Disadvantages of Globalization Essay

July 31, 2018 General Studies

One of the disadvantages of globalisation is the over-standardization of merchandises through planetary stigmatization. Using Emirate Airline to exemplify this point. globalisation will intend that their services are standardized which aim to function all clients. They would lose their singularity of the concern civilization after they go planetary. Besides. the over-globalization will ensue in the deficiency of creativeness and merchandise diverseness Hongladarom ( 2002 ) . Zekos ( 2004 ) .

Furthermore. globalisation can besides make diseconomies of graduated table as non all states have the same growing and economic rhythm. For illustration. Emirate may run really good in the Middle East and Europe market but spread outing into Asia or America market will cut down their net income. This could be due to troubles of organizing activities in those new markets or the civilization differences. It is besides of import to observe that globalisation will do de-industrialization and high unemployment in the domestic market. Empirical groundss included: Mello ( 1997 ) . Rodrik ( 1996 ) . Fagerberg ( 1994 ) .

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