Dirty Jobs “Butcher”

July 4, 2017 General Studies

(Butcher) 1. How might certain attitudes lead workers to a positive identity in dirty work? Well its already studied that dirty jobs or work is difficult for any given individual to attend and feel job satisfaction from that job. In this case, being a butcher, is considered to be a difficult job to feel important or needed by the organization and probably slim to no chance in moving up in the job force thus affecting the individual in finding interest on the work itself. What could lead to a positive characteristic would be having stimulants from time to time either in pay, or days off, or even rotation in duties. . How do attitudes link to the behaviors required of dirty workers? The attitudes link in the sense that if one worker let’s say a butcher comes in to work into a market where there are 3-4 other butchers already working on their daily routine of doing the same style and routine of work for the day, but that butcher coming in comes in let’s say bringing a problem from home that he wasn’t able to leave once getting into work, it will affect all the other men and women very easy. So attitudes link very easily in these dirty jobs.

This will most likely make all the other butchers uncomfortable working throughout the day thus to already having a difficult job. Attitudes are contagious when the work being performed is difficult as it is. 3. How do the five facets of job satisfaction apply to “dirty workers”? The five components of job satisfaction apply butchers in many ways. The work itself because there’s not much room for growth, same routine in order to keep some sort of interest and their responsibility level would happen to just be basic rules and caution they must abide by which later becomes nothing more than routine acquired by expertise.

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Quality of supervision is basic and social support they do not get much because the customer just goes to them for one thing, please slice or chop a portion a meat or poultry. They could maintain some relationship with co-workers in the sense of establishing a safe fun work environment accompanied by respect but there is not much in the work field they could do together. The promotions are very simple there are not much expansion slots in the field of butchers and they know that. Sometimes affecting them psychologically feeling like they have boring jobs and that are not as useful as they could be . 4.

How might the complex relationship between job satisfaction and performance work for a “dirty worker”? Well first this is the main focus to get good production. Job satisfaction extremely goes with performance of work. In the case of butchery, it seems to stay pretty stable according to studies. They know what to expect on a daily basis and once they reach a certain level of expertise, they pretty much know it from there on what to expect. It does impact their behaviors and work performance just because it’s the same routine every day but with incentives and decent pay the balance out rather well for being a dirty job.


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