Discrimination Worksheet Essay

July 10, 2017 General Studies

• What is favoritism? How is discrimination different from bias and stereotyping?

Discrimination is the denial of oppurtunities and equal rights to persons and groups because of bias or for other arbitrary grounds ( Schaefer. 2012 ) . Discrimination is different from bias and stereotyping because favoritism is an action whereas bias is a belief or attitude and stereotyping is a generalisation about a group of persons ( Schaefer. 2012 ) . Both bias and stereotyping are ways of believing about and sorting people into groups based on a belief or disfavor of those persons. Discrimination takes it a measure farther and puts those beliefs and attitudes into action by denying these groups of certain oppurtunities because of the bias and stereotyping.

• What are the causes of favoritism?

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Discrimination comes in many signifiers such as race. gender. ethnicity. faith. age. sexual orientation. and even disablements. Discrimination is a erudite behaviour in which I believe kids hear negative comments about a group of people or single from their parents or other influential individuals and so do those opinions based upon what they grew up hearing about these persons ( Schaefer. 2012 ) . Discrimination can besides be caused from possible bad experiences with one person that may do another person to now hold negative feelings about this peculiar individual because of race. gender. faith. age. sexual orientation. or disablement. Another cause of favoritism is institutional favoritism. which is the denial of oppurtunites and equal rights to persons and groups that consequences from the normal operations of a society ( Schaefer. 2012 ) .

• How is favoritism faced by one individuality group ( race. ethnicity. spiritual beliefs. gender. sexual orientation. age. or disablement ) the same as favoritism faced by another? How are they different?

Confronting favoritism is ne’er an easy undertaking to make. Having to confront favoritism is hard and normally the minority gets the brut force of the favoritism. The lone manner confronting favoritism could be the same is that either group has to digest the bias for the actions and beliefs in which they are being discriminated about. The difference is that one individuality group may have harsher favoritism for their individuality group. Race. gender. and disablement may acquire hit harder when it comes to occupations and other oppurtunities than would ethnicity. spiritual groups. and sexual orientation. Certain groups have been discriminated even harsher than others and this can take to detest offenses. such as race. Either manner favoritism is a negative action and the more we can make to forestall it. the better it will be for our hereafter.


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