Differences in Competencies

September 21, 2017 Nursing

Differences In Competencies between Nurses Prepared at the Associates Degree Level Versus The Baccalaureate Degree Level in Nursing

It is sometimes hard to distinguish between the associates degree nurse and the baccalaureate grade nurse. After all both degrees of larning require go throughing the exact same test in order to pattern. However. there are some differences of larning between them. Two of import differences are the educational course of study and the quality of attention given to patients. The associates degree nursing course of study ( AAS ) is a two twelvemonth plan that prepares the nurse to use proficient and clinical accomplishments upon graduation. The baccalaureate grade nursing ( BSN ) course of study is a four twelvemonth plan that builds upon the proficient and clinical accomplishments of the AAS. Highs of acquisition is raised by integrating psychosocial. ethical. legal. grounds based nursing into their course of study. The first BSN plan started out at the beginning of the 20th century.

Annie Goodrich. manager of the first in private operated baccalaureate plan at Yale University. believed that certain constructs in nursing should be built on the foundation of proficient and clinical accomplishments ( Creasia and Friberg. 2011 ) Goodrich believed that the BSN field of survey should turn to psychosocial and public wellness issues ( Creasia and Reid. 2011 ) . Todays BSN plans takes the AAS nurse out of the closed minded dome of merely using proficient and clinical accomplishments and into the universe of other tableland and skylines of nursing. This greater discharge of nursing consists of turn toing ALL pertinent needs that influences the wellness of persons. households and communities. BSN nurses learn about legal. ethical. psychological. societal and economic issues that pertains to wellness and wellness attention. Upon having my AAS grade in nursing after a ambitious two and one half old ages. I told myself that I needed a interruption from analyzing.

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After all I had completed the “ hardest” portion of nursing ; using clinical accomplishments. In my head. I had climbed one of the highest mountains of larning. I did non rather acquire to the top. but its position was in sight and I would acquire at that place some twenty-four hours. There were non any inducements that encouraged me to travel frontward because all the registered nurses in the infirmary where I worked wore the same indistinguishable designation cards. Everyone had their name and the words staff nurse written. Another ground that discouraged me from forcing Forth is that there was merely a two thousand dollar annually raise when you got the BSN. Many surveies were done demoing that the results of the quality of attention given by nurses that have BSN grades and nurses with AAS grades.

Two of these surveies stand out. One such survey is the determination that baccalaureate degree nurses provided better results in wellness attention installations. Harmonizing to a survey done in 1999 by Aiken. Clarke. Sloane. Lake and Chaney. the mortality rate of infirmary patients decreased when there was a patient ratio of four patients to one nurse. and when there was a 60 per centum staffing of BSN nurses. Another of import survey is a survey done by Estabrooks. Midodzi. Cummings. Ricker and Giovanetti in March 2005. it was found that infirmaries with a higher ratio of baccalaureate grades resulted in a lower 30 twenty-four hours mortality rate of patient ( Estabrooks. Midodzi. Cummings. Ricker and Giovanetti. 2005 ) Nursing is a field of survey that mandates that the whole individual and all parts of the whole individual be taken into consideration so that the nurse could give effectual attention to persons. Nurses that hold AAS grades in nursing have an uncomplete “ un-whole “ instruction. This rawness shortens their nursing penetration into the outerr stratospheres of nursing.

A piece back. I remember using for a place as a Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse. I was confident that I would acquire the occupation. because I had solid old ages of experience. The place entailed making place visits to first clip female parents and learning them how to take attention of their babies. The place besides entailed linking these first clip female parents with support services like nutrient casts and populating accomplishments specializers that would authorise them. There was a mensurable positive difference in the quality of these first clip female parents and their babies with the counsel and way of the BSN nurse ( A Career You Can Feel Passionate About. Retrieved from World Wide Web. nursefamily partnership. org ) . Gratuitous to state. I did non acquire the place. because I did non hold a BSN Degree.

This was a aftermath up call for me. Today with all the solid grounds based surveies on the better nursing results with a higher staffing of baccalaureate grade nurses. wellness attention installations particularly infirmaries are fall backing to engaging merely the nurses that have their BSN grades. Therefore it is imperative that AAS nurses continue on with their nursing instruction to present a better quality of attention to persons and to be more feasible for places that require the leading of a baccalaureate nurse.

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