Dissolution Of The Soviet Union

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Table of content

Introduction and attack to the problemPage 3

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Part 1: Where it all began, revolution and the wars.Page 4-6

  • World War 1
  • Revolution
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
  • The Winter War
  • World War 2
  • Operation Barbarossa
  • The Cold War

Part 2: Soviet Union ‘s fallPage 7-8

  • Military forces
  • Economicss
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Russian Federation
  • Boris Yeltsin

ConclusionPage 8

SourcesPage 9-10


I chose theDissolution of the Soviet Unionfor my in-depth survey, because I have ever wondered how it happened and the grounds why. The Soviet Union developed to be a great economical and industrial state in no clip after many centuries of poorness and hungriness. Where did it travel incorrect? Behind the frontage of the Soviet propaganda, there was a barbarous and terrorizing authorities who merely played their cards right both nationally and internationally.

In my in-depth survey I will be concentrating on the autumn of the Soviet Union, a state which 1 could both admire and despite. To concentrate on the autumn though, I have had to look at some basic history, conveying me back to the start of the revolution and some history from World War 2 before taking the Cold War into history. At this point, 1/3 of the universe ‘s population was Marxists or Communists! I will besides take a closer expression at the leaders of the Soviet Union at this clip, chiefly concentrating on Lenin and Gorbachev who both started and ended it.

Approach to the job:

What forced the disintegration of the Soviet Union and which outcome did it hold?


Part 1: Where it all began, revolution and the wars.

The twelvemonth is 1917, most of Russia ‘s population is working within agribusiness, either as a husbandman themselves or a worker for bigger farms. Russia ‘s economic system is at the underside, most of the states youngest work forces are already dead, or contending for their lives at the front line against Germany.

In the streets of St. Petersburg, which was the state ‘s capital at the clip, people was showing against the czar because of hungriness and dissatisfaction of the czar ‘s engagement in World War 1. As the tenseness grew, the state of affairs developed into a revolution and more and more people got out in the streets showing their hatred with their leader. The czar began to worry and as a reaction, he withdrew the military personnels from the front line against Germany and set patrols into the streets of St. Petersburg to discontinue control over the people.

When the military personnels came, more force and civil agitation raised in the streets, which lead to public violences and the decease of many inexperienced persons demonstrates. This caused more hatred within the people. Suddenly out of the shadows of the revolution a adult male assuring occupations and nutrient to everyone rises. His name was Vladimir Lenin.

Vladimir Lenin, leader and laminitis of the Bolshevik party, played an of import function in the remotion of the czar. The czar was replaced by a probationary authorities, though the new authorities could non acquire things done fast plenty. Merely a twosome of months subsequently, early in November during the October revolution, Lenin and the Bolsheviks grew impatient and seized power from the probationary authorities.

Vladimir Lenin regulations the state with an Fe fist. In short clip the Communists were able to construct up a strong industrial community where the keyword was equality among the people.

World War 1 ended right after the revolution and reformation of Russia. However, the subjugation of the German people and they seeing how they were stepped on after the licking in World War 1 built up a fury within them. Germany started to educate people of higher instruction and edifice a secret armory, which they were forbidden to make after the war.

Back in Russia the Bolsheviks had won the civil war that had lasted since the revolution. They signed a pact of the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, officially making the Soviet Union.

At this point when the Soviet Union was official, we are in the mid 1920 ‘s and Germany was still enduring from economic troubles after World War 1. However similar to what happened in Russia, in Germany a adult male started lifting with a magnetic attitude and promises of a better hereafter. His name was Adolf Hitler and he won the election in 1933 and was stated as Germanys Chancellor of the Exchequer. The first thing he did when he was sworn in was to alter the democratic system in Germany, doing him the lone individual who had all the political power.

In 1939 Germany and Russia started to speak in secret meetings, after the meetings they signed a treaty of neutrality. The treaty was named “ The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact ” and it lead to a shared invasion of Poland, where the Russian military personnels entered from the E and the German military personnels entered from the West. The outside universe did non accept these actions and declared war on Germany in the autumn of 1939. Shortly after, the Soviet Union ordered bombardments of Finland and started an invasion, besides called “ The Winter War ” .

Although Finland was considered the also-rans of the Winter War, the 1s who suffered the greatest casualties of both military personnels and equipment were the Russians. This revealed great points of failing in the Russian ground forces, and the authorities knew they had to repair this. Germany nevertheless were cognizant of this and saw this as an chance to occupy Russia and derive power of the E.

22nd of June 1941 the Germans launched operation Barbarossa which was a program to occupy Russia. I have attached a image which show how Germany invaded the Soviet Union from all waies, including Finland and Romania. The greatest onslaughts were launched towards Leningrad and Stalingrad. In the wake, the whole universe has heard of the methods the German military personnels used to hunger the population of Leningrad to decease.


Part 2: Soviet Union ‘s autumn

The ground of the Soviet Union ‘s poorness came from World War 2 and the Cold War. The changeless force per unit area of development and new engineering in a “ show-off competition ” against the United States were besides a large ground.

After several old ages of military armament, the Soviet Union ‘s economic growing stalled. They have had jobs maintaining up with the United States in the economic race all along and at the terminal of the 1980 ‘s it was clear that they could non vie with the Americans any longer. The stalled economic system, failed reform efforts and the war in Afghanistan had led to the people of the Soviet Union being angry with their authorities. Propaganda, secret violent death and the constabulary could non frighten the people and the remainder of the universe any longer.

The terminal of the Soviet Union was nigh and several efforts were made to seek to salvage the brotherhood. Gorbachev introduced increased societal and political freedoms, which so led to people organizing opposition groups both within and outside the party to convey down the authorities.

There were presentations and violent deaths, the authorities lost control of the state of affairs. All the reforms and efforts to salvage the economic sciences was non plenty and the disintegration of the Soviet Union became true after a concluding Resurrection effort by Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev. The disintegration was signed on the 25th of December 1991, killing off the Soviet Union. The president of the new Russian Federation became Boris Yeltsin, who won the election in June 1991. He was now caput of province.

http://media.web.britannica.com/eb-media/24/84824-004-F1085983.jpgBoris Yeltsin became Russia ‘s new “ strong adult male ” . He introduced an extended plan of denationalization of province belongings. Now, around 20 old ages subsequently the consequences are clear. Russia ‘s elite have merely one thing in head and that is make fulling their ain pockets. The lone thing Russia has achieved is oppressing the high hopes of the people who believed, therefore giving them even more disappointment towards their authorities.


December 25th 1991 marked the terminal of the Soviet Union, 70 old ages of communism was over. Though Russia today is still a state which struggles with alcohol addiction and poorness among the population. Unfortunately Russia has the same challenges today as they had when they were the Soviet Union. Russia ‘s economic system is strongly dependent on natural stuffs and a big group of the population lives in poorness.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union was forced by spread outing and turning excessively rapidly and they so went into a economic stall. Peoples started to organize opposition groups and they took down the authorities. The authorities lost control of all the civil agitation.

Soviet Union fell and Boris Yeltsin became caput of province of the Russian Federation. He began privatising province belongings and the end of the authorities were clear, all they wanted was money.


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