Dialogue About the Problem of Overpopulation Essay

August 24, 2017 General Studies

Marija: So. Martin. what do you believe about the job with overpopulation in the universe? You think it is a serious job? Martin: Well. Marija. yes. fundamentally I do believe overpopulation is a serious job. possibly non in Macedonia. but in some other states in the universe. like China. it is one of the major province issues. I’ve read that there are Torahs which limit the figure of childs for one household to hold. And what is your sentiment? Marija: I disagree. I don’t think overpopulation is such a serious issue. every bit long as there is a solution for it.

And I don’t think that sort of Torahs should be allowed. one ground is that they are non humanist. Possibly they should hold come up with some other thought how to acquire over it. Martin: You’re right about this. I’m believing about a universe without boundary lines. so anyone can populate where he wants. and so. the issue of overpopulation will be dealed with. There won’t be restrictions where people can populate. so I believe there won’t be overcrowded metropoliss. or… Marija: I believe it will be… That’s the existent ground why there is overpopulation.

Everyone wants to populate in the large metropoliss. so they would decidedly go overcrowded. Possibly. the authorities should advance the rural communities. with giving benefits. such as low-price houses. available occupations with good wage. . Martin: Well that is a good thought. That manner many people will take the opportunity. and travel to the countryside. and with that lower the overpopulation in the industrial metropoliss. Plus. they can bask the unpolutioned air and Earth. Marija: Finally. we came to common understanding how to acquire rid of this job. Now we merely have to urge this option to the governments.

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