Direction Between Stock Market And Economic Growth Economics Essay

Stock markets have received a great trade of attending, both as a beginning of fiscal development and finally economic growing, and in the context of big swings in stock market rating. The deepness of a stock market as captured by the market capitalisation is an of import step of one facet of fiscal development. The function of stock markets as a portion of fiscal markets in economic development procedure is emphasized by growing theories.

Stock markets have going more incorporate in recent old ages. There are several factors that contributed to the linkages or mutualities of stock market. The inquiry of whether the stock market can calculate the economic system has been loosely debated. “ The stock market is futuristic and current monetary values reveal the approaching net incomes possible or productiveness of companies ” , this statement argues by those who support the market ‘s prognostic capacity. Since stock monetary values reveal outlooks about profitableness and since profitableness is straight linked to economic activity, fluctuations in stock monetary values are consideration to take the way of the economic system stated by Christo Luus, Economist of Johannesburg in South Africa.

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Harmonizing to IMF in twelvemonth 2008 the subprime crisis that began in August 2007 in the USA has been labeled as the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression. Largest fiscal shocked has been developed by this crisis and impacting serious injury on markets and establishments at the nucleus of the cosmopolitan fiscal system. The stock market activity is one of the chief activities in the corporate universe among the concatenation of activities, which got affected due to the fiscal crisis.

Some surveies have suggested that the stock market development can hold extremely constructive function in promoting growing. Fama ( 1991 ) argues that the stock market is a individual prima index of the concern rhythm. This is contrary to Harvey ( 1989 ) , who finds that the stock market is non a forecaster of economic activities. These surveies have happening the causality between stock market and economic growing in Saudi Arabia.

Stock market

The stock market indices are one of the chief indexs of the economic activities. Harmonizing to the Wikipedia, a stock market or equity market is a public market ( a loose web of economic minutess, non a physical installation or distinct entity ) for the trading of company stock and derived functions at an in agreement monetary value ; these are securities listed on a stock exchange every bit good as those merely traded in private. Fundss are channeled from rescuers to borrowers, either straight or indirectly. The direct channel is through fiscal markets, exchanges where securities or fiscal instruments are bought and sold. Fiscal markets provide direct finance when borrowers issue securities straight to rescuers.

In chief, a good working stock market may assist the development procedure in an economic system through the followers ; first growing of nest eggs, secondly efficient allotment of investing resources and in conclusion better use of the bing resources. The stock market is supposed to promote nest eggs by supplying family with an extra instrument which may break run into their ain hazard penchants and liquidness demands. If a family has a sudden addition in wealth, its current and future ingestion degrees will increase. One of the chief constituents of family wealth is the value of stocks held by family. When stock monetary values rise, family wealth additions, and when stocks monetary values autumn, family wealth lessenings. Stockss monetary values affect the economic system by impacting family wealth, which affects family ingestion. In good developed capital market, portion ownership provides persons with a comparatively liquid agencies of sharing hazard in investing undertaking.

Cliff Pratten claims that the activities of purchasing and selling stock and portions on the stock market are highly of import for the allotment of capital within economic systems. Although mast of the concern on the stock market consists of covering in go outing securities, the monetary values of these securities provide of import signals. Companies whose portion monetary values are at premium to the book value of their assets and low dividend outputs have a badge of blessing which enhances their opportunities of borrowing capital on favorable footings and of raising capital by publishing new portions. Besides that, dealing monetary values and citations provide investors with an indicant of the market value of their wealth which may act upon their determinations about ingestion outgo. When monetary values are at historically high degree and lifting this indicates assurance among investors and may impact the assurance of business communities and hence their investing determinations.

1.1.2 Economic growing

Economic growing is the addition of per capita gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) or other step of aggregative income. Traditional neoclassical theoretical accounts of growing are a direct branch of the Harrod-Domor and Solow theoretical accounts, which both stress the importance of nest eggs. The Solow neoclassical growing theoretical account in peculiar represented the seminal part to the neoclassical theory of growing and subsequently earned Solow the Noble Prize in economic science. It expanded on the Harrod- Dumor preparation or Harrod-Dumor growing theoretical account by adding a 2nd factor, labour and presenting a 3rd independent variable, engineering to the growing equation.

Traditional neoclassical growing theory, end product growing consequences from one or more of three factors: addition in labour measure and quality ( through population growing and educational ) , 2nd addition in capital ( through economy and investing ) and thirdly betterment in engineering. The Solow neoclassical growing theoretical account, for which Robert Solow of the Massachusetts institute of Technology received the Nobel Prize, is likely the best known theoretical account of economic growing.

Growth is a chief of import portion behind of a success of a state. It is frequently measured as the rate of alteration in GDP. Economic growing refers merely to the measure of goods and services produced. Economic growing can be either positive or negative. Negative growing can be referred to by stating that the economic system is shriveling. Negative growing is associated with economic recession and economic depression.

1.2 Saudi Arabia


Above graph shows market capitalisation in Middle East states on twelvemonth 2009. Harmonizing to WDI Saudi Arabia ‘s market capitalisation is highest among it. Market capitalisation is a placeholder to stock market in this survey. GDP of Saudi Arabia is stable from earliest 1970ss until late. So we choose Saudi Arabia as a instance of this survey.

1.2.1 Background of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covers most of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a big state. It is approximately one-third the size of the Continental United States and the same size as all of Western Europe. It size is 2186000 square kilometres. The major West seashore port of Jeddah is 1500 kilometers by route from its east seashore opposite number, Dammam. The province bordering Saudi Arabia, get downing from the North and proceeding in a clockwise manner, are Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen.

Harmonizing to the universe fact book ; Saudi Arabia ‘s terrain is varied but on the whole reasonably sterile and rough, with salt flats, crushed rock fields, and sand dunes but few lakes or lasting watercourses. In the South is the Rub Al-Khali ( Empty Quarter ) , the largest sand desert in the universe. In the sou’-west, the mountain ranges of Asir Province rise to over 9,000 pess.

1.2.2 Economy of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the universe largest proved oil militias and is the universe largest exporter of oil. Its oil industry is province owned, and the authorities maintains command over all of the land ‘s mineral resources. The Saudi Arabial oil company, known as Saudi Aramco, is the universe ‘s largest oil company.

The Saudi Arabia economic system expanded 0.60 per centum over the last twelvemonth, as measured by the year-over-year alteration in Gross Domestic Product. Unlike the normally used quarterly GDP growing rate the one-year GDP growing rate takes into history a full twelvemonth of economic activity, therefore avoiding the demand to do any type of seasonal accommodation. The Saudi Arabia Gross Domestic Product is deserving 369 billion dollars or 0.60 % of the universe economic system, harmonizing to the World Bank. From 1969 until 2009, Saudi Arabia ‘s mean one-year GDP Growth was 5.06 per centum making an historical high of 27.49 per centum in December of 1974.

Opportunities for economic growing have increased steadily over the decennaries since King Abdulaziz bin Abdelrahman Al-Saud founded the Kingdom in 1932. , the airy King Abdulaziz began to do programs for the puting down of the state ‘s substructure. In June 1986, the riyal was officially pegged to the IMF ‘s Special Drawing Rights ( SDRs ) . In pattern, it is fixed at 1 U.S. dollar equal to 3.75 riyals, which translates to about 1 riyal is 0.266667 dollar. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency chose non to follow suit, partly due to concerns about the inflationary effects low involvement rates and a lower value for the riyal. The riyal returned to its nog against the U.S. dollar in early December of 2007.[ 1 ]

Achievement an economic transmutation required deliberate planning and careful execution of a development plan with clearly defined aims. The mission for economic development and growing began in earnest with the debut of the First Development Plan in 1970. This began a series of five-year programs that continues today. Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest developing states in the universe and it is the most dynamic economic power in the Arab universe.[ 2 ]

1.2.3 Stock Market of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi ‘s stock market is the largest in the Middle East states with high market capitalisation in twelvemonth 2009. Stock market is really stable and rising prices rates are normally low. The Saudi Arabia joint stock companies had their beginning in the mid 1930 ‘s, when the first such company, the Arab Automobile Company was established. On 1975 there were 14 public companies. The rapid economic enlargement and Saudisation of foreign Bankss in the 1970 ‘s led to the constitution of a figure of big corporations and joint veture Bankss. Major portion offering were made the public during this period. The market remained informal, until the early 1980 ‘s when the authorities embarked on a rapid development plan.[ 3 ]

The Saudi Arabian stock market is known by the name of Tadawul and is the lone securities exchange in Saudi Arabia. Before the twelvemonth 2001, the lone stock exchange in Saudi Arabia is Electronics Securities Information System ( ESIS ) . It was developed and operated by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency ( SAMA ) and was introduced in 1990.[ 4 ]However, the ESIS was officially replaced by Tadawul in 2001. It is the new securities trading, uncluttering and colonies.

This survey covers profoundly into the enhance apprehension of the important relationship and directional of the causality between the similar attack of stock market development and economic growing indexs that will be the chief beginnings for the intent of informations aggregation in this survey. It is clear that if causality can be set uping from stock market to economic growing so these surveies have direct policy deduction and better the effectivity of policy design and execution in future.

This survey provides cognition to investors who are sing puting in Saudi Arabia. By cognizing the relationship between the markets, it can assist investors to fudge some hazard. This survey besides can give some utile information to investing practicians and policy shapers. This survey will be a part to the literature on the subject of stock market and economic growing.



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