Disney Pixar Case Study

October 6, 2017 Sports

Disney has changed their strategic direction by diversification. They first moved the Disney channel from premium cable to basic cable. This allowed them more viewers considering the economic situation for many unable to afford premium cable. Once that expansion of viewers was made back home they went after key global markets. Disney then went after the rapidly growing market of tweens, Difference in age segment that they had been focused on before which were younger children.

Implementation was used by pushing their Disney label music artist so that it penetrated the tween market segment. Disney also used technology to their advantage by producing better animated cartoon through their newly bought company Pixar, Which caught the eyes of a wider audience consumers not only the younger children segment. Question 2. Disney’s cross platform franchising helps create sustainable competitive advantage by owning characters that are successful with different market segments.

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This Including Cars and Disney princesses for the younger tweens and children, and their music label artist and Pirates of the Caribbean for an older tween and even adult market segment. Therefore providing product differentiation to multiple target markets and enhancing Disney as a whole brand by providing consumers to what best fits their interest, And continuing to improve and diversify market segments by creating more channels with different interest whether it being action packed shows or combining with ESPN to make a sports channel owned by Disney. Question 3.

The Marketing mix for Disney’s Cars franchise would include Cars being brought to life in an animation cartoon movie where quality and entertainment of different characters play major roles in appealing to a young children and even a tweens market segment. Cars was delivered in movies theaters and by introducing their cartoon car characters as merchandise in stores to go along with the movie and promote it, Eventually after created a TV series to be aired on their Disney channel. Followed by DVD sales and an ongoing theme park attraction still which will open soon.

Promotion was done by releasing merchandise for their movie that attracted the market segment they targeted and continues to sell merchandise even after the movie was released years ago. The movie and merchandise pushed promotion to an audience and consumers for their TV series and DVD sales, to know having a virtual gaming world still promoting for their upcoming release of a Cars theme park attraction. The pricing strategy was based at a reg. base price you would pay to watch a movie in a theater or pay for cartoon merchandise and DVDs. Question 2.

Bob Iger’s major components to his strategic plan were to push the Disney franchise into different market segments and targets. By developing new product developments and diversification to not only target the younger children market but to also go for older aged kids market that being tweens or even adults. He focused on buying Pixar company from the start since they were already working for Disney. Expanding their audience of the Disney channel by allowing a larger amount of viewers to view the channel since it was also available in basic cable not only in premium cable. Also by Pushing the Disney brand into key global markets.


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