Discuss Twain’s use of comparison-contrast in “Two Ways of Seeing a River” Essay

October 18, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Communication

In.Two Wayss of Sing A River.the writer. Mark Twain. described his thought of the Mississippi river from two angles or two positions and used comparing and contrast to exemplify his points. He foremost began by utilizing a metaphor in his gap words. He compared to Mississippi river to a linguistic communication which he had already mastered.

However. he said that upon his command of the river. he lost something which is his esteem for it when he saw it the last clip. Twain described how olympian and how fantastic it was when he foremost saw the river on a steamboat. He vividly illustrated in the narrative bantam inside informations like the colour of the river during the sundown and the ripplings in the H2O. among others. But when he returned a 2nd clip. everything marveled about the river was gone.

Basically. Twain’s remarks on the river on the 3rd paragraph were about the antonym of his remarks on the 2nd. It can be so deduced that the writer used a block form of comparing in his narrative because he foremost described his beautiful experiences upon seeing the river the first clip before depicting his less lively experience on the 2nd clip.

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Furthermore. Twain’s differing remarks on the river fundamentally says that things such as experiences become less exciting or even less carry throughing the 2nd clip around. In other words. a adult male who has already experienced something merely passes by it the following clip. In the instance of the writer in the narrative. he merely read and observed the Mississippi river instead than wonder at it because he has already seen it before.


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