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What are some of the most popular database vendors in the marketplace? What are the pros and cons of each vendor? What are some of the issues you would consider in making the decision to select a database vendor for an organization you work for? In your responses, please make sure that you are making reference to either information found in the text or outside resources. This information is necessary to clearly indicate that you understand the concepts being presented.

There are a few popular database vendors in the marketplace. According to the text, Oracle and Microsoft are two popular databases that are used on a daily basis for many people. Part of keeping a business organized is to use Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems take a business procedure view of the overall organization to integrate the planning, management, and use of all of an organization’s resources, employing a common software platform and database. Though some companies have developed their own ERP systems, most establishments use commercially available ERP software.

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The leading ERP software vendor is SAP (www.sap.com), other major vendors include Oracle (www.oracle.com) and PeopleSoft (www.peoplesoft.com), now an Oracle company (Rainer and Cegielski, 2011). One thing to keep in mind when making a decision to select a vendor would be how user friendly each database is. It needs to be easy to operate, and something that you can get help with if need be.

I agree with you when you said everyone who considers a database vendor should read up on what they want and need. Whenever you’re getting a new product it’s important to do your research. When looking for software for your company you should consider every angle before the purchase. Consider the data warehouse and the benefits that it’s bringing to many companies. According to the text, benefits include things such as end users can access needed data quickly and easily via Web browsers because these data are located in one place, they can conduct extensive analysis with data in ways that may not have been possible before, they can obtain a consolidated view of organizational data. These benefits can improve business knowledge, provide competitive advantage, enhance customer service and satisfaction, facilitate decision making, and streamline business processes



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