Diarrhoeal disease prevention through improving drinking water quality

This undertaking will be introduced in four thanas of Dhaka Metropolitan City of Bangladesh. Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Tejgaon and Kafrul thanas will be taken as undertaking countries and it will be implemented in rural slums including 10,000 households of these four thanas.


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The entire budget and continuance of the undertaking will be ?1 million and three old ages, severally. It will get down on January 2010 and stop on December 2013.


Pure imbibing H2O at the family degree, hygiene and sanitation system are most of import for population ‘s wellness. The safety of kids ‘s wellness depends on easy buttocks to clean H2O, instruction about hygiene and a healthful environment. Harmonizing to a national study in 2003, merely 33 % of people in Bangladesh had entree to sanitation. Every twelvemonth 125,000 kids under five dices in Bangladesh from diarrheal disease that is 342 kids mundane ( Water Aid Bangladesh 2005 ) .

Harmonizing to the one-year study 2009 by the Department for International Development, since 2006, 1.8 million people of Bangladesh have entree to safe, dependable H2O supply and seven million more people have entree to improved sanitation. Over 30 million people do non hold entree to adequate supplies of safe imbibing H2O, 36 % of the rural and urban population.

About 13 per centum of the population used water-sealed latrines, 30 per centum used cavity latrines, 34 per centum used hanging latrines and 23 per centum continued with unfastened laxation in Bangladesh. The dislocation of the latrine use in Bangladesh is given the figure-1 ( Irin 2009 ) .

Fig-1: Breakdown of latrine use in Bangladesh

So, the bar of childhood diarrhoeal disease caused by insecure H2O, improper sanitation and hygiene is still a challenge for Bangladesh accomplishing the Millennium Development Goal-7 by 2015.


Household storage and intervention of H2O where quality is fishy at point of beginning are associated with a 39 % decrease in diarrhoea incidence. ( Clasen et al 2007 ) . The efficaciousness solar irradiation was evaluated in the bar of diarrheal morbidity in kids less than 5 old ages of age in an urban slum in Vellore, Tamil Nadu of India. There was a important decrease in the incidence, continuance, and badness of diarrhea in kids having solar disinfected H2O, despite 86 % of the kids imbibing H2O other than that treated by the intercession. The hazard of diarrhea was reduced by 40 % by utilizing solar disinfection ( Rose et al 2006 ) . Hand rinsing is one of a scope of hygiene publicity intercessions that can disrupt the transmittal of diarrhea doing pathogens. Interventions advancing manus rinsing resulted in a 29 % decrease in diarrhea episodes in establishments in high-income states and a 31 % decrease in such episodes in communities in low-or-middle income states ( Ejemot et al 2008 ) and sanitation intercessions produce a 32 % decrease in diarrhea incidence ( Fewtrell et al 2005 ) .

The Economic and Social Council for Asia and the Pacific ( ESCAP ) held a regional workshop in Thailand in 1992 to show how adult females ‘s engagement at all degrees of environmentally sound and sustainable H2O supply and sanitation plans and undertakings could be more effectual, easier, and productive. Using the same faculties, with the support of other organisations such as the Development of Support and Management Services, ESCAP conducted four more effectual workshops in the Philippines, Lao People ‘s Democratic Republic, Vietnam and Thailand in 1995 ( United Nations 1997 ) .


The specific aims of the undertaking:

It will supply improved H2O supply and distribution utilizing handpumps to about 40,000 households ( household degree ) in four thanas of Dhaka Metropolitan City of Bangladesh.

Solar irradiation system will be incorporated to sublimate insecure H2O for avoiding childhood diarrhea.

It will include hygiene and wellness instruction and promote female parent and kids for manus rinsing with antibacterial soap.

A monitoring system will be implemented to place the jobs for bettering the intercessions.

Alternate proficient solution will be identified and implemented if required for minimising force per unit areas.

This wellness undertaking will guarantee the engagement of each people of the households in the slums.

Finally, monthly betterment study of the undertaking will be informed and discussed with the Health Ministry of Bangladesh.


Water supply & A ; intervention intercessions: Water quality intercessions normally include house-hold based chlorination, solar irradiation, ceramic filtration, and family flocculation/disinfection. Among these, solar irradiation at the family degree method will be strongly recommended in this undertaking.

Sanitation intercession: Sanitation intercessions will be incorporated for body waste disposal.

Hygiene intercession: It includes instruction about hand-washing with antibacterial soap in relation to nutrient and H2O handling. This instruction programme including run will be extremely emphasized for adult females and kids.


By the terminal of the twelvemonth 2013, 100 % sanitation will be achieved. All of the population in the undertaking countries will cognize the proper technique of solid waste direction, insecure H2O intervention, disposal of body waste and improved hygiene pattern. The instruction run of the undertaking will distribute out among the communities that can besides heighten the wellness consciousness about childhood diarrhoeal disease bar.


It can be summarized that intercessions taken under this wellness undertaking to better H2O quality, sanitation and hygiene instruction will be by and large effectual for forestalling childhood diarrhea in all ages and in under 5s. Some grounds was observed that intercessions at the family degrees have first-class phase of effectivity. Interventions advancing handwashing has played a critical function in forestalling diarrhea and sanitation intercessions have a important decrease on childhood diarrhoeal disease. From these treatments, all three intercessions together will be implemented and certainly better the conditions of kids diarrheal disease in Bangladesh and it can be an of import theoretical account for the population of Bangladesh for accomplishing Millennium Development Goal: 7 by 2015. Finally, Health Ministry ‘s concern is required for establishing the abovementioned undertaking gauging ?1 million for the betterment of childhood diarrhoeal disease in four thanas of Dhaka Metropolitan Cities.



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