Depression in Children and Adolescents


A. Greeting.

Good Afternoon, my name is Sonia Cruz. Today I?m traveling to speak about Depression in Children and Adolescents.

B. Attention Grabber.

Concord McGrath, Michael “ Harmonizing to the Centers for Disease Control The self-destruction rate in the U.S. is 11 per 100,000 people. This makes the national self-destruction rate significantly higher than the nation?s

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homicide rate, with three self-destructions for every two homicides. Many of 30,000 self-destructions reported yearly in the United States consequence from depression. Depression histories for two tierces of all self-destructions.

Suicide rates amongst kids are particularly dismaying, with untreated depression identified as the individual greatest self-destruction hazard. Suicide ranks as the 3rd prima cause of decease for 15 to 24 twelvemonth olds, and the

4th taking cause of decease for kids aged 10 to 14 ” ( McGrath, Michael. )

C. Credibility Statement.

Today I chose to speak about this subject because my best friend started to develop a really terrible depression at a really immature age I did n’t cognize what was go oning to her until she attempted to perpetrate self-destruction,

she opened herself after the incident, and began to associate me how life was so unjust with her and how she instead preferred to decease than to populate an empty life.

D. Relevance.

It is of import to cognize what depression is because is non merely the “ blues ” a kid or stripling may possible hold, but it can be a serious mental unwellness, in add-on it is a upset that affects and causes hurting for both the individual with the upset and the 1s who care about these immature people.

E. Thesis Statement

My nonsubjective today is to inform why kids and teens may hold depression, the different types of depression immature people can see, every bit good what can be done to assist kids and striplings who suffer from depression.

F. Preview.

Children and striplings are the hereafter of our state, nevertheless many of these childs and teens are enduring from a mental unwellness that interfere with their day-to-day life modus operandis. One of these mental wellness jobs is depression a mental unwellness that is existent, painful, and moreover serious to cover with doing immature people to perpetrate self-destruction. There are different types of depression and have typical symptoms, causes, and effects. Bing able to place what sort of depression a kids or adolescent may hold can assist us to acknowledge the symptoms, and to be cognizant if this immature people may hold depression.

G. [ Transition ] Know im traveling to speak the ground this immature people may endure from depression.


A. Main Point # 1:

Depression is one of the mental and emotional behaviours that affect everyone including kids and striplings. There have been a batch of research to happen out what may do depression, nevertheless there is no

a clear apprehension of this mental unwellness at the minute, but the believe it is that is caused by a combination of biological and environmental factors.

1. Depression it?s caused by different factors such as genetic sciences. Children and adolescents that have a household history of depression are more susceptible to acquire depression although some are non impacting by these cistrons and are non affected by this mental unwellness. Geneticss can play a large function in depression, still is non the individual cause of depression.

2. Life events besides play an of import function in depression. Babies and teens find really hard to absorb a tragic events such as the decease of a love one, which can take to grief and unhappiness. Other hard life events are when parents divorced or remarry, or lose of a relationship ; even events like traveling from vicinity or altering school can be emotionally disputing enough that can besides take to depression.

3. An extra cause that can take to depression is the environment in which some kids and teens live such as: a negative household atmosphere, or a nerve-racking experience in school that affects their self- regard and lead to depression.

4. When immature people have depression they find hard to suit in with mundane activities and day-to-day duties. They have troubles acquiring along with others and endure from low self-pride ; marks of depression include: unhappiness that will non stop hopelessness, ennui, unexplained crossness or weeping, loss of involvement in activities that were one time gratifying, trouble concentrating, foolhardy behaviour, and frequent ideas about decease or self-destruction.

5. [ Transition ] Although it is of import to cognize why kids and teens can hold depression, it is besides of import to cognize the different types of depression these immature people can see.

B. Main Point # 2

Harmonizing to Schoenstadt, Arthur “ There are a figure of different types of depression that a individual can see. Several of them start during the adolescent old ages. The most often diagnosed types of depression in teens include: Major depression Dysthymia and Bipolar upset ” ( Schoenstadt, Arthur )

1.Major depression: Major depression is besides known as clinical depression, unipolar depression, and major depressive upset. This type of depression last at least 7 to 9 months and its symptoms are deficiency of pleasance in activities that were one time gratifying, relentless feel of sadness slumber jobs, loss of appetency, inability to concentrate, memory jobs, and achings and strivings. Peoples who suffer from this status frequently feel worthless, helpless, and hopeless about their ability to repair things. Children and teens who suffer from this sort of depression relay on slumber because when they wake up they see the existent universe as their nightmare.Sometimes, when major depression goes untreated, it will run its class and go forth by itself. Recent research has shown that familial and stress drama a function in major depression.

2.Dysthymia depression: Dysthymia depression besides known as dual depression. This sort of depression last at least two hebdomads this depression its about the same as major depression the lone difference its that has milder symptoms and last shorter. Some symptoms of dystymia depression in kids and teens are: hapless school or work public presentation, societal backdown, shyness, cranky ill will, struggles with household and friends and sleep abnormalities Harmonizing to Healthy Place “ About three per centum of the population will endure from dysthymic depression at some clip – a rate somewhat lower than the rate of major depression. Like major depression, dysthymic depression occurs twice every bit frequently in adult females as it does in work forces. It is besides more common among the hapless and the single. The symptoms of dysthymic depression normally appear in adolescence or immature maturity but in some instances do non emerge until in-between age. ”

3.Bipolar depression upset: Bipolar upset besides known as Manic-depressive unwellness this type of depression has severe symptoms this upset causes alteration in tempers as an illustration people who experience this upset experience remarkably intense emotional province that occur in distinguishable period its called temper episodes or an excessively joyful province is called frenzied episode and an highly sad or hopeless province is called a assorted province. Another symptom is the alteration on energy, activity degrees and the ability to make normal undertakings in day-to-day modus operandis. Bipolar upset symptoms can ensue in damaged relationships, hapless school or occupation public presentation, and may even take to suicide. Some people start to develop this upset during childhood, but usually develops in a individual ‘s late teens

4. [ Transition ] Equally of import is to cognize what can be done to assist kids and teens who suffer from depression.

C. Main Point # 3

When kids and teens are depressed it does n’t impact them merely, it besides affect the 1s who care about him. That is why relations and friend should be cognizant of what can they make to assist. The first and most of import thing relations and friend can make to assist a immature individual with depression is to seek professional aid.

1. A physician or mental wellness professional will do an rating and will diagnostic if the kid or adolescent have depression ; why he or she might hold depression and what type of depression she or he might have.Once diagnosed, the kid or adolescent with depression she or he can be treated with a figure of methods. The most common interventions are psychotherapy and antidepressants.

2. Psychotherapy is the intervention of mental and emotional upsets through the usage of psychological techniques designed to promote communicating of struggles and insight into jobs, with the end being personality growing and behavior modification.This procedure is frequently call ‘ talk therapy ” because it involves the patient and healer sitting in a room speaking. Concord Schimelpfening, Nanci “ Psychotherapy can be an effectual intervention for depression, because it helps the patient delve into the implicit in grounds for his depression and larn new get bying accomplishments. Good grounds exists that one peculiar type of psychotherapeutics, called cognitive-behavioral therapy, may be merely every bit effectual as an antidepressant in handling depression. Several surveies suggest, nevertheless, that the combination of an antidepressant and psychotherapeutics is the best attack. While psychotherapeutics is utile for ferreting out the psychological factors that contribute to depression, antidepressant medicine corrects the implicit in chemical instability ” ( Schimelpfening, Nanci ) .Psychotherapy interventions are normally the first pick for kids and striplings this can be an single therapy or a household therapy or both.

3. Harmonizing to the National Institute of Mental Health “ Depression is normally treated with antidepressant medicines. Antidepressants work to equilibrate some of the natural chemicals in our encephalons. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters, and they affect our temper and emotional responses ” ( Depression ) . Antidepressants are prescription drugs that help people achieve their recovery, but as all drugs it have many benefits every bit good side effecs that is why these antidepressants should merely be taken under a physician ‘s supervising, whether antidepressant medicine is the best intervention option depends on how terrible the kid or adolescent depression is, their history of unwellness, and their personal penchants, most teens do best with a combination of medicines for depression and therapy.

4.When kids and striplings are traveling through intervention is of import to back up them to listen to them and to state them how of import they are.

III. Decision

A. Signal

Before reasoning my talk. I hope and one make clear what is depresion on kids and stripling.

B. Thesis Restatement.

My intent today was to give you information about the different types of depression immature people can see, every bit good what can be done to assist kids and striplings who suffer from depression.

C.Summary of Main Points.

1.Main Point # 1

Know you know that depression is a mental and emotional unwellness that can hold many different factors such as biological and environmental.

2.Main Point # 2

Second and non least of import we have a clear apprehension of the different types of depression and how they affect kids and striplings.

3.Main Point # 3

Today we besides learn what can relatives and friends can make to assist a kid or adolescent who is facind depression.

D.Concluding Remarks, Memorable Statement, and/or call to action

“ Why unrecorded? Why dice? to maintain on populating an empty life. ”

these word were from a 14 old ages old who commit suicide from depression



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