Divergent Suggested Essays Essay

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Suggested Essay Questions

1. In what ways does Tris’s individuality develop over the class of the novel?

Tris began the novel cautious and unsure of herself and her desires. which was characteristic of her Abnegation upbringing: she was ne’er allowed to concentrate on herself. so she ne’er knew precisely what she wanted. Upon taking Dauntless her courage evidently begins to bloom. but she experiences some other alterations as good. She forges friendly relationships and relationships cardinal to her individuality. with people who bring out the best in her. And she learns that though she has chosen another cabal. she can still be altruistic ; and so she is. clip and clip once more. By the terminal of the novel. she is to the full cognizant of herself as Divergent – person who does non suit in. but who can non be controlled. The events of the terminal of the fresh reinforce who she has been – altruistic – and who she wants to go – brave. There are many important experiences to discourse. both good and bad. that shaped Tris as a individual throughout her clip in Dauntless.

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2. Compare and contrast this stiffly structured society with our ain. What are the pros and cons of each? Does one supply a more effectual life style than the other?

The differentiations between Tris’s society and our ain are really evident ; their thought of going a good individual involves choosing one virtuousness to cultivate their full lives. while for us. being good and morally sound involves a mixture of all of their cabal virtuousnesss and more. Socially. we have much more freedom of pick. but is that freedom ever a good thing? Analyzing any of the five virtuousnesss of Tris’s universe can so hold positive effects on one’s life. It all depends on position ; either could be seen as the more effectual life style. depending on how you look at it. but the cabal system surely makes some important trips in seeking to command and direct a person’s individuality and humanity.

3. Discourse the soundness of a authorities run merely by a individual cabal. Is Jeanine Matthews genuinely incorrect for naming for greater representation. or is it better to maintain disposal in the custodies of the selfless?

This is surely a far call from our system of democracy. While holding the innately selfless run the authorities seems like a respectable thought in theory. in pattern it may fall short. Abnegation do non hold the same ends in life as Erudite. Candor. Amity. or Dauntless. so therefore it is natural that their disposal is called into inquiry. Possibly a system with equal representation from every cabal would be a better scheme ; though policy would non dwell of highly altruistic Acts of the Apostless. sometimes representatives do hold to be selfish advocators for their people. And with everyone holding a say. there would be much less opportunity of a rebellion the size of Erudite’s. Jeanine wasn’t wholly incorrect in what she preached. but she surely went about it the incorrect manner. and Abnegation wasn’t to fault for a system that had been flawed from the start.

4. What are the benefits of screening people into societal groups the manner the cabals are sorted? What are the drawbacks?

We tend to subconsciously kind ourselves into groups irrespective ; we gravitate towards people with similar involvements as us. people with similar backgrounds. people who look like us. With a society organized into groups. citizens are ever surrounded by like-minded people. and there is a much greater opportunity of acquiring along with those who think like you. On the other manus. though. that separation can advance intolerance and bias. which is evidently evident in the novel ; all the cabals shunned the values of their rivals. advancing a far excessively detached manner of life.

5. There are merely five cabals ; are at that place any other human virtuousnesss losing from the list? Why would these be necessary in all-around citizens?

Valuing merely honestness. altruism. peaceableness. courage. and intelligence seems like a really little piece of the huge bulk of honest human virtuousnesss. Another cabal could be based on trueness ; many of the jobs in Tris’s universe ( and our ain ) are caused by treachery and misgiving. A cabal based on diligence could guarantee that all its citizens are hardworking and productive. And there could besides be a cabal based on creativeness. which shapes the head in many ways the other cabals do non.

6. Discuss Tris Prior as our supporter. Is she a dependable storyteller? Does she ever tell the truth? Are we constrained by her point of position?

Tris is typically a really straightforward storyteller. though possibly her point of position is frequently clouded by her ain personal biass. We do non acquire a good sense of Peter’s character. for case. because she is ever so determined to detest him ; possibly there is more to him than meets the oculus. We’re surely constrained by her position. merely cognizing what she knows at any given clip. We solve the enigmas of Four. her female parent. and the Erudite-Abnegation feud merely every bit shortly as she does. because the narrative is told merely from her first individual position. The bounds of this position does let for some enigma and tenseness. though. every bit good as the strong feeling of Tris as a hero.

7. What significance do Tris’s relationships have in her life?

Assorted relationships begin to bloom for Tris merely after she’s left Abnegation. Her household is broken apart. but at a distance she seems to acquire even closer to her female parent. larning more about her yesteryear than she of all time knew before. In Abnegation. Tris ne’er had true friendly relationships. but in Dauntless she becomes near to Will. Christina. Al. Uriah. and some of the other novices. Without them. she wouldn’t hold had the support she needed to acquire through induction. And eventually. her relationship with Four has changed her in many ways ; she’s been given person to open up to. who in bend opens up to her. and for a individual with every bit much to cover with as Tris. this is perfectly indispensable.

8. Compare and contrast Peter and Jeanine Matthews as adversaries. Who would be considered the cardinal adversary?

Both Peter and Jeanine serve as Tris’s enemies. but in really different ways. Peter is more present throughout the novel. doing problem for Tris during induction. her most immediate concern. But Jeanine is an adversary on a larger graduated table ; though she doesn’t do an existent visual aspect until late in the novel. we know she’s been behind the turning rebellion of the Erudite and the Hunt for Divergent. Jeanine’s purposes and the range of her grasp lead to something much. much larger than a battle for ranking during induction. For this ground. merely Jeanine can be considered the cardinal adversary.

9. In what ways is the brewing war between Abnegation and Erudite reminiscent of our social power battles?

Though the conflict at the apogee of the novel is fought with hi-tech inventions like simulations. the fortunes that caused it can be easy compared to the power struggles in our ain society. It starts with a group of people believing they’ve been treated unjustly. with an below the belt little sum of say in authorities. and ends with a bloody conflict to find who corsets and who goes. Revolutions and major contemporary wars begin in much the same manner. Jeanine Matthews is representative of the persuasive. magnetic. and intelligent leader who is able to convert her people to beat up against another group ; in this instance. Abnegation. Jeanine’s method of use through propaganda ( false claims about Abnegation ) and disrespect for others based on a sensed difference or deficiency mirrors fascist leaders from history.

10. Which subject in the novel would you see the most important. and why?

Though many major subjects in Divergent are prevailing. the 1 that invariably comes into drama is the subject of individuality and how one’s picks determine ego. Tris is invariably doing picks that define who she is. get downing with the major 1 on Choosing Day and go oning throughout induction. stoping with her determination non to hit Tobias in the control room in order to halt the simulation. Her individuality develops farther with every determination. and finally she learns that she can genuinely be courageous and selfless at the same clip. This subject applies to other characters as good ; Caleb. for case. take to exchange to Erudite in order to remain true to his ain individuality. but finally returns to Abnegation because he decides that Erudite’s programs were incorrect. and he could non be a portion of it. Each and every character in the fresh makes at least one pick that aids in finding their individuality ; hence. this subject is highly important.


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