Did The Enlightenment Cause Change

This assignment is about how the enlightenment thoughts influenced the political, societal and cultural policies of the Gallic people during the radical period of 1789-1815. The Enlightenment was an rational and international motion that played an of import function in the development of modern Europe. Many alterations occurred during this clip in Europe. Thinkers such as Voltaire, Montesquieu, Jeans Jacques Rousseau and other 1s who started to knock and assail three establishments, the monarchy, nobility and the church. They wanted to work out the job of the in-between category and wanted the church to lose the power. The Enlightenment thoughts changed the manner people viewed faith and the authorities. They try to understand felicity, political relations, society, and started to believe for themselves. One of the three major of import facets of enlightenment was democracy, citizenship, and human rights. The working category fought for a new reform where they had the right to vote and had the same right under the jurisprudence. They wanted a new authorities that cared about their necessities and solved their job.

The monarchy was one of the major jobs during this clip. Monarchy is a system where the male monarch decides and controls everything that happens. The sovereign does n’t care about the sentiments of the working category because he has absolute power. The Gallic Revolution brought immense alterations to the function of the in-between category, which included the working category and the middle class. At the terminal of the revolution, the 3rd Estate acknowledged that all work forces were born peers, and should hold the same rights as the other two estates: the nobility and the monarchy. Besides, the 3rd estate fought for better the authorities, instruction and society. Harmonizing to Gallic Revolution Article “ these rights were foremost noted in the American Constitution and were so transferred to France through the Declaration of the Rights of Man by General Lafayette. ” The national Assembly besides promoted spiritual tolerance, approved Protestant and Judaic persons to hold full political rights, and abolished bondage. The Gallic Revolution broke many of the old stereotypes of the in-between category, and adult females argued that they have right to vote and the right to take part in authorities as the other two estates. Many Lords started to worry about the new reforms of the authorities. The national assembly reorganized the old Gallic system of state with the creative activity of 83 sections, which are still used today in France. Political policies non merely changed, but societal policies changed every bit good.

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Social policies changed dramatically. The Gallic society was divided among three categories: the First category was the clergy, the most privileged category. They had land, rubric and societal position. The 2nd category was the Lords, which was the 2nd most privileged category and did n’t pay revenue enhancements. The 3rd category was the in-between category, provincials and metropolis workers, which was the least privileged category. The in-between category represents 96 % of the population, but they did non hold the same rights as the nobility and the monarchy, and many believed it was unjust. The break of the societal category was the most obvious alteration of the Gallic Revolution. Before the Revolution, both the aristocracy and the church did n’t pay any revenue enhancements, and a big portion of the land was owned by them. They owned beautiful house, had money and rubric, collected revenue enhancements and had absolute power in the rational and societal life of the in-between category. On the other manus, provincials were forced to pay high revenue enhancements, sometimes more than 60 per centum of their wages. They did n’t even hold adequate money to purchase nutrient, and at that place was rising prices. After the Gallic Revolution, the belongings confiscated from the churches and aristocracies were distributed among the hapless people, the revenue enhancement system was abolished, giving common people both fiscal and societal alleviation, and a new reform gave them more power over the economic determinations of their state. Society started experience a great alteration. There was an addition of in-between category and households in both towns and metropoliss began to gain money by going professionals such as attorneies, or physicians. A new manner of believing emerged, literacy and instruction was now valued, and thoughts were spread by minds during that clip. Education and literacy spread throughout the state and written stuffs were being produced. One illustration of this was “ Candide ” . This book was popular and went through 13 editions in its first twelvemonth in print.

The terminal of the feudal system was another of import alteration, the authorities sold lands to the provincial a decreased monetary value, these lands were confiscate from the church. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Civil Constitution of the Clergy made certain that clergy in the hereafter was elected and put under province control. With the creative activity of the fundamental law in 1971, the absolute power was taken off from the male monarch, the male monarch does n’t hold all the power, and he portions the power to the 3rd province. The Napoleon codification worked to do certain that there was equality for all Gallic Citizens. Harmonizing to Researching the Gallic Revolution Article “ the clip period of 1789-1815 was known as the Gallic Revolution and the development of equality, autonomy, and fraternity became evident and continues in France today. ” The bing constitutional monarchy changed to a extremist democratic authorities because of the Gallic revolution. Social policies non merely changed, cultural policies besides changed.

Cultural policies changed drastically. After the arrogation of church belongings, the authorities created a system of primary and secondary schools based on free tuition and instructor ‘s wages were provided by the province. The Royal library became the National library. The authorities created museum with the pictures and objects confiscated from the churches. Cultural thoughts were shifted. The manner people saw faith changed. Christianity, particularly Catholicism was attacked for the first clip. Peoples started to doubt the church. Many authors started to utilize the phrase autonomy, equality and fraternity during that clip by making a new epoch, the epoch of the minds.

In decision of this assignment, the political, societal, and cultural policies during the Enlightenment were the most of import alterations that occurred in France. These alterations served as illustrations for other states in Europe where similar struggles had occurred. The thoughts of the enlightenment during this clip led to the Gallic revolution. Many alterations happened. For illustration, with the creative activity of a national Assembly, they change the fundamental law of France and eliminated the decease punishment, which was used for anguish in order to pull out confessions and the usage of capital penalty because they thought the act was unfair. The authorities began to better the criterion of life of the working category, giving attending to the people who lived in poorness, the authorities sold little tonss to the provincials, and these tonss were expropriated from the aristocracies and churches. A new jurisprudence put terminal to the bing rising prices in those yearss. The authorities fixed the maximal rate of basic necessities.



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