Discuss the reasons why Great Britain was the first country to industrialize? Essay Sample

August 2, 2017 History

From the beginning of history to the twelvemonth of 1800. the work of adult male was done by manus tools. However. during the twelvemonth of 1800 the displacement from manus tools to power machinery occurred and was called the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution grew bit by bit out of the proficient patterns of earlier times. The first state to be affected by the Industrial Revolution was Great Britain.

First. Great Britain practiced the policy of mercantile system. Great Britain expanded her Atlantic economic system by mercantile system. The British merchandiser could sell more if merely more could be produced. In order to increase net income faster methods of production were needed. Cotton had been already imported from Asia but by manus Europeans could non vie with the East. However the market was eternal if cotton could be spun. woven. and printed with less labour. The colonial imperium that Great Britain built was enlarged by a strong place in Latin America and in the African Slave Trade which provided a turning market for British manufactured goods. Britain’s domestic market besides flourished during this clip interval. It was cheaper to transport goods by boat alternatively of land transit. Get downing in the 1770’s a canal edifice roar greatly enhanced this natural advantage. Rivers and canals provided easy motion of England’s tremendous sedimentations of Fe and coal.

Second. agribusiness played a important function in the conveying about of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Many landholders seeking to increase their money incomes began to experiment with improved methods of cultivation and stock elevation. Landowners made usage of fertilisers ( chiefly carnal manure ) . They introduced new implements such as the “drill seeder” and “horse-hoe” . They developed new methods such as harvest rotary motion and attempted to engender larger sheep and fatter cowss. Since the landholders who controlled parliament they proposed enclosure Acts of the Apostless which fenced up common lands. One consequence was to raise the productiveness of the land and of farm labour. Fatter cowss yielded more meat. more sedulous cultivation yielded more cereals. The nutrient supply of England therefore increased.

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Third. Britain had other assets that helped give rise to the Industrial revolution. Britain had an effectual cardinal bank and good developed recognition markets. The sovereign and blue oligarchy. which had jointly ruled the state since 1688. proved stable. The authorities allowed allow the domestic economic system operate with few controls. promoting personal enterprise. proficient alteration. and a free market.

Great Britain was the first state to follow the passage from handheld tools to machines. Through the Agricultural Revolution there was a rise in the productiveness of and of farm labour. Since the British conquered a colonial imperium. they staked out markets all over the America’s and Europe. and built a mercantile Marine. Through many agricultural and mercantile grounds. Great Britain was the first state to industrialise.


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