Determine The Relationship Of Female Education On Family Size Economics Essay

The aim of this survey is to find the relationship of female instruction on household size and besides to find the effects of instruction on age at matrimony, desired household size, usage and cognition of contraceptive method.

Education and knowladgee about birth control measurs may ensue in increasing usage of preventives and decrease in birthrate. Female instruction largely consequences in increased age at first matrimony, which as a consequence reduces the gestations, and being more aware of available prophylactic methods helps in restricting household size.

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Educated adult females are more likely to get married subsequently and utilize contraceptive method therefore have fewer kids. Bettering educational position of adult females is one really effectual step for commanding population growing in developing states like Pakistan. Female literacy and awarenes about birth control and benefits of little femaily should be increased systematicly, to hold an consequence on household size.

Cardinal Wordss: Female literacy, household size, age at first matrimony, , cognition of preventives.


. The importance of instruction for adult female has been accepted universe broad, as it improves their earning ability and empowers them in make up one’s minding about their household size, and other household determinations. As the empirical surveies from the different American parts has shown that the educated adult females hold matrimonies, usage preventives, cut down birthrate and produce many other good Reproductive and kid and female parent wellness results surveies conducted in UK have shown that the adult females with the higher instruction degree even after matrimonies undergo in motherhood really tardily and even many of them adopted to remain childless, which reduces the birthrate rate and the population growing rate in the those parts. low rate of kid birth non merely helps households in commanding there outgos and assist them achieving the high degree of wellness, and instruction installations for there household which leads in cut downing the kid labour in 3rd universe states like Pakistan where the kid labour is in atrocious status, lesser installations of instruction and low employment chances leads the people seting at that place child in work to add a little more to there household income.

Pakistan has a population of over 180 million and a growing rate of over 1.8 per centum per twelvemonth. It is the 6th most thickly settled state in the universe and 2nd in the Muslim states. Due to that rapid addition in population it is far behind its targeted development and ends. Education may take to late matrimonies and wider usage of contraceptive method and decrease in birthrate, besides instruction consequence the societal life of adult females by increasing desire for highr life criterions. By supplying better apprehension of the generative procedure, and improved entree to modern and effectual agencies of contraceptive method it can be assumed that the birthrate degree of a state will be negatively effected by the degree of female instruction.

Female instruction reduces the unwanted gestations by increasing age at first matrimony, and by going more cognizant of available preventives methods restricting household size. Apparent from many states, instruction seem to encourages adult females to get married work forces with higher incomes ( a phenomenon that in society of Pakistan consequence in late matrimonies which in bend reduces birthrate rate ) . Education besides pays in economic footings for adult females, by leting them traveling out of their houses and work in different sectors of the state. And the on the job adult females will want little household so they can easly manage the household affairs every bit good as the officel affairs.

This survey was carried out to establish the consequence of literacy on household size in our society.

Research inquiry

Keeping in position the historical surveies this survey attempts to happen out the undermentioned inquiry.

Does increase in instruction affect the household size by cut downing the birthrate rate?

Literature reappraisal

Lam and Duryea ( 1999 ) usage informations from the Brazilian economic system to research the

Effectss of schooling on birthrate, labour supply and investings in kids.

They observe that instruction adult females are drawn into the labour force by higher rewards. The 2nd border revolves around the accommodation that has to be made in footings of kid measure and quality that consequence from the effects of schooling on place productiveness.

The World Bank ( 1995a ) , composing on demographics and labour supply, notes that although no direct nexus exists between economic development and adult females ‘s labour force engagement, rapid development is frequently accompanied by higher female engagement, higher degrees of schooling for misss and lower birthrate rates.

In this context labour market conditions are besides relevant. For illustration, migration reduces the domestic supply of male labour, bring oning the entry of adult females into the labour force. Besides, the economic downswing of the 1980s had an impact on adult females ‘s engagement, which tends to lift with recessions in low-income states

Mackellar and Bird ( 1997 ) note that human ecology and labour force engagement are inextricably linked and should hence be considered together. From their position, what happens to fertility affects adult females ‘s labour force engagement and vice-versa. They observe that in less developed states, ageing is increasing the size of the labour force: the proportion in the in-between age group remains changeless and population is redistributed, statistically talking, from the under-15 age group, where labour force engagement is really low, to the 60-plus age group, where labour force engagement is significant, particularly in states with low incomes.

Schultz ( 1994 ) , composing on human capital, household planning and their effects on

Population growing, finds grounds at the family degree proposing that birthrate and

Child mortality is related to such factors as adult females ‘s instruction and household planning.

Female Labor Force Participation in Ghana: The Effectss of Education In such theoretical accounts of household resource allotment and behaviour, adult females ‘s educational attainment and household planning plans are seen to ensue in decreases in birthrate every bit good as in kid mortality.

In an earlier work on birthrate, Rosenzweig and Schultz ( 1985 ) point out that birthrate within the family is determined by the dynamic interaction between its supply of and demand for births, and fluctuations in birth across families reflect exogenic

inter twosome differences in both the supply of births and the monetary values, income and penchants for kids or demand

Although the World Bank and others have accepted the statement that investing in female instruction wages off through higher societal benefits, this computation has been contested. Berhman ( 1991 ) states that the outwardnesss to female instruction are non every bit great as is frequently claimed and are really realized as private benefits. Furthermore, he argues that kid wellness and public assistance and birthrate decrease might be gained in a more cost-efficient manner by passing straight on kid wellness and household planning instead than on female instruction

Problem statement

The higher instruction degrees have a greater impact on household size and the birthrate rate.

Significance of the survey

This survey will be helpful in understanding the importance of instruction in commanding the population growing rate fro the authorities governments and the concern sections.

Problem statement

the higher instruction degree has negative effects over fartility rate and household size.


A sample of One 100 adult females were selected from the Satellite Town of quetta. The inclusion standard was married females with kids. Data was collected through convenience sampling where all information was recorded in a proforma. The educational position of females was an independent variable while dependent variables were age at matrimony, household apparatus, instruction degree, attained and desired household size, cognition and usage of household planning and her ideas about female instruction. and degree of instruction is defined as: matric and above. Main result steps considered were “ educational position of female, desired and attained household size.

Computer programme Statistical Package for Social Sciences ( SPSS ) version 17 was used for informations processing and analysis of the consequences. Test of significance ( chisquare trial ) was applied to analyze the statistical significance of consequences. Co-efficient of eventuality was applied in order to mensurate the strength of the relation ship between female instruction and fartility.


Holmium: There is no relationship between higher instruction of married woman and alteration in household size i.e. the two variables of categorization are independent.

H1: There is an association between higher instruction of married woman and alteration in household size i.e. the two variables of categorization are non independent

Table No. 1 ( B )

Testing of Hypothesis of Satellite Town Sample

“ The Contingency Table ”

Family Size

Educational Degree








Below Matriculation




Above Matriculation




Grand Total





XA? Calculated value = 12.168

Degree of freedom = ( r-1 ) ( c-1 ) = ( 3-1 ) ( 2-1 ) = 2

Degree of Significance= i„? = 0.05 ( we choose )

XA? tabulated value at ( 2 df ) = 5.99

Co- efficient of eventuality = 0.4


As the deliberate valve of XA? falls in rejection rejoin, we therefore reject our void hypothesis of independency and conclude that informations provide sufficient grounds of association between the two standards of categorization.

The Co-efficient of contin bureau is 0.4 which shows that there is moderate relationship between higher instruction of married woman and alteration in household size.

Therefore the hypothesis “ Higher is the instruction of married woman, the greater will be the alteration in the household size ” approves for Satellite Town sample.


The Co-efficient of contin bureau is 0.4 which shows that there is moderate relationship between higher instruction of married woman and alteration in household construction ( size ) which showes that instruction affects fertality rate and household size, by increasing the age at matrimony and therefore reduces the fertality rate.

In the currents study maintaining in position the caltural autonomic nervous systems societal tresetions of quetta showed that the rise in instruction degrees showed a incresing awarenes about different prophylactic methods and lift the usage of these and specially the usage of intrauterine prophylactic device and this was besides reported by Zhan.11 Females recommending little household size nem con agreed that better educational and upbringing chances for kid are the ground for smaller households. Most ( 87 % ) had the cognition about household planning and media played the strongest function for circulating this information in 75 ( 57.7 % ) adult females. In he present survey 92 ( 61 % ) twosomes were taking common determinations on their generative life. Attitude about female instruction showed a slow passage with parents bit by bit going aware of demand to educate girl kid every bit good.

Among educated females merely 16.3 % had big household size as compared to 90 % uneducated who had big household size, though most of the illiterate adult females besides favoured little household size. Deficit birthrate spread between desired and existent figure of kids was greater in nonreader than in educated females and similar was reported by Zaki.12



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