Demonstrate And Critically Analyse The Risk Management Process Finance Essay


Today, it ‘s become hard to protect fiscal administrations from hazards. It harms the administration in different ways like damaging assets, information or information. It can be in any administration whether it relates to Business, Finance, or IT. Therefore to manage hazard companies use Information Risk direction. It is the procedure of pull offing hazards and protecting administrations. There are many issues like information categorization where different classs of information are needed to protect utilizing different nomenclatures. The information hazard direction adopt international criterions harmonizing to concern context. It has direction rules to firmly pull off organizational assets.


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Information plays critical function for administrations to acquire success. To protect information companies have Information hazard direction. It is a powerful beginning to undertake with the hazards found in the administrations. The Risk direction define schemes to turn up the hazards and menaces in the administrations and besides supply solution to cut down the affect of hazards. An effectual hazard direction procedure is an of import constituent of a successful IT security plan. The chief end of an organisation ‘s hazard direction procedure should be to protect the organisation and its ability to execute their mission. ( Stoneburner, 2002 ) The information hazard direction procedure considers the end and aim of the administration to pull off and take hazard from the company. The hazard direction processes has certain predefined stairss to follow and to pull off hazards in concern. These stairss include designation, analysis, rating, intervention, proctor and reappraisal techniques. These stairss are reviewed and monitored to look into whether procedures are traveling in right way or non.


Risk Management Process ( Exton, 2010 )

Another manner of protecting information is Information categorization – by utilizing this procedure organisations sort there information into classs holding different security degrees.

In a finance companies like Bank, Insurance companies, Loan companies, etc hazard direction procedures are required to supply secure environment and confidential information. It ‘s dificult for any bank to convey information they have sing their clients or stakeholders. The fiscal hazards are besides really high in the Bankss. They need fiscal strategic program to protect minutess. Therefore they use risk direction schemes to forestall the informaiton they have form hacking and to procure other information assets.

Identify and critically measure the importance of the information categorization procedure and other related issues.

Information is an of import plus of every administration. The each stage of administration demands information. Every section has some specific information to protect. Therefore for security grounds the categorization of information is of import. Administrations normally classified there information into different classs like Secret, Confidential, Restricted, Unrestricted, and Sensitive. The increasing demand for companies to protect their client and fiscal information is obvious. ( Fowlar, 2003 ) The categorization of information in fiscal companies is become of import because now a twenty-four hours ‘s banking sectors are utilizing IT engineering. They transfer money online which is rather hazardous because of hacking, phishing, whiffing, etc techniques used by Hackers. An of import facet of protecting critical electronic information cognizing what information needs to be protected, what does n’t, and who are the authorised receivers. Countless organisations stamp “ Confidential ” at the underside of their paperss. It say ‘s everyone inside the organisation can entree it, but cipher outside. ( Landwehr, 2007 ) This categorization method will assist to place of import information of the administration which helps to protect it.

Another most of import and hard part of information categorization defines really rigorous categorization regulations to guarantee that there is n’t any overlapping between different information entities. If the information overlaps so it leads for redundancy of informations and map in IT endeavor. ( Nattygur, 2005 )

Issues Related To Information Classification:

While executing these undertakings there are many jobs that a bank faced to cut down hazards.

The first issues that arise are categorizing information into different classs like public and confidential.

To split information, reappraisal of whole information is necessary. Therefore a responsible individual is required. Some clip companies higher Information Security Consultants from outside the administration which may work for more than one administration. Therefore it is a hazard to the confidentiality of the information security.

Hazard in the categorization of information depends upon hazard factors of information used by Bankss. The information which is more prone to menaces is categorised with higher degree of security and other in lower degree harmonizing to low hazard. The information categorization issue is dependent on context and content of the information. Example: if toilet Smith has $ 100 in his history so it is non sensitive but if he has $ 100,000 in his history so information becomes highly sensitive. ( Bayuk, 2009 )

It becomes hard for some organisaitons to make flow chart to picture the nature of categorization because of complexness in usage of information.

Critically analyse the information Classification schemes and information categorization direction procedure.

Information categorization strategy is a procedure of sorting information for public and private sector. The effectual information categorization strategy can be setup by specifying administrations end, which say ‘s what you want to make with classified informations. The categorization strategy of information is developed to classs information into different classs. The chief prospective of categorization is to supply security to information used in administrations. In fiscal administrations like bank, the information used is known as bank information. ( Rao, 2007 ) In Banks, they need to take fiscal determinations those are required to be confident. Therefore to protect this information bank shop it harmonizing to different manners of security. In Bankss the fiscal information is classified as history sums, salvaging, sedimentation and loan values, ratios, call studies, and fiscal statements. ( Rao, 2007 ) The categorization of information in this context helps to supply protection to clients. Generally organisaitons sort information in following classs:

Secret- The Secret information is accessible merely to higher governments.

Confidential- The Confidential information is client ‘s personal info saved by administrations. Sensitive- The sensitive class includes informations which can be easy damaged.

Restricted- The restricted type has limitation to entree information without privileges.

Whereas it can be classified as Colour coding Scheme, Classes, Nation-wise. Information categorization strategies used in Bankss filter information and define it harmonizing to Classes. These categories have labels of security to entree and usage information in different Fieldss. The motivation of fiscal administrations to utilize categorization strategy is seemingly to procure the information signifier copying or to protect it from being harm by interlopers. In other manner categorization of information is doing it Confidential. If it is written at the underside of the papers that means the information is extremely sensitive. If the sensitiveness is high that means the degree of information security is higher.

Information categorization direction procedure:

The Information categorization for fiscal administrations is required to pull off under continues procedure. The commercial Bankss need information under different categories. Most Bankss use e-banking for the minutess of information and money. This procedure requires more security to protect information from hackers. The Bankss classify information and prioritise into different classs harmonizing the security demands. For each system that enters, procedures, shops, or transportations informations that the bank has classified as “ extremely confidential ” , controls should be in topographic points that are commensurate with the information they protect. The information categorization procedure will help bank direction in concentrating attending on precedence countries foremost and nailing cardinal countries of exposure. ( Bonnette, 2002 ) For illustration in Colour Coding strategy direction classify information harmonizing to its privateness. Management assign different colorss which represent how much peculiar information is secured like ; ruddy is more unafraid, purple is intermediate, and green coloured information can be assessed by any authorized user. Please happen stairss to sort information in Appendix-I.

Show the demands for information hazard direction and the importance of following international information hazard direction criterions.

Hazard is the chance that a jeopardy will turn into a catastrophe. ( Fairhurst, 2002 ) Hazard is an unexpected event which causes harm to the administration. The administrations use Information Risk Management ( IRM ) to Manage, Identify, Plan and Reduce the hazard factor from companies. The basic demand of hazard direction is to protect information assets and the end of the administration. The hazard direction besides helps to protect administration from internal and external menaces. The demand of IRM is for:

Information hazard direction easy path and happen hazard from the administration.

IRM requires to protect the house against market, recognition, liquidness, operational, and legal hazards. ( IFRI )

The hazard direction provide transparence in concern schemes.

Every administration has some critical information to protect that information hazard direction will assist.

It removes the hazards in given clip Spam from the concern.

IRM proctor hazard throughout the life rhythm of running procedure and state where hazard prevarication before it create any harm to information assets.

The hazard direction is used to maximize the resources of administrations.

The IRM protect the repute of concern administration.

IRM besides resolve the issues related to hazards

The IRM helps in planning, determination devising processes every bit good.

Importance of following international criterions of IRM:

The international criterions are significantly used in many finance companies to implement security. There are many criterions available but largely ISO/IEC 27001:2007 and BS7799 are normally used in UK based administrations. The of import facet to utilize these criterions is to better the quality of the information, and to cut down hazard factor. These two criterions have defined life rhythm which include hazard direction, hazard analysis, hazard rating, hazard appraisal, and hazard intervention stairss to pull off hazards in the administrations.

If Bankss have some criterion so it increases client ‘s liability which leads to more investing in bank. It besides provide model to manage issues related with security. The international criterions make administrations more cognizant about hazards. In fiscal companies it increases the investing and helps to turn administration with great extent.

Demonstrate and critically research the constructs of information hazard direction in the concern context.

The concern administrations trades in finance have many hazards related to money, information loss, weak strategic programs, etc. The companies holding hazards besides suffer from holds in results, procedures, fiscal jobs, operational work flow. To get the better of these troubles companies make use Information Risk Management which is really good for bettering their fiscal power.

Information hazard direction is used in every administration whether Business, IT, or Finance. A twine of big and extremely public corporate failures over the past 10 to 15 old ages has focused investors ‘ and regulators ‘ attending worldwide on the manner in which company managers and directors are pull offing hazard. Many companies have focused on value creative activity as a cardinal end. ( ICA, 2002 ) The demand of pull offing hazard is to run into the concern ends. Stakeholder, investors and other members of pull offing commissions make certain that best technique must be used. IRM usage following stairss to pull off hazard in concern:

In the first measure Identification of hazards in the company ‘s are determined and they ranked harmonizing to higher menaces.

Choosing the hazard direction technique to avoid and extinguish hazards.

Specifying controls to pull off hazards.

Continuously monitor effectivity of hazard direction schemes.

Reviewing techniques and bettering concern by experiences. ( ICA,2002 )

The fiscal manager has duty of managing and regularly monitoring hazards in administrations. IRM helps in specifying long term schemes, decrease in programming mistakes, doing and planning of undertakings, operational result of administrations, and fiscal minutess. The hazard has different degrees i.e. Strategic, Program, Project, Operational, and Financial. Information hazard direction grip hazard harmonizing to its badness in concern. The IRM track the hazard and so take action harmonizing to different nomenclatures. It mitigate, accepts, transportation, extinguish, and cut down hazard harmonizing to its possibility of happening.

In UK fiscal administrations use CRAMM ( CCTA Risk Analysis Management Method ) tool to protect from fiscal hazards in concern. ( Sans, 2002 )

Critically explore the different types of information hazard direction nomenclatures used and the types of assets.

Information is the of import key of making things in right format. In organizational manner the information is the processed signifier of informations. Companies gather informations from different beginnings, which is called as natural informations and so they process this information to deduce the needed information. To protect this processed information there is a demand of hazard appraisal. The Risk Assessment is an scrutiny of cognizing everything is traveling right or non. And happening whether safeguards are needs to revise or non. To secure information assets of administrations the Risk Treatment is necessary. The administrations are utilizing many tactics to command and pull off hazards. The Risk Management procedure is used to placing, analyzing, and prioritizing hazards harmonizing to its badness. To protect information there are different types of nomenclatures available. The nomenclatures are defined as a set of footings used to pull off administration. These are designed harmonizing to administrations work flow. The different nomenclatures in usage today are:

Extenuation: It is a procedure of bettering or cut downing new hazards occurred in administrations or those might happen to harm fiscal assets.

Accept: Harmonizing to this nomenclature IRM allows bank to come in hazards which does non damage to companies assets.

Transportation: It reassign hazard to other party managing hazards in the Bankss.

Eliminate: This nomenclature is used to cut down hazards from Bankss.

Hazard proprietor: The Risk Owner is the individual acknowledged by fiscal administrations as the responsible person for supervising the hazard. The Hazard Owner identifies and buttockss risk to bring forth chance and impact information. He or she should develop hazard extenuation and eventuality programs and supply position informations for several hazard issues. ( McNair, 2001 )

Residual hazard: It is any revelation arises from hazard completion or direction nomenclatures.

Different Types of Assets: The information direction is really valuable in context to information protection and for the protection of information assets. The Informational Assets are another of import facet as organizational position. There are different types of assets like touchable assets or intangible assets. In fiscal markets touchable assets are besides known as physical assets. ( Brigham, Houston, 2007, page 145 ) .It includes all hardware equipments used in administrations. The intangible assets are Software devices, Information or Data used in company, Policies, Pricing inside informations, Business continuity programs, Training stuff, Risk analysis, etc. IRM besides use different nomenclatures to manage hazards.

Investigate the hazard direction rules in footings of administrations information security direction and develop the information hazard direction scheme for administration to efficaciously manage the issues.

The IRM has of import function for fiscal administrations like banking sector to decrease hazard. There are different nomenclatures used to salvage company from hazard. Every bank utilizing information hazard direction has some rules or regulations to follow. These rules are as follow:

Confidentiality- The Bankss keep the client information as really confidential. They provide satisfaction to their client to maintain their information secret. They besides do some paper work for the satisfaction of clients.

Integrity- This rule protect information from alteration by unauthorized individuals.

Availability- The handiness means it should be available whenever it requires in the Banks.

Authentication- It guarantee that both parties wants to entree information has right to entree that information.

The Information Risk Management ( IRM ) provides transparence between Bank and their clients to derive religion of people.

The pull offing commission of bank set precedence of accessing information hazards.

IRM minimise recognition hazard in most of the Bankss.

IRM deploy Risk turning away, Risk Transfer, Risk decrease, Risk premise techniques for Bankss.

IRM develop many schemes to manage hazards in Bankss these are like:

Hazard Avoidance: The hazard turning away is similar to disregarding the anything else. But merely those hazards can be avoided those are non dangers.

Hazard Credence: The administration accept hazard when the losingss are less but the net income is higher by accepting it. But it does non intend that direction make non cognize about the effectivity of hazard.

Hazard Extenuation: It is a procedure of understating the chance of happening hazards.

Hazard Transportation: In this the hazard is transferred to another group of hazard animal trainers to get the better of the burden of processing. ( Nikonov, 2009 )

Hazard Retention: This procedure is used to retain hazard at the current place until it recovered.

Hazard Suspension: This is used to cut down the hazard from the administration.

Hazard Allotment: In this, administrations portion hazard with other parties if hazard become higher.

By utilizing these schemes fiscal hazards can be moderated. While developing schemes for Bankss the IRM must cognize about fiscal behavior of the bank, what type of hazards can be occurred to split information of Bank into different degrees of security. By developing schemes the administrations can cut down hazards and better the fiscal conditions of Bankss.


In Conclusion, the information hazard direction has critical function in administrations. It provides security to classified informations by utilizing different techniques. It work harmonizing to the rules and nomenclatures defined. The version of international criterions besides helps to procure information. The IRM develop hazard direction schemes consequently the happening of hazards in administrations.


I would wish to urge deploying Information Risk Management schemes in fiscal administrations because the fiscal information is unfastened to menaces and hackers ever in title to chop that information. And most significantly the administrations must utilize international criterions.



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