Digital Photography Coursework Essay

July 21, 2017 General Studies

For this coursework we had to plan a book screen on a subject of our pick that comprises of our ain original digital picture taking. The subject I have decided to establish my book screen on is “Poverty” . I wanted to do a book screen with a ocular unity. which means that I wanted the reader to acquire the subject of the book by merely looking at the screen. I wanted a simple but elegant piece of work.

In order to do a great book screen I had to first of all has a great picture taking based on my subject. Fortunately. my male parent organised a trip to India during the Christmas vacations. I decided to utilize this chance to convey my camera and take some images. I have a Canon 600D camera with the 55-70mm kit lens. I am ever passionate by picture taking. I like taking images during my free clip and upload them on my societal page.

During the trip I went to a little small town called “Kichocha” in Lucknow. New Delhi. It is a truly hapless small town with people populating in huts. I so took a Cycle Rickshaw besides known as a “Pedicab” and drive through the small towns taking images. In order to acquire good images while in a vehicle I used the athletics manner on the camera. because the athletics manner uses a higher shutter velocity to assist halt fast actions. I took some great exposure during the trip that shows the true lives of the Indian.

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When I was back from my trip. I went through all the images I have taken and chose the right one suitable for my book screen. I have chosen that peculiar images because. it was one of my front-runner and besides was the most sympathetic by my friends on my societal page. It besides has a batch of infinites to input my texts. I besides wanted a image that the people will detect and retrieve. The reader ever remembers powerful images on a book screen. I think this image has done the occupation based on the likability of my friends.

I so started redacting the images. The package that I have used is Adobe Photoshop CS6. The ground I have chosen this package is because I am really familiar with this plan since I have used it several times for old plants. I find it a really professional image-processing tool that is easy to run.

During the redacting stage. I foremost of all had to harvest the image since the work should be submitted in A4 layout. I have cropped the image in a manner that I get the interesting portion of the images in focal point and besides go forthing infinite for the texts and book spin. I so did some research online of book screens of how they place their rubrics. captions. writers etc.

I so created my rubric. I based my rubric from the subject of the image itself. named “The Little Indian” . I wanted the book to look like a novel based on the life of that small male child mounting the wall. For the rubric. I have decided to put it at the top because there was nil interesting to demo the audience from on top of the image apart from edifices.

For the fount I wanted a typography that are clean. clear and that lucifer with the subject of the picture taking. I have used Lucida Black Letter for the word “India” . I find it a spot like Indian manner founts. I so used different founts for the word “The” and “Little” to do it look like a logo alternatively of a basic one-line sentence. For the colors I have chosen colorss that make the texts pop out from the image. since the image is already really colorful. I find that green. ruddy and xanthous work good together for the rubric. I besides applied shot and shadow to the text to do it more easy for the spectator to read.

I so designed the caption. I foremost did some research online to happen a good phrase for my caption that reflects my subject. I so came up with “A true narrative of Poverty and Wealth” . I think subtitle is of import in book screen. because it reflects the tone and emotion of the book with merely a individual line. I so came up with the thought of doing the subtitle position with the wall. In order to achieve this consequence. I used the Vanishing Point Filter with the aid of some tutorials online. I think it makes it look cool and interesting to read. This will maintain the spectator interested with the manner the text is attached to the image.

I so made the writer name. utilizing white impact forepart. The ground I have chosen Impact forepart is because I find it popularly used by interior decorators and besides it is easy to read and catch the attending of the spectator. For the spin. I made the background in black coloring material so that the rubric on the spin is clear. I have used impact as fount for the rubric and writer name. I made the rubric on the spin same coloring material as the original logo rubric on the book screen to do it look more attractive on the shelves. I to boot add a publishing house logo on the spin to do it look more realistic for a book screen.

What I have learnt during the design procedure is be aftering and clip direction. I think both are of import in doing undertakings efficient. I have besides improved my Photoshop Skills. I have learnt how to utilize the Vanishing Tool with the aid of some tutorials online. For the camera. I could hold much better images if I had a Zoom Lens for my camera alternatively of the kit lens. I could besides hold a better rubric logo if I knew how to utilize other package like Adobe Illustrator. which is more specialized in making Son. I besides feel that I lack some cognition in utilizing the correct colors for the founts. However I manage to do it look good with the aid of some friends’ feedbacks. Overall I am satisfied with the undertaking.


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