Digital India Essay

July 28, 2017 Information Technology

Digital India is a programme to transform India into digital sceptered society and cognition economic system. Even though India is known as a human dynamo of package. the handiness of electronics authorities services to citizens is still relatively low. So this programme has been started by our premier curate Sri Narendra Modi on August 7. 2014 to sensitise all ministries to this huge programme touching every corner of the authorities. This programme has been envisaged by Department of Electronics and Information Technology. The National e-Governance Plan approved in 2006 has made a steady advancement through Mission Mode Projects and Core ICT Infrastructure. but greater push is required to guarantee effectual advancement in electronics fabricating and e-Governance in the state.

The Digital India vision provides the intensified drift for farther impulse and advancement for this enterprise and this would advance inclusive growing that covers electronic services. merchandises. devices. fabrication and occupation chances. India in the twenty-first Century must endeavor to run into the aspirations of its citizens where authorities and its services reach the doorsill of citizens and contribute towards a durable positive impact.


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The vision of Digital India aims to transform the state into a digitally empowered society and cognition economic system. The programme will be implemented in stages from the current twelvemonth boulder clay 2018. The Digital India is transformational in nature and would guarantee that Government services are available to citizens electronically. It would besides convey in public answerability through mandated bringing of authoritiess services electronically. A Alone ID e-Pramaan based on reliable and standard based interoperable and incorporate authorities applications and informations footing. The vision countries of Digital India are of follows… .

Infrastructure as Utility to Every Citizen

High velocity cyberspace as a nucleus public-service corporation shall be made available in all Gram Panchayats. Cradle to sculpt digital individuality –unique. womb-to-tomb. online and authenticable. Mobile phone and Bank history would enable engagement in digital and fiscal infinite at single degree. Easy entree to a common service Centre within their vicinity. Shareable private infinite on a public cloud.

Safe and unafraid Cyber-space in the state.

Administration and services on Demand

Seamlessly integrated across sections or legal powers to turn out easy and a individual window entree to all individuals. Government services available in existent clip from online and nomadic platforms. All citizen entitlements to be available on the Cloud to guarantee easy entree. Government services digitally transforms for bettering easy of making concern. Making fiscal minutess above a threshold. electronics and cashless. Leveraging GIS for determination support systems and development.

Digital Empowerment of Citizens

Universal digital literacy.
All digital resources universally accessible.
All Government documents/certificates to be available on the available on the Cloud. Availability of digital resources/services in Indian linguistic communications. Collaborative digital platforms for participative administration. Portability of all entitlements for persons through the Cloud


The overall range of this programme is:
To fix India for a cognition hereafter.
On being transformative that is to recognize IT ( Indian Talent ) + IT ( Information Technology ) =IT ( India Tomorrow ) . Making engineering cardinal to enabling alteration.
On being an Umbrella Programme-covering many sections.


The Digital India Programme will draw together many bing strategies which would be restructured and re-focused and implemented in a synchronised mode. The common stigmatization of the programmes as Digital India high spots their transformative impact.


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