Dewey the Library Cat Book Summary Essay

July 3, 2017 July 11th, 2017 General Studies

The book tells the narrative of Dewey Readmore Books. a cat who found its manner into a library book bead box one cold winter forenoon. Vicki Myron. the librarian found a hoar bitten and stop deading kitties and saved him. She instantly fell in love with him and nursed him back to wellness. The library finally adopted the kitty. and had a competition to call him. Dewey Readmore Books. He lived 19 old ages in the Spencer Library. and became celebrated around the universe.

His narrative traveled around the universe. and intelligence crews came from every bit far as Japan to state his narrative. Dewey besides tells the narrative of the town of Spencer. Iowa. The town was in a depression. Dewey inspired the town to make better and to better. He brought hope to the little town. Dewey was a cat who was able to transform a town. There are some amusing parts in the book. Dewey ever seemed to acquire into problem in the library. Dewey’s dependence to rubber sets and illumination boxes is besides rather amusing.

When Dewey gets old and becomes less playful and inactive. the town loses involvement in its pool. The writer negotiations about the manner our civilization focuses on the immature and beautiful and how we throw off the old. Dewey’s “mom” and caput bibliothec. Vicki Myron. stands up for and attentions for Dewey. She besides becomes involved with people who are less valued as they age and map less in society. The book besides tells the narrative of Vicki Myron’s struggles as a individual female parent.

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She had to develop a relationship with her ain girl. and Dewey helped that relationship. She besides had many wellness issues and Dewey helped her trade with them. My favourite portion of the book was Vicki foremost found Dewey. The manner she cared for him during his recovery was astonishing. The full narrative was really good and I can non believe of anything bad about the book. I would urge this book particularly for cat lovers. Even if you do non love cats you can non assist but love the narrative of Dewey Readmore Books.


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