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Dianna Madderson flashed her long black hair and smiled intently as she walked out of the store; showing off her white even teeth and honey sweet lips. Her vanilla skin shone brightly in the red skin tight dress that she wore, while the high red bottom shoes accentuated her slender posture. For a young woman who had recently turned thirty, Dianna Madderson had done well for herself. She had enlarged a small company ‘Glow Power’ into a global one and had become the talk of the entire city. She was always being featured in magazines. She swiveled her eyes as she walked across the street towards her car. Her red cardigan shielding her exposed skin from the sun. Her long black hair dropped comfortably over her shoulders; one hand clutched her newly purchased book of poetry while her other hand clutched her car keys. As she was about to cross the road, a man stopped her in her tracks. It was Sammy Bagger. A tall man, with large shoulders and dark chocolate skin. She tried to walk around him, but he was determined to have a word with her.” Girl, mi would trade mi wife and ten children to be in your world, truss mi,” he told her boldly ” me love you like oxtail Dianna. Why yuh no want married me? Look how long you husband dead?””Could you just please let me pass?’ pleaded Dianna in a soft voice. He shielded the sun with his big posterior. Several persons stopped by to see what was happening as they went about their daily businesses in the big city.”Look how much time me beg yuh fi give me a chance-” he pleaded with arched brows ” all the scammers dem in the city me could shield yuh company from,”She interrupted him bluntly and pushed him out of the way as hard as she could. She hastened her foot steps to get away from him. She tried to open her car door with trembling hands and failed twice.Another man who was coming out of his car with his pregnant wife was so busy staring at her that he almost allowed his wife to fall.His wife watched him with arched brows and twisted lips before slapping him in the back of his head with her hand bag. Then flashed Dianna an angry gaze. ”Look how the place hot, an you just extra gone put on tight dress fi thief people man an long coat inna boiling sun!” she quarreled before pushing her husband in front of her and walked away.Dianna shaked her head in annoyance, all that she wanted was to get home to finally read her book after a long day at work. She stood until the crowd curtailed before trying to open the car door again. She suddenly felt a hot breath on her neck and she stood still as the shadow came closer and she could feel the body of a male suppressing her against her car.”Don’t move,” he said sharply.She stood as still as she could while her heart raced in her chest. She swallowed hard and looked at the crowd walking in her direction, trying to get the eye contact of at least one of them but no one looked her way. She felt when her attacker pulled out his gun from his pocket and eased up to press it against her back.”Open the car door and give me every valuable item that you have inside or I’ll shoot,” he demanded in her ears. She proceeded to do exactly what the man asked with trembling limbs.Thump! Suddenly his suppression was no longer felt.Shaking uncontrollably, she slowly turned around to see what happened.It was the pregnant woman who she had met minutes ago.”Brute,” she shouted as she looked at the man lying on the ground. She had smacked him in the back of his head with a newly purchased fryer.”Thank you ever so much,” pleaded Dianna thankful for her rescue, but still keeping an eye on her attacker lying on the ground.”Yuh welcome mam,” she nodded. The police came on the scene a minute later and arrested the man who was escaped prisoner.Before Pricilla walked away, Dianna thought it a smart idea to keep her as a friend.”Is there anything that I can do for you?” she asked. ”It’s alright mam, we girls have to help each other out,” Pricilla smiled and eyed Dianna’s shoes. If they were friends, maybe Dianna wouldn’t mind sharing her fancy clothes. ”We could be friends,’ Pricilla said with a smile.


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