Designing A Online Book Shop System Information Technology Essay


The Best Book Shop order to supply online services to better net income and widen their selling, they invite us to plan one online bookstore system.

Internet shopping is a procedure to let consumers to buy goods or services straight from a marketer in existent clip, without intermediary services on the Internet. If there is an intermediary service is called e-commerce. An online store, eshop, e-store, cyberspace store, webshop, webstore, on-line shop, or Virtual shop evokes the physical simulation to buy merchandises or services in a brick and cement retail merchant or shopping promenade. This procedure is known as concern to consumer ( B2C ) online shopping. When companies buy other companies, is known as the Business to Business ( B2B ) online shopping. B2C and B2B both in the signifier of e-commerce online shopping.

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In order to plan bookstore system, we will see simple online bookstore for feasibily survey. Create undertaking be aftering to command work flow, plan the plan and related database system, we will supply installing usher and user usher as the same clip. We will show our work with several paperss, each papers is dependent demoing their single information. There are feasibily study, undertaking planning, plan design, installing usher and user usher. Open those paperss you can happen what inside informations we are working.

Feasibility survey

Feasibility survey is one of import analyzing that to see the undertaking we go do or non. Feasibility survey was to measure a proposal to find the specific troubles of the undertaking. In general, the first feasibleness surveies and engineering development undertakings. In other words, the feasibleness survey, rating or analysis of the possible impact of the proposed undertaking.

In instance of our feasibleness perusal, first we will see one popular online bookstore to acquire more information about this bookstore system, and so we use the information we collected to analysis the feasibleness to implement new online bookstore., Inc. is a US-based transnational e-commerce company. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, which is the largest online retail merchant, has about three times the runner-up Internet gross revenues, Staples Company, as of January 2010., founded in 1994 and 1995 the company launched on the web. The company was originally called Cadabra company, but the name has changed, people found that people sometimes hear the name of “ organic structure. ” besides chose this name because the Amazon is the universe ‘s largest river, so the name implies big size, but besides in portion because it ‘a ‘ , so the missive will look near the beginning of the list. started as an online bookshop but shortly diversified, selling the DVD, CD, MP3 download, computing machine package, picture games, electronics, vesture, furniture, nutrient, plaything and so on. Amazon has established separate web sites in Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Japan and China. It besides provides international transportation of some merchandises in certain states. 2009 study found that Amazon is the UK ‘s favourite music and picture retail merchants, retail merchants and 3rd overall.

The company began as an online bookshop, and the largest brick and cement bookshops and mail order catalog of books may supply 20 million rubrics, one can supply more on-line bookshop. Bezos company named “ Amazon ” , the universe ‘s largest river. Since 2000, Amazon ‘s individuality is an arrow taking from A to Z, on behalf of client satisfaction ( because it forms a smiling ) , one end is to do each merchandise in the alphabet.

Amazon was founded in 1994, in Washington State. July 1995, the company began to sell its services, and the first book in – Douglas Hofstadter ‘s Fluid constructs and originative analogies: computing machine theoretical accounts of the basic mechanisms of Thinking. In 1996, it was reincorporated in Delaware. Amazon launched its IPO on May 15, 1997, merchandising companies Nasidake NYSE AMZN, in the initial public offering monetary value of $ 18.00 per portion, USD ( $ 1.50 after stock split three in the late ’90s ) .

Amazon ‘s initial concern program was unusual: the company does non anticipate net income of 4 to 5 old ages. It ‘s “ slow ” growing caused ailments from stockholders, the company has non reached profitableness fast plenty. When the Internet bubble explosion, many e-companies went out of concern, Amazon persevered and eventually turned its first net income in the 4th one-fourth of 2001: 500 million, or 1 cent per portion, on grosss over one billion U.S. dollars, but modest It is of import to the net incomes of the concern theoretical account can turn out to be profitable. In 1999, Time magazine named Bezos Person of the Year, acknowledging the company ‘s successful publicity of online shopping.

Amazon ‘s merchandise line includes books, music Cadmium, picture and DVD, package, consumer electronics, kitchen supplies, tools, lawn and garden supplies, playthings and games, babe supplies, vesture, Tiyuyongpin, nutrient, jewellery, redstem storksbills and tickers, wellness and personal attention merchandises, beauty merchandises, musical instruments, vesture, industrial, scientific supplies and food markets.

The company launched auction, the auction Web service, in March 1999. However, it did non take the bit in the industry pioneer eBay ‘s big market portion. auction followed by the debut of a fixed-price market operations, zShops, 1999 a?? 9 months, and the now defunct Sotheby ‘s / Amazon Cooperation as November. Amazon Auctions and zShops evolved into the market in 2001, launched a service to let clients to sell used books, Cadmium, DVD and other merchandises with new undertakings. Today, the market ‘s chief rival Amazon, eBay ‘s service.

August 2005, Amazon began selling its merchandises in its ain trade name “ , level instances, ” said the hallmark application, the label will be used for fabrics, kitchen utensils, family goods. In March 2007 the company expanded to cover more hallmark applications for diverse list of goods and register a new design consisting of “ letters to organize words Hiramatsu missive O and infinite spreads appear in the ” one o’clock “ position. ” . Reported by the hallmark grew to include points such as pigment, rug, wallpaper, hair accoutrements, vesture, footwear, headgear, cleaning merchandises and jewellery. September 2008, Amazon filed under celebrated. United States Patent and Trademark Office has completed the reappraisal of the application, but Amazon has non yet received official registered name.

Amazon MP3, its ain on-line music shop, launched in the United States September 25, 2007, gross revenues of MP3 format, download no digital rights direction. This is the first available online DRM – free music of all four major record companies.

The sphere attracts tourers, at least 615 million U.S. dollars, double the 2008 figure of Amazon attracts about 65 million clients to its site each month in the United States.

Amazon allows users to subject remarks to the page of each merchandise. Reviewers rate the merchandises, must be in a evaluation graduated table from one to five stars. Amazon provides an optional remark badge options that the existent name of the referee ( based on confirmed recognition card history ) or that Reviewer is a reappraisal by popularity. client reappraisals are monitored obscene, but allow negative remarks. Specter, the book on, depict how “ when publishing houses and writers asked Bezos why the negative remarks will be published, defended his attack, claiming that is ‘ taking a different manner… We hope to enable each book – good, bad, ugly truth… allow loose ‘ ” ( Sipeikete 132 ) . Allegations have been made, Amazon has a negative rating of the selective omission of related undertakings, despite the positions of Scientology conformity with the guidelines.

“ Book Search ” is a characteristic that allows clients to seek for keywords in the text in many books directory. The map started with 120,000 rubrics ( or 33 million pages of text ) October 23, 2003. Currently about 25 million books in the plan. Amazon has approximately 130 publishing houses and allows the user to execute these hunts.

In order to avoid copyright violation, does non return a machine-readable text book. Alternatively, it returns pages that match a image to forbid printing, and proposed to restrict the figure of pages in a individual user can entree. In add-on, clients can buy on-line entree to some of the same book through the “ Amazon Upgrade ” plan.

About 40 per centum from gross revenues of the Amazon Amazon associate and affiliate selling alleged third-party Sellerss who sell their merchandises in Amazon [ commendation needed ] . Customers associate committee referred to the Amazon Amazon nexus placed on its Web site, the consequences of the sale if the referral. In Shijiefanwei, the Amazon has “ over 900,000 members ” in its affiliate plan. Amazon reported over 1.3 million Sellerss sold merchandises through Amazon ‘s Web site in 2007. Unlike eBay, Amazon Sellerss do non hold to keep separate payment histories, payment processing of all the Amazon.

Employees can straight entree the catalog on its Web site utilizing Amazon Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) of the XML service. A new subordinate merchandises, aStore, the association is embedded in a subset of Amazon merchandises, or nexus to another site. June 2010, Amazon launched merchandise recommendations marketer ( said to be internally referred to as “ Genesis Project ” ) to supply more transparence, vendor-specific merchandises recommended for sale to a 3rd party Amazon marketer. Merchandise recommendations are based on client ‘s browsing history.

January 2010 study found that third-party sellers, Amazon 4th. 2nd “ net income. ” The lowest evaluation, but still above norm, in the “ easiness of usage. ” Amazon marketer that clearly defined regulations, provides a steady watercourse of traffic list, with a focal point on cut downing portion of the community. came in 2nd topographic point in the gross revenues recommendation class.

Focus on bookstore system, there has several of import characteristics that we need to cognize, foremost is clearly item catalog system, Amazon have many points are selling on their web site, such as books, digital devices, places, apparels, Toys, etc. although there are excessively much points on bookstore system, it is really clearly and easy to happen, as the same clip, Amazon provide a powerful point hunt engine for user to seek their favourite merchandises. It is one characteristic that Amazon to pull users visits them and purchase points.

Another of import point is shopping cart system and member system. Amazon provides are powerful member system that every client demand create one member history on for purchase points and reassign payment. Looking for Amazon ‘s member system, it must hold endeavor degree database waiter to back up big size transportation and member record.

Shoping cart is one system on Amazon that we need to pay attending to. When user browse and shopping on, if they have some favor point they want to purchase, they can set it into shopping cart. Finally, they may travel to shopping cart page to look into what they had bought, if user accept to purchase all points, they may direct reassign payment. If user ‘s order has any alteration, they can take any point from shopping cart, that will non to pay excess charge and the entire sum will existent clip alteration.

After doting, we are drumhead that online bookstore system is one good thought to develop. We are focus on selling and proficient.

In recent old ages, online shopping has become popular, but it still caters to upper in-between category. For on-line shopping, must be able to hold entree to a computing machine, bank histories and debit cards. Shopping has evolved with the growing of engineering. It is found that e-commerce in the journal, if we focus on the demographic features of shoppers in the household, in general, the higher the instruction degree, income, business of caput of family, a more favourable perceptual experience of non-store shopping. An influential factor in consumer attitudes of non-store shopping is exposure to engineering, because it has been demonstrated to increase the chance of exposure to engineering development to increase the favourable attitude of the new shopping channel.

Expanded the mark audience online shopping work forces and adult females of the in-between category. Initially, the chief users of on-line shopping is immature work forces, high income degree and university instruction. This profile is altering. For illustration, the early old ages of the Internet in the United States there are really few adult females users, but to adult females in 2001 were 52.8 % of the on-line population.

Focus on proficient of bookstore system, today, hardware and package develop adulthood for usage to plan powerful web scheduling and database system, we have a batch of pick to implement bookstore system, such as Windows waiter, Linux, Solaris, UNIX and AIX system for operating system. Database systems have MYSQL, MSSQL and Oracle. CGI Programming had PHP, Perl, C++ and Framework.Net. We are most likely to pick unfastened beginning resources. They are Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP. The advantage of unfastened beginning resources are low cost for develop. It is really suited for us that we without excessively much develop capital.

Context diagram of the on-line book store system

A context diagram is a information flow diagram, with merely one monolithic cardinal procedure that subsumes everything inside the range of the system. It shows how the system will have and direct informations flows to the external entities involved. The on-line book store system including three maps: client, Supplier, and The best book store. Clients use for rank and can purchase book online. The member map is chiefly for buying book online. When invitee be a member of on-line book store, they can buy see the book item and purchase it online though recognition card. The provider will supply book ‘s information to the best book store, after that, their book will be a merchandise of on-line book store ; they will return net income and book merchandising position. The best book store chiefly provides the on-line platform and maintain for it.


The purpose of the research plan is to develop an on-line book store.The purpose is to understanding of the mold and installing of a data-driven system, information systems planning, undertaking direction, rapid application development and end-user systems development.


To develop a user-friendly e-commerce web site.

To supply different books for client to take

To develop a web interface for decision maker entree to update book shop

To supply information of book

To setup the book monetary value and purchase online

Dataflow of client

The first measure in the procedure of purchasing the merchandise is to use for rank. After registered, user ‘s informations will hive away in database and merely registered member can see book item and purchase. Then, client will take their wish list and add in the cart, after that, the informations will hive away in database. While client chink go to payment, it will airt to payment gateway to treat it. Whatever the payment is success or non, the payment gateway will return. If payment success, book store will fix the bringing.

Dataflow of provider

The on-line book store will supply login and watchword to provider. When provider login into the system, they can update their book information and add some new book into the system. While submitted the information, the on-line book store will O.K. or reject the merchandise. If approved the merchandise, the book will expose on the book shop.

Dataflow of the best book store

The best book store is the decision maker of the web site ; they provide maintain and update merchandise information. After decision maker login into system, they will update the web site informations, O.K. the merchandise provide from provider or download gross revenues study, buy study else.

A image below show an Entity Life History for a member:

The Figure shows the entity life history for a member. A member begins its life by a New member ” , and ends it by a “ Close ” . When a member articulation the rank and confirmed, it will get down the member lift rhythm ( purchase book the web site ) .


Kent ( 1978 ) explained that database is a theoretical account of some facet of the world of and organisation. A information theoretical account allows us to handle a database as an abstract machine. In other words, we can concentrate on the rules of design divorced from an immediate concern with execution.

There have three database bundles suitable for their web site, relational database, object -oriented database and Object-relational database. The basic information construction of the relational theoretical account is the tabular array, therefore all dealingss ( tabular arraies ) in a relational database have to adhere to some basic regulations to measure up as dealingss. An object- orientated database can be said to supply a in-between land between relational database and object-oriented database, which means it included with a scheduling API for hive awaying and recovering objects, and small or no specific support for questioning. An Object-relational database is a database direction system ( DBMS ) similar to a relational database, but with an object-oriented database theoretical account: objects, categories and heritage are straight supported in database scheme and in the question linguistic communication.

Three database bundles would be suited for the apparatus concern directory.

Relational Database

Edgar F. Codd ( 1970 ) invented the relational database in 1970, relational database are based on relational set theory which is the construction of a database. A database is merely a aggregation of one or more dealingss or tabular arraies with columns and rows. Because of seriess dealingss of tabular arraies, Normalization is a critical constituent of relational theoretical account of database. Normalization was an built-in portion of the relational theoretical account which increases complexness and processing.

Benefits of relational database are that the system is simple, flexible, and productive. BecauseA the tabular arraies are simple, informations is easier to understand and pass on with others. Relational database are flexible because users do non hold to utilize predefined keys to input information. Besides, A relational database are more productive because SQL is an easy and human-readable linguistic communication. SQL instructions are in the signifier of field instructions, which can be put to the database for execution. This allows users to pass more timeA inputting alternatively of larning. The other of import advantages of relational database include their public presentation, power, and support to new hardware engineerings as besides flexibleness and a capacity to run into all types of informations demands. More significantly, relational database biggestA advantage is the easiness with which users canA create and entree informations and widen it if needed

But there are restrictions to the relational database direction system. First, relational database do non hold adequate storage country to manage informations such as images, digital and audio/video. The system was originally created to manage the integrating of media, traditional fielded information, and templets. Another restriction of the relational database is its insufficiency to run with linguistic communications outside of SQL. After its original development, linguistic communications such as C++ and JavaScript were formed. However, relational database make non work expeditiously with these linguistic communications. A 3rd restriction is the demand that information must be in tabular arraies where relationships between entities are defined by values.

The three basicss of a relational database are that all information must be held in the signifier of a tabular array, where all informations are described utilizing informations values. The 2nd fundamental is that each value found in the table columns does non reiterate. The concluding fundamental is the usage of Standard Query Language ( SQL ) , such as MYSQL or Microsoft ‘s Access.

MYSQL Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 23 January, 2009 ]

Microsoft ‘s Access Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 23 January, 2009 ]

Object- oriented database

To battle the restrictions of relational database and run into the challenge of the increasing rise of the Internet and the Web, object-oriented database developed in the 1980s. The most of import feature for object-oriented database is the connection of object-oriented scheduling with database engineering, which provides an incorporate application development system.

The object-oriented database has many advantages and benefits. First, object-oriented is a more natural manner of thought. Second, the defined operations of these types of systems are non dependent on the peculiar database application running at a given minute. Third, users are allowed to specify their ain methods of entree to informations and how it will be represented. It can hive away more types of informations, and entree this information, and much faster than relational database. Another benefit of object-oriented database is that relationships are represented explicitly, it support big figure of relationships between the objects.

However, object-oriented database besides has disadvantages or restrictions. One disadvantage of relational database is that it lacks a common information theoretical account. There is besides no current criterion, since it is still considered to be in the development phases. Besides there are inaccessibility of object-oriented CASE tools and confusion with excessively many different object-oriented development methods.

Object-oriented database usage a question linguistic communication called object question linguistic communication ( OQL ) to pull strings and recover informations. object query linguistic communication supports object citing within tabular arraies. Objects can be nested within objects. Python is an illustration of Object-oriented database.

Python Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 23 January, 2009 ]

Object- relational database

Object-relational database direction systems grew out of research that occurred in the early 1990s. It can manage new types of informations such as sound, picture, and image files that relational database were non equipped to manage. In add-on, its development was the consequence of increased use of object-oriented and a big mismatch between these and the DBMS package. Object-relational database are systems that “ try to widen relational database systems with the functionality necessary to back up a broader category of applications and, in many ways, supply a span between the relational and object-oriented paradigms. ”

One advantage of ORDBMS is that it allows organisations to go on utilizing their bing systems, without holding to do major alterations. This can be referred to as reuse. It gives rise to increased productiveness both for developer and end-user A 2nd advantage is that it allows users and coders to get down utilizing object-oriented systems in analogue. Besides, it able to manage and question big and complex applications.

Though Object- relational database have some advantages by the manner of utilizing object oriented characteristics, it is besides non to the full work outing the jobs. Object-oriented database have some disadvantages like Complexity and SQL is now highly complex therefore question is difficult to optimisation.

Many SQL object- relational database are extensile with user-defined types and custom-written maps, such as Oracle.

Deploy a database on the Internet

To deploy a database on the cyberspace, we need consecutive procedure to make it. The client side can utilize browser as tool to entree the database. The server side has to setup a web waiter. Client sent the petition to the waiter though browser. When database saved the record and it send back response though browser. Browser procedure all the database action. We can build/design the web site by utilizing dreamweaver.

Window platform

We can put in IIS as our web waiter in window platform.IIS support Active Server Pages ( ASP ) which is a engineering that enables you to do dynamic and synergistic web pages. ASP pages have the extension.asp alternatively of.htm, when a page with the extension.asp is requested by a browser the web waiter knows to construe any ASP contained within the web page before directing the HTML produced to the browser. This manner all the ASP is run on the web waiter and no ASP will of all time be passed to the web browser. Access or SQL waiter can be usage for database.

Linux platform

Linux is a perfect platform for apparatus web waiter. We can put in Fedora as our OS bundle. Apache would be the best web waiter. The plan side we can utilize PHP which is a freeware for construct up web page. The database can utilize MYSQL as database waiter, it ‘s a relational database.

An Entity Relationship Diagram of the on-line book store

Entity Description

Entity Name: publishing house

Descriptions: The storage of the publishing house inside informations.

Data Element Content:





day of the month

Entity Name: book

Descriptions: The storage of publishing house ‘s book.

Data Element Content:

Gem state






monetary value

price reduction


Entity Name: book_price

Descriptions: The storage of book ‘s monetary value.

Data Element Content:





Entity Name: member

Descriptions: The storage of member informations

Data Element Content:




electronic mail





Entity Name: member_order

Descriptions: The storage of member ‘s order on web site.

Data Element Content:



monetary value

day of the month

Entity Name: member_order_detail

Descriptions: The storage of order ‘s item

Data Element Content:





The undermentioned tabular arraies are in 1NF:

The undermentioned tabular arraies are in 2NF:

The undermentioned tabular arraies are in 3NF:

Relationship Description between Entities

member & A ; member_order & A ; member_order_detail

The relationship between three databases are one to many, that means one member will hold more than one member_order record, but one member_order record will hold one member record merely. Besides, one member_order will hold more than one member_order_detail, but one member_order_detail relate to one member_order merely.

Publisher & A ; book & A ; book image

The relationship between three databases are one to many, that means one publish will hold one or many book records, but one book will hold merely one publishing house. And each book may hold more than one image.

Member_order_detail & A ; book

The relationship between two databases are one to many, one and merely one book record will in each member_orde_detail, but merely one book will hold more than one member_order_detail records.

Screen shooting:

Home page

Book item

Add to haul:

A Login Page:

Member enrollment:

Search book:

Training Plan:


Time/Training Materials

I. Review ( all together )

A. [ Training end ] Describe the online book system.

10 proceedingss

Whiteboard ( as needed )

II. Overview ( all together )

A. [ Overview ] Go through the system step-by-step.

B. [ Training aims ] Describe the map of the system.

C. [ Importance ] Review the interface of the system.

30 proceedingss


III. Presentation ( all together )

A. [ Concepts ] Plan utilizing by utilizing mnemotechnic acronym

B. [ Steps ] Review each map and the accent it covers

C. [ Demonstrate ] Q & A ; A about what each measure means

D. [ Examples ] Outline for Showing Class

2-3 hours


IV. Exercise ( little group )

A. [ Applications ] Practice in group

1-2 hours

Group treatment

V. Summarize

A. [ Q & A ; A ] Ask for any betterment.

30 proceedingss

Whiteboard ( as needed )

Installation Guide – Install MYSQL Database Server

Once implement bookstore system, we need create related database for record information that create by bookstore system or input from users. Bookshop system is utilizing MYSQL for backend database system, delight visit hypertext transfer protocol: // for more information and download MYSQL DBMS package.

Fist visit hypertext transfer protocol: //, you will see “ download ( GA ) ” on the top of the web page, chink this button and the page of organic structure will alter to download information, scroll down the web page, you can happen MYSQL Community Server, it will demo a short description and version no of this DBMS. Click “ download ” button ( with ruddy circle comment on figure ) to come in download MYSQL DBMS.

After enter download page, you will see different bundle of database system, you need to pick which operating system for your database waiter. For illustration, if you are utilizing Windowss server, delight pick Microsoft Windows, and at that place have 32bits and 64bits version for user install. We recommend download bundle that with installing execute.

Directly double snap the file you download from for MYSQL waiter installing, apparatus plan will inquire you question measure by measure to assist you put in MYSQL DBMS in to Windowss system, such as where you want to put in MYSQL DBMS, and which component you want to put in. We recommend you setup MYSQL on the root of the waiter that such as “ C: MYSQL ” on Windowss system. It is because it allow user easier to run and pull off informations on database system. And we recommend user usage “ complete ” method to setup MYSQL, it make setup plan install all of MYSQL DBMS constituent into the Windowss server, it cut down the job that we may necessitate reinstall some constituents when MYSQL system study something losing when system running. Please follow below images to setup MYSQL DBMS.

Double chink “ mysql-essential-ver-win32.msi ” that you downloaded from

Directly frontward to DBMS

Click “ Next ”

We recommend pick “ Complete ” to allow setup plan to put in all MYSQL constituents into Windowss system.

Click “ Install ” to get down installing.

Waiting apparatus package transcript file.

Install process competed, and plan will inquire you to configure MYSQL waiter, we recommend configure it as the same clip.

After setup process, now we are traveling to MYSQL database waiter configure ace, it is one of import process that it may impact database waiter public presentation. The method of database scene is every bit same as installing process that puting database measure by measure. Please follow below measure to configure database waiter for bookstore.

The first inquiry inquiring by constellation ace is elaborate constellation or standard constellation, standard constellation is one merely configuration manner that constellation ace will put all puting with default scene, but this scene can non fulfill heaving work burden of bookstore system, so, delight pick elaborate constellation, elaborate constellation requires users to configure database server measure by measure, there are server type, database use, informations file location, users connexion figure, service port, character set, services install and root history apparatus. Follow below measure to modify puting for suited with bookstore system.

Server type have three options, they are developer machine, waiter machine, dedicated MYSQL waiter machine. Developer machine is one scene environment that provides for coder to develop plan and database, under this scene, MYSQL waiter will non utilize all of memory and CPU power for database running, it stays adequate power for coder for plan cryptography and testing.

Dedicated MYSQL waiter machine is one scene environment for one computing machine machine that it merely have MYSQL database waiter one services are running. In this instance of puting, MYSQL will utilize all of CPU power and memory for push up database working public presentation, It is the fastest manner of those server type scene.

Server machine is a balance puting environment, it suited for some waiter they need to running MYSQL database waiter, web waiter and backend CGI programming together. In this scene, MYSQL will mensurate CPU work burden of web waiter and CGI plan to configure power usage of ego database services, it can do certain a batch services are running smooth. Server machine is the puting that we recommend to pick for our bookstore system.

Database use is one scene to inquire user how to utilize the database system, multifunctional database is one scene that database include all question, analysis, computation and study map, suited for big size and major database for informations analysis. Transactional database merely is one scene that attempt more power for question foremost, but user still can utilize informations analysis and informations study. Non-transactional database merely is one puting merely for informations question with analysis etc map. We recommend utilizing transactional database method for bookstore system.

Data file location is inquiring you where informations file of database system hive awaying to. IF computing machine machine without specific elaborate difficult thrust for hive awaying informations, we recommend pick default puting “ C: MYSQL_DATA ” .

Servicess port puting, MYSQL provide map of question informations record by web, so it must provides one port figure for web services, sometime, we may modify port figure for security issue. And this clip, we recommend utilizing default port figure 3306 for MYSQL service scene.

Character Set is one of import scene of database, it control database record information with which linguistic communication. Nowadays, a batch of systems they are stepping to international, multi linguistic communication ( Unicode ) are most popular scene when puting database.

Following, configure ace will inquire you install Windowss service, it make windows decision maker can command MYSQL database by Windowss service panel. And constellation ace will inquire for services name, default puting “ MYSQL ” is most popular pick. After this, ace will inquire you for root watchword, delight setup your ain watchword here.

Finish replies all scene, the concluding phase is making database system, presses execute merely and waiting constellation ace completes all procedure. When all process complete, press Finish complete database constellation.

Installation Guide – Create Database

Since database waiter apparatus success, you need to storage database information into waiter. Once you installed MYSQL database waiter, MYSQL direction console was already installed on system. Please run “ C: Program Filesmysqlinmysql.exe -h localhost -u root -p ” to run database direction console. Console will necessitate you to come in root watchword, delight come in the watchword that you setup earlier. We had prepared MYSQL statement on bookstore installing bundle, delight download and transcript it on MYSQL direction console as follow measure.

After create database, tabular arraies and relationship, database were setup completed. And following, you need to make web waiter.

Enter root watchword to login MYSQL direction console.

Create database foremost

Create table Book

Create table book_picture

Create table member

Create table member_order

Create table member_order_detail

Create tabular array publishing house

Create relationship with different tabular arraies

Installation Guide

Web Server & A ; PHP

You need to setup web waiter one time database waiter apparatus complete. Web waiter is use to supply bookstore interface for users and clients. Apache and IIS are most popular web waiter package. IIS are default service supplier of Windowss server series, and Apache are ever use on Linux platform. But sometimes, user may wish to supply web services on Windowss XP or Windows 7 platform, at that clip, Apache is a good solution for non waiter series.

Apache web waiter are one unfastened beginning web services, user can download beginning plan on Apache web site hypertext transfer protocol: // Please follow below measure to download beginning plan.

Visit hypertext transfer protocol: //, click “ download ” button on top right corner ( ruddy circle )

On download page, provide several mirror site for user download, they will supply one mirror waiter that the nearest your location, chink this nexus for best quality and fastest download velocity.

Enter download waiter, there have a list provide different version of Apache waiter for different operating system. There have four versions for Windowss, the different between those four versions is bundle openSSL or non and 32/64 spots option. Bookshop system provide online payment system, openSSL can supply encrypt connexion between waiter and client computing machine. It required by bookstore system.

After download so run the apparatus plan, it will demo you version figure and utilizing understanding, take accept and click following so directly frontward to setup Apache waiter.

Following, setup plan will demo you some new characteristic of latest version Apache waiter and petition you fill in sphere name, waiter name and decision maker ‘s electronic mail, please make full those information that demoing at above figure.

After that, setup plan with ask you setup method, we recommend typical installing that plan will put in all of constituent, it make certain web page running smooth. Then, plan will inquire you turn up of the plan, default is C: Program FilesApache Group.

After answer all inquiry, chink install to allow setup plan transcript and put in file to machine, after all of process, plan will you message and snap coating to finish installing.

Bookshop system are one web base plan, that mean it non merely necessitate Apache provide web services, a backend CGI plan are required by bookstore system excessively. PHP is the CGI plan that bookstore system utilizing. So, when complete apparatus Apache web waiter, delight setup PHP CGI runtime environment.

PHP is unfastened beginning CGI environment, user can download beginning plan on PHP web site hypertext transfer protocol: // Please follow below measure to download beginning plan.

Visit hypertext transfer protocol: //, you can see stable releases on top right corner, click stable nexus to come in download page.

Enter download page, will name different version of PHP environment for different operating system. We recommend user download Windowss double stars with installer ( the nexus of ruddy circle )

Please run setup plan when download complete, accept licence understanding and chink following to send on setup process.

After that, installer will inquire for your apparatus location, and CGI running options, IIS FastCGI is utilizing for Windows IIS web services, and Other CGI is utilizing for Apache and other web waiter plan. You had installed Apache and it match with Other CGI option.

Following, Installer will demo the faculty and inquiring you for install to machine, we recommend copy extensions merely because we wish PHP merely working for web waiter, after choice faculties so click installs to get down get bying file to machine.

Finally, waiting for installer transcript file to machine, click coating when installer complete install PHP runtime environment.

Now, all of constituents install success, we need to implement bookstore system. We provided one bundle call “ bookshop.rar ” , unfastened with winrar or winzip, you may see the beginning plan files, copy those plan files to apache server provide font terminal interface. Details procedures delight follow below figures.

Open “ bookshop.rar ” by winrar or winzip, you can see the beginning plan.

Travel to Apache ‘s booklet ( default is C: Program FilesApache GroupApache2htcdocs ” ) , there have some demo page designed by for decision maker running simple trial of web waiter, and now, cancel all demo pages from this booklet foremost.

Uncompress those beginnings file from “ bookshop.rar ” to apache ‘s folder htdoc. After this measure, all of install process complete, you can open bookstore system by your browser.

Use your browser visit hypertext transfer protocol: //localhost/staff/login.php to open bookstore direction system, default login is “ admin ” and watchword is “ ad1234 ” , we strongly recommend modifying admin watchword after login for security issue.

Use your browser visit hypertext transfer protocol: //localhost/index.php to open bookstore front terminal interface, this page provide books catalog and books information for client visit and purchase books.

If front terminal interface and back stop bookstore direction system both running mulct, installing process are wholly completed.

Asking for ISP supplier update DNS record to implement to internet.

User Guide

The on-line book store is an content direction system. In most instances, content will mention to single web pages, though it can besides include images, pictures, and other types of media. For now, we ‘re merely traveling to concentrate on written content.

First, admin must login into the system:


First, you entree them through the System. The left manus side is the hunt map, you can seek the book informations and order on the left side. And the right side is the informations list. You can snap edit and redact the information.


Book direction is a subdivision to pull off the book shops. Again, you must delegate each book to both a class otherwise it wo n’t be saved.

There are a few options that book have that the Categories do n’t and you can happen those options in the parametric quantities boxes on the right-hand side of a New or Edit Article page.

A few high spots:

You can take the category start and terminal day of the months.

You must come in book item informations, such as name and monetary value

Edit an book

When imperativeness the “ Edit ” button on the right side, it show more inside informations and user let to redact the informations like below. After that you can redact the information like create an book.

Delete a book

Click the delete button on the underside, and an popup will inquire if you want to cancel this book. Please note that if cancel the book, you must certainly non order in processing.

Add a class

When you entree them through the Category Manager. Then click the create button and come in the information such as class name, and snap “ salvage ” to hive away the informations.

In instance of book store plan development, we are following system design life rhythm to apportion occupations to our squad members. The advantage of system design life rhythm is we can follow a criterion system design method to plan and construct up out merchandise with a right ways, right way. It can cut down a batch of otiose clip when we are losing on some job we hit. Different occupations information is interrupting down every bit below:

First mission of plan development is feasibleness survey, this mission has two breakage undertaking, instance survey and feasibleness analysis, and foremost we need to analyze different similar book store such as,, and for analyzing their characteristic, runing method and roll up utile information for plan develop. After that we will supply a feasibleness study after analyzing and feasibleness analysis. It can do certain the merchandise is running smooth and functional. Feasibility survey requires one hebdomad seting into pattern.

The 2nd undertaking is requirement analysis, collects demand or suggestion from users, it can allow us cognize what they need and what they want on the book store, we may be need to speak with more than one user, bookstore director, bookstore staffs, clients, after cod demand, making analysis to see practicableness and feasibleness of those suggestion. I had allocated four yearss for this undertaking.

After requirement analysis is plan analysis and design, there have three major dislocation undertakings and those have some breakdown missions. There are database design, plan design and bookstore layout design. We allocate entire 10 yearss for those undertakings:

Database design, one of major portion is database design, there have two breakdown missions, table relationship and standardization, those missions are working analogue and that require 5 yearss to carry through. First, we analysis bookshop which of information demand to enter in database system, such as book name, editor name, company name, carrying, etc. Not merely design record information, database tabular array relationship is most of import for database running excessively. After planing, we need to make a standardization to do certain database without side consequence when bookstore implement. The intent of hive awaying information into database system make easier to update information by users of bookstore by contact direction system.

Program design, 2nd major portion is plan design, there have four dislocation missions, there are entity diagram, context diagram, system flow and informations flow. Different diagram screening different information make clearly for programming. Entity relationship theoretical account is a database patterning method, used to bring forth a type of conceptual theoretical account or semantic informations theoretical account systems, normally a relational database, it requires a top-down manner. Context diagram is the highest degree of a system, similar to the block diagram, demoing, may be based on the package, the system as a whole, and its input and end product from / to external factors. System flow and informations flow are one diagram that demoing abstract calculating processing by image, it make plan fluxing clearly demoing to programmer, cut down develop jobs. We allocate entire 8 yearss for plan design.

Layout Design, layout design is the last major undertaking of plan analysis and design, the purpose of undertaking is planing bookstore layout, design will follow user demand that we collect on before undertaking. We allocate one twenty-four hours on this undertaking.

After plan analysis and design, we start plan cryptography. There have three countries need to be create, SQL statement cryptography, Program cryptography and Layout cryptography. SQL statement is utilizing to make database for storage informations that utilizing by plan. SQL cryptography will follow database design that on before undertaking. Program cryptography is the nucleus map of the bookstore, the plan will coding by PHP and plan will follow system flow and informations flow that we had designed earlier. Layout coding follow designed layout to construct up bookstore web interface with HTML, Java book and CSS linguistic communication. Program cryptography are one mission that humor heave work burden, so, we allocate entire 21 yearss ( SQL statement coding 5 yearss, plan coding 14 yearss and layout coding 3 yearss. ) for coder build up plan and making self unit trial themselves.

If finish all of plan unit and passed unit trial, we will travel to following process, integrating trial. Integration trial will group all unit plans we coding before to make a trial together. In this trial, we will running a bookstore plan for demo, we will seek to input some invalid informations into system for bug discover. Stress trial is of import trial excessively, we will seek running system for a long clip and we try to do a batch of information question from web interface and a batch of database procedure on system backend at the same clip for proving system running with heavy work lading. Stress test need more clip to accomplish more accurate consequences, all of integrating trial demand seven yearss seting into pattern. After that, we will travel to make paradigm and papers.

After integrating trial, we need to make paradigm and composing papers, we will make some paperss for users, such as install manual and user clubs, to learn user how to configure the bookstore system. We may make one web base user clubs for bookstore visitants excessively. We need 14 yearss to making those undertakings.

Finally, we making system and credence trial, in this undertakings we making trial with client, foremost, we will supply papers to client that we prepared before to learn them how to running system, possibly we will supply developing class to client at the same clip, after that we will allow users seek to configure and running system, the advantage of this trial is client may happen out some jobs on the system that they are utilizing their point of views. After we make certain all parts running smooth, whole system running robust and client accepted all the scene, we will implement the system. All of system trial necessitate seven yearss to finish.



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