Desdemona Is An Innocent Tragic Victim English Literature Essay

July 18, 2017 English Literature

The guiltless being of Desdemona as a tragic victim suggests her naivete, feminine temperament, kid like qualities and good psyche. Desdemona can be seen as both a tragic victim but besides a tragic heroine: she endures enduring that is greatly out of proportion to her errors but besides lacks the wisdom to see that her attempt to reunite Othello and Cassio as friends is the background to Iago ‘s use of Othello. Thus Desdemona could be seen as the traditional stereotypes which really much shocked the Venetian audience of its clip. Her vocal nature is a cardinal feature that critics such as[ I ]S. N. Garner believe shows[ two ]tragic flaw thereby showing Desdemona as a tragic heroine non a victim.

This can clearly be seen when she is first mentioned in Act I Scene III through her male parent Brabantio, “ A inaugural ne’er bold, Of spirit so still and quiet that her gesture blushed at herself ” , who instantly depicts her as a typical[ three ]Venetian adult female: Desdemona contrasts this description when she enters in Act I Scene II disregarding her male parent ‘s wants to be with the adult male she loves, “ And so much responsibility as my female parent showed to you, preferring you before her male parent, so much I challenge that I may profess due to the Moor my Godhead. ” Shakspere incorporates this by utilizing lingual and structural techniques, which include mentions to colorss such as white symbolizing pureness and artlessness every bit good as the usage of Emilia as a foil to Desdemona. Here Iago uses the phrase “ white Ewe ” , through the usage of this colour the audience associates Desdemona as good, pure and inexperienced person, nevertheless subsequently on in Act I Scene III Desdemona is juxtaposed with Othello who is referred to as a “ black random-access memory ” . This suggests Othello is dark and beastly and will in some manner tarnish the celestial Desdemona who is a image of flawlessness.

Desdemona ‘s first feeling is non one of artlessness but humor and unfastened trust displayed towards Iago, therefore foregrounding the ability for Iago to work this relationship in Act I Scene II. At the point when Desdemona is expecting the reaching of Othello in Cyprus ( “ O heavy ignorance! Thou paisest the worst the best. But what congratulations couldst 1000 bestow on a meriting adult female so? ” ) her jesting with Iago depicts her intelligence and bold minded character ( through her inquiring of Iagos ‘ logic ) . This aptitude to talk her head differs greatly with the ideological image of a Venetian adult female who typically would non of all time lift above her hubby or joke in such a mode as seen here. In Act II Scene I Shakespeare uses Cassio ‘s worship of Desdemona by touching to the celestial spheres and God, this duality of Eden ( Desdemona ) and snake pit ( Iago ) is depicted many times throughout the drama. Iago ‘s monologues systematically reference to hell and transgress assisting to picture Desdemona as guiltless and incapacitated, we are shown that Iago is determined to work the goodness of Desdemona to ordain retaliation upon Othello: “ When Satans will the blackest wickedness put on, they do propose at first with heavenly shows As I do now ” . This is really of import as here Desdemona can be established as a victim due to Iago utilizing her to acquire to Othello, on the other manus this does highlight Desdemona ‘s[ four ]hubristic nature. As in her aspiration to be more than merely a proud domestic adult females to Othello she tries to press into his military domain and it is this nature that Iago does to some degree feat.

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While Desdemona may be an exclusion to the Venetian Woman expected of the clip she is surely dominated by work forces in the patriarchal society of the sixteenth century, depicted through the male characters interaction and domination of Desdemona, but besides Emilia and Bianca. A feminist reading would province how Desdemona has been bullied into entry by the male characters ( Iago and Othello in peculiar ) ; this is set up in Act I Scene I as Iago refers to her as a ownership ( belonging to her male parent before the matrimony and Othello after ) , “ Look to your house, your girl and your bags! Thiefs, stealers! ” As lawfully adult females had no single individuality free of work forces and therefore Desdemona strived to interrupt free from this convention. When Brabantio shouts at Othello “ O 1000 foul stealer! Where hast 1000 stowed my girl? ” This thought of a patriarchal society is referred to by[ V ]Rattray Taylor who remarks on how Desdemona ‘s defiance seen with her out spoken character is due to Brabantios huge power over her and therefore her matrimony to Othello and need to do Cassio and Othello friends once more has all stemmed from Desdemona desiring to play the same function as work forces in Venetian Society. Desdemona ‘s artlessness can clearly be seen when she is juxtaposed with Emilia who recognizes her ain powerless and objectified nature, “ They eat us hungerly, and when they are full. They belch us ” , yet she proposes a quid pro quo relationship in order to guarantee her hubby ‘s sole sexual entree, “ so allow them utilize us good ; else allow them cognize ” . However, Desdemona shows unswerving trueness throughout the drama and even in her last dying breath absolves Othello of her slaying.

Artlessness can clearly be seen every bit shortly as Othello mentions how “ she loved me for the dangers I had base on balls ‘d ” conveying both the childlike qualities as she has really small life experience due to the sheltering from Brabantio, every bit good as her deficiency of contemplation in respect to Othello ‘s “ witchery ” . This perceives the thought that the “ angel ” Desdemona has non considered the societal deductions of matrimony to a ‘Moor ‘ , nevertheless being in such a powerful place Othello is non merely any black adult male to the Venetians and the Senators of Cyprus. Describing Othello ‘s interior beauty and non caring about his outward looks “ [ She ] saw Othello ‘s countenance in her head ” this honest and guiltless linguistic communication utilized in asseverating herself in forepart of the Senate was criticised by[ six ]Rymer who remarks that ‘a baronial Venetian lady… murdered… for being a sap ‘ . This suggests that in fact it is Desdemona ‘s tragic flaw that puts her at mistake for her decease ; nevertheless she is guiltless in that her feelings for Othello made her privation to get married him, yet through her naivete or demand for power ( suggested by Rattray ) she was a “ adulteress ” who in get marrieding Othello caused her ain ruin. Thereby “ she was a adulteress who lacked ethical motives ” upsetting the thought of her being an inexperienced person and tragic victim. In the preceding clip taking up to her decease Desdemona asks Emilia to set the white nuptials sheets on the bed, yet Othello remarks earlier in Act V scene I that “ Forth of my bosom those appeals, thine eyes, are blotted. Thy bed, lust-stained, shall with lecherousness ‘s blood be spotted ” . This can either propose that Othello has already taken Desdemona ‘s virginity or that her guilty “ lust [ ful ] ” blood will stain the sheets with the later being the more plausible option. Yet we could see Othello as guilty for rousing Desdemona ‘s freshly found gender and Othello hence feels partially responsible for her supposed matter with Cassio. The artlessness of Desdemona can be illustrated here as she may non hold consummated her matrimony yet she was prepared for a sexual relationship as can be seen with their unfastened shows of fondness towards one another in the movie adaptation by Trevor Nunn.

Desdemona is to an extent an guiltless tragic victim as she is manipulated by a male dominated society in the signifier of Iago and Othello, this can be seen with her entry as Othello clutters and kills her. Her artlessness can besides be seen as she is a victim of her hubristic nature ( this is her tragic flaw ) due to her seeking to move out of a male dominated society. On the other manus in making this she marries Othello and triggers her ain ruin, every bit good as this she fails to recognize that she is non following the Venetian thought of a adult female and as a consequence causes herself to go a tragic victim as she can to some extent be seen as excessively guiltless and good. However finally the thought of Desdemona non consummating her matrimony, her apposition with Emilia ( who realises it ‘s a give and take relationship with her hubby ) and Desdemona ‘s pure daze at the thought of adultery clearly foregrounding that she is so an guiltless tragic victim.

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