Disciplinary Action for Workers Who Access to Social Networking Site During Working Hours

July 20, 2017 Marketing

In my opinion, I think that employer should take serious disciplinary actions against their employees if they found using the social networking sites during working hour for a few reasons. A great amount of loss to the company will be the main reason in this case. The Nucleus Research also states that: Among 237 randomly selected office workers that are interviewed about their use of Facebook, 70 percents of workers have Facebook account.

Of those workers with Facebook accounts, nearly two-thirds access Facebook during working hours and 87 percents of them couldn’t define a clear business reason for accessing it. There is also a found that one in every 33 workers built their entire Facebook profile during work. Companies who do not ban Facebook during the work day oso tend to lose an average of 1. 5 percent of total office productivity. One company has calculated that use of social networking sites in general (of which Facebook makes up the vast majority of usage) cost employes upwards of $2. 5 billion each year in lost employee productivity. (Nick, 2009) From here, we know that this matter seriously affect one’s company profitability. There are workers that access Facebook to promote a business, product and event to other Facebook users. However, there are only a small portion of workers who doing it. Furthermore, none of the users had measured the comparative effectiveness of Facebook over marketing strategies and so it’s unclear if their Facebook efforts delivered positive returns. (Nucleus Research, 2009) There is a study and research by professor Dr.

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Brent Coker from University of Melbourne states that people who took small breaks between jobs were 9% more productive than those people who did not. (Sarah 2009) “People who do surf the Internet for fun at work – within a reasonable limit of less than 20% of their total time in the office – are more productive by about 9% than those who don’t,” Dr. Coker says. (Media Release, 2009) I agree with this statement but we must always know that social networking site such as Facebook can be very addictive for its users.

Once you stay connect with friends, you will realize how often you login for chat and seek what other people are doing. (Shafi, n. d) Hence, it is not easy for all the workers in a company to know when will be the right timing to access Facebook and when to stop it and continue their jobs. Another reason that employer should take serious disciplinary actions against their employees if they found using the social networking sites during working hour is the threat of viruses. It is not surprise to see that some Facebook users are having viruses storming through their pages.

In Facebook, there are also a lot of hackers who steal other people account and get information from it by sending viruses to a lot of Facebook users. When one’s Facebook account is stormed with viruses, it might also affect and damage the computer. What’s more the computers belong to the companies, the company will have to spend a lot of unnecessary money to fix the damaged computers. This will also indirectly affect the company overall’s performance. What will happen when a company workers’ Facebook accounts is being hacked? This will bring a big impact to the company.

Hackers can get information about the workers and company’s private documentation. Professional hackers might hack deeper into the company computer’s system and try to steal money from it or destroy the company’s data storage system. Besides, hackers that manage to hack into Facebook account might spam something that is inconvenient to other Facebook users or even offend them. Some of the Facebook users that are involved include the company’s actual and potential customers and this will also create bad images to the customers and decrease the reputation of the company.

There are some disciplinary actions that I would like to suggest if workers do not follow the rules of restrict worker to use social networking websites during working hours. First, employers can give those who not intentionally disobey the rules oral warning. The employer must clearly let the employee to know that the employer is issuing an oral warning. The employer must also ensure that the workers understand the rules and consequences of their behavior on disobeying the rules.

If an oral warning is given and the workers still having their behavior persists, the employers may choose to use written warning. This action may use more than once to get the workers correct. When using this disciplinary action, the employer must also state clearly that the employer is receiving a warning letter. The employer must also state the problem of the workers and the impacts of it through the letter. What the employer should do next if workers still disobey the rules is to suspend the workers without pay.

During suspension, the workers will be prevented from work from a number of days and no pay is given accordingly. There are also some alternatives actions in this stage. The employer also can choose to reduce the pay within a class for a period of time regarding the seriousness of the problem. Moreover, employer also can demote those workers who disobey the rules to a lower classification. For the last stage of disciplinary actions, employer can choose to dismiss workers if the workers failed to obey the rules after taking all disciplinary actions mentioned above.


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