is to larn


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