Describe Dispositional and Situational Factors in Explaining Behavior Essay

September 13, 2017 General Studies

Describe the function of situational and dispositional factors in explicating behavior Both state of affairs and dispositional factors play a important function in people explicating behaviour. ( in that they guide the judgement on both our actions and people’s actions. ) Attribution theory. known as how people interpret and explain behaviour in the societal universe. is closely related to these two factors. Peoples tend to impute behavior depending on their functions as histrions or perceivers. known as the actor-observer consequence.

Milgram’s survey ( 1963 ) investigated the function of state of affairs and dispositional factors in participants explicating their ain behaviour. Nine out of 12 participants completed the undertaking under the researcher’s important counsel. The participants considered the undertaking unethical so they attributed their negative behaviour to the researcher’s counsel alternatively of the dispositional factor. such as their personality. When people explain their ain behaviour. they tend to impute it to state of affairs factors such as the intervention from the authorization.

Zimbardo et Al ( 1973 ) conducted an experiment in Stanford’s prison to look into the function of actor-observer consequence. Participants were assigned with either the function of captives or the function of guards. In the experiment. both the guards and captives were really dedicated into their acting functions. Most of the captives obeyed the guards because the guards imposed violent behaviour to the captives. It is found that the captives believed and attributed the guard’s violent behaviour to the guard’s dispositional factor.

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When people observe other’s behaviour. they normally attribute it to dispositional factor such as personality. Therefore. with the cognition of the prison as a simulation. the captives still obeyed the guards like they were existent guards who ever acted violently. Peoples normally attribute their behaviour to situational factors when they perform the behaviour. Whereas. people attribute others’ behaviour to dispositional factor when they are the perceivers.


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