Digital Communication

Joshua Feliciano – 110445 Mr. Basile IB ITGS – 11 4. 27. 2010 Digital Communication in the 21st century Digital communication can be defined as an electronic transmission of information that has been encoded digitally. This specifically means that digital communication is data communication of information that is converted from text to code digitally. Digital communication can also be effective communication dealing with web, multimedia, video or graphics, and digital media. Some forms of digital communication can be texting, IM, e-mail, podcasting etc.

Digital communication plays an important part in today’s daily life in many different perspectives. In today’s age, most people find digital communication a lot more easier and teachers and professors find it a bit more comprehensive. Today’s companies and organizations, use different types of media to reach and retain their audience. Digital communication helps jobs and businesses communicate a lot faster through e-mail, multimedia, texting, power point, presentations etc. As for students in any school or college, all these digital communication advantages also help and make it a lot more accessible.

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Throughout the decades, technology has improved drastically and gets more highly skilled as time goes on. In the past there was no such thing as digital communication. All communication was through hand written letters, phone calls, or people would just have to go visit whoever it is in person. Digital communication has made a huge change and difference in today’s age. Its more comprehended and explanatory. In today’s society a lot more can be accomplished with the digital communication and technology that exists today. Some of these digital communications can be text messaging, video or graphics, multimedia, podcasting, and digital media.

Back then in about the 1990’s, there was no such thing as any of these digital communications and advantages. Video or graphics and multimedia may have been in useable but, it definitely wasn’t as advanced, updated, or even in good picture quality as today’s technology and digital communication. This is significant in a couple of different ways. Not only is everything faster, and looks nicer but, all the improved technology saves every individual a lot of time in their life. With all the development and improved technology, digital communication has really made a difference for people in today’s age.

Digital communication contains many advantages and disadvantages. Some being good and others being bad. Advantages of digital communication can be that it is faster and easier, no paper is wasted, messages can be stored in the device for longer times without being damaged unlike paper files that easily get damages, it can be done over large distances through internet and other things, it is comparatively cheaper and the work which requires a lot of people can be done simply by one person as folders and other such facilities can be maintained, and it provides facilities like video conferencing which save a lot of time, money and effort.

Digital communication also contains many disadvantages which can be that it is unreliable as the messages cannot be recognised by signatures, sometimes the quickness of digital communication is harmful as messages can be sent with the click of a mouse, it has completely ignored the human touch in which a personal touch cannot be established because all the computers will have the same font, and greater bandwidth.

In conclusion, digital communication can be defined as the ability to create communications in different media, which can be its websites, video, audio, text, or animated multimedia. It’s important in today’s society because it’s much faster and more understanding other than having to deal with letters that you can’t comprehend. In today’s age, digital communication can be more visible and more fun with the advancement of video or graphics, multimedia, podcasting text messaging, e-mail etc.

This is significant because everything is much faster and more advanced. Overall digital communication had its advantages and disadvantages some being good and some being bad which in the end was still a very successful improvement of today’s technology. Work Cited http://www. adobe. com/education/presentation/digital_communication/ http://www. macromediastudiomx. biz/uk/education/solutions/pdfs/dc_for_all_students. pdf http://www. answerbag. com/q_view/31169



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