Different Sociological Theories And Concepts Sociology Essay

July 29, 2017 Sociology

A societal establishment is merely any group that has members who are related or bound by societal dealingss. In every societal establishment, the chief purpose is to socialise the members in the group. The societal establishments are managed good by many Torahs and regulations that direct the personal businesss and how people interact. Sociology provides theories that explain how this is done. Some of the major Sociological theories that are traveling to be tackled in this work are Functionalism, Conflict and Interactionism. This work hence will affect treatment of issues that will be drawn from the theories, undertaking the household as a societal establishment.

Thompson ( 1979 ) Functionalism is a school of idea in sociology that claims that either every thing or everyone in a societal establishment serves a intent or plays an of import function in the societal establishment. Harmonizing to this theory, each one of all the social facets acts interdependently as it contributes to the operation of the society as a whole. Establishing on this theory, in a household every member of the household has a purpose regardless of how the remainder of the household members view them or the place they have in the household. Establishing on this theory, there has to be a consensus in the household where all have to hold on the manner things have to be carried. Functionalism theory airss different inquiry when seeking to understand the theory. One will be compelled to inquire themselves how will this work, in a household if both good and bad Acts of the Apostless both serve good intents in the society.

Harmonizing to Bohm ( 2001 ) even the negative facets in a household of any societal establishment serve a intent. For illustration, the act of aberrance can be used as a manner of reassertion or elucidation of norms in the household and the society at big. Other good facets that can be drawn from this frailty are ; through such an act as aberrance, position quo can be challenged and besides household integrity can be enhanced. This is because, when such Acts of the Apostless occur, it means that in the household there is something that is non right with every one. Traveling to the root cause of the job means covering with things that will name for a positive alteration that will impact the whole household in a positive manner.

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Functionalism theory as it is applicable in a household can impact the manner people view assorted facets in the household or the society as a whole. Within the household, Functionalism brings together people into a consensus based on the manner they perceive other social issues that surround their household. This is because the household as a unit has a common manner of thought and perceptual experience based on their common household norms and values. The society besides due to the grade of alteration caused by Functionalism in the household, might comprehend the household in off that is determined by believes that attachment to Functionalism theory has fostered on them. For illustration the society might see household facets like divorce as being caused by interrupt down of household due to failure in executing common things that conveying integrity in the household ( Mooney et al, 2008 )

Conflict theory on the other manus is a school of idea that is based on issues of inequality in a societal establishment. Gumplowicz ( 1980 ) defines this theory as the theory of force that has much association with Marxism ; that Karl Marx wrote based on his category struggles. This theory largely touches and focal points on the most conflicted and the negative facets of a societal establishment. There are several sorts of struggles that can happen in a societal establishment ; for illustration, societal struggle, economic struggle ; which are all diverse in themselves. This theory harmonizing to Mooney et Al, ( 2008 ) views any societal establishment as an establishment that is made of different sorts of people with different involvement, wants and needs that they compete for. Based on this theory, in every societal establishment, there have to be people who have more power than others and there forward they assume commanding functions in the society.

This theory is applicable in a household as a societal establishment, in that, different functions those different members of the household assume find their influence in the household. The manner and mode in which household members view each other is determined by the sum of influence each member has in the household. Besides, the different functions played by each household member can be a deciding factor of how the whole household as a system works. For illustration based on the responsibilities that are defined by the struggle theory, female parents in the household are responsible for the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the household, male parents due to their nature of being the staff of life victors and a beginning of security due to their dominating nature, act as the caputs of the household ( Mooney et al, 2008 )

This theory has besides a large impact on the societal alteration within the household as an establishment. Establishing on the functions which are shaped by power of control, that each member has, one member of the household, Lashkar-e-Taibas say, the caput of the household can find and put a societal criterion of behaviour that all in the household can adhere to.

This theory besides influences how the members of the household as a societal establishment view the society. Norms and believes of the household are shaped by the influence and the authorization that the caputs of the household have on the members. These household norms and behaviours act upon how the household associates or competes for resources with the remainder of the members of the society. There character and actions determine the manner the household is perceived in the society.

Interactionism theory harmonizing to Mooney et Al, ( 2008 ) is a theory that deals with the inside informations or the symbols that are in the lives of the people. This theory surveies single and the manner they carry out their personal businesss within a societal set up. As this theory is based on the interactions of the people, it draws its inside informations from reactions, like idiosyncrasy, organic structure linguistic communication and how people react toward each other when they are together ; face to face. This sort of interaction determines the effectivity of communicating between the two involved parties.

A household as a societal establishment draws much of its success on this theory. Communication ; effectual communicating is really critical for the well being of any group. In a household, actions and words of a member of the household acts as symbols that determine the manner the household members treat each other. This is because what some one sees, harmonizing to their perceptual experience determines their actions. Body languages, manners and words all act as symbols that determine the reactions and responses towards each other, therefore, this besides guides people on how to handle each other and how to respond in different fortunes.

Interactionism theory will impact the positions of the household members in that. Since there are cognizant that their symbols ; which are Body linguistic communications, manners and words determine the manner other people perceive or take them, they will be cautious of how they interact with each other. This shapes the overall behaviour of the different people in the household. This theory can impact societal alteration in that, the behaviours or the forms of alteration of behaviours will be determined by the reactions and the manner how people react towards each other.

Establishing on a household as a societal establishment, this theory affects the society & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s positions in general. A society or community is comprised of different household units. These units jointly form the social societal behaviour. Interactionism theory properties from the different households hence mould the general social positions.

Even though all the three discussed theories of sociologist can be used to explicate ways and facets of how people interact with each other in a societal establishment, they are different in the manner they tackle the different issues in a societal establishment. This is because they perceive social issues otherwise establishing on different societal establishment issues that affect the members of the societal establishments


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