Design of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Essay

September 5, 2017 Health

Storage Tanks are the armored combat vehicles in which flammable and combustible liquids are stored. The storage armored combat vehicles should be constructed of steel in instance they are constructed above evidences. The non-combustible substance can be used for the building if it is used to hive away a combustible liquid. The stuff used for the building must be that helps the armored combat vehicle to be protected against the fire. In one of the storage armored combat vehicle fires broke out at the island of Palau Merimau. Singapore and the fire started catching tankage incorporating crude oil. motor gasolene and diesel merchandise.

Despite the size of fire and inauspicious logistics. fire contending attempts were successful in commanding the fire. This require operational and design technology considerations. proper fire contending scheme. prefire and exigency response programs. fire H2O direction and fixed/semifixed system. A lasting H2O supply. of sufficient volume. continuance. force per unit area. required to properly run the fire combat equipment shall be made available every bit shortly as combustible stuffs accumulate and in the same manner underground Waterss are to be provided. installed and made available for usage every bit early as possible at the topographic point of fire.

In instance were fixed H2O protection system is non installed with the armored combat vehicle with flammable or combustible liquids the drifting roof to cover on liquid which helps to protect the fire to be broke out. Most fires in this design of armored combat vehicle burn merely at the seal and are normally easy extinguished. Tanks with drifting roofs are non likely to be involved in serious fires. This is because there is far less liquid surface is exposed to the fire.

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When storage armored combat vehicles are non equipped with fixed fire protection so it must incorporate a stable liquid storage at a force per unit area 17kPa ( gage ) . The armored combat vehicles incorporating flammable liquids should be usually maintain closed for protection of unless the armored combat vehicle is venting. Where drainage installations are provided to run out H2O from dike countries. attempts should be made to forestall flammable liquids from come ining into any natural resources as it constitute fire jeopardy.


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