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September 20, 2017 Commerce

Foster and Harris in their survey on diverseness direction in retail organisations in the UK focused on “ how operational directors are construing the direction of diverseness in pattern ” ( p.4 ) . The article makes a positive part towards a deeper apprehension of elaboratenesss of diverseness direction and its application in the work topographic point. However, there remain a series of contextual factors which impact diverseness direction ; and which organizations no uncertainty would necessitate to turn to in the hereafter.

In offering a critical reappraisal of Foster and Harris ‘ paper, this essay focuses on four countries which are ; the research methodological analysis, the cardinal findings, the part the survey makes to an overall apprehension of the complexnesss of implementing diverseness direction and the possible challenges for specializer responsible for implementing diverseness direction in the work topographic point.


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The cardinal statement of the article is the position that “ the diverseness direction literature concentrates on the possible concern benefits and social statement for using a diverse work force but pays less attending to issue of the application of diverseness direction in pattern ” ( p.5 ) . It can be inferred from this citation that the practical execution of diverseness direction paramount for Foster and Harris and led them to use a assortment of research methods in order to garner the necessary informations. The survey employed in-depth interviews, a instance survey and semi-structured interviews as a agency of understanding how line directors implement diverseness direction in administration.


Foster and Harris found that implementing diverseness direction across the retailing industry in the UK as “ debatable ” . They offer four grounds to account for this. First, diverseness direction is unclear and as such agencies different things to different people. For illustration, the research revealed that a minority of line directors see diversity direction and equal chances as basically the same ( p.10 ) . Second, line directors were peculiarly cautious about legal conformity and the possibility of judicial proceeding over the execution of diverseness direction. Pulling on the work of Leighton ( 2004 ) , Foster and Harris conclude that “ anti-discrimination statute law is in danger of going an obstruction to employers come oning diverseness direction patterns if fright of the jurisprudence leads line directors to a defensive and negative attitude to diverseness issues ” ( p.11 ) . Third, the “ confusion which stems from trying to equilibrate an docket that “ appears to necessitate them [ line directors ] to present sameness of dainty on the one manus but to recognize and react to single difference on the other ” ( p.13 ) . whilst bookmans such as Copeland ( 1988 ) , argue that more diverseness in the workplace can “ heighten decision-making through the coevals of different thoughts ” ( Copeland 1988 cited by Foster and Harris ) Foster and Harris contend that a “ more diverse squad was non merely more hard but that excessively much diverseness could be decisive and have a negative impact on squad coherence ” ( p.11 ) . Finally, the size, construction and external operating environment of an administration are important in make up one’s minding the extent to which single differences are recognised and valued in the workplace.

They besides used a instance survey over a 12 month period every bit good as conducted 40 semi-structured interviews with those keeping managerial duties and senior HR specializer who are responsible for planing and implementing equality and diverseness policies and processs.

The chief research happening indicated that directors understand the construct of diverseness direction otherwise and as consequence there be some incompatibilities as to how different diverseness directors apply the construct on a daily footing. Hence Foster and Harris observe that “ a deficiency of lucidity about what ‘managing diverseness ‘ agencies can take to incompatibilities… among those who required to set the construct into pattern ” ( p.5 ) . Managers were excessively concerned with the legal deduction and possible judicial proceeding. This consequences in confusion an docket to present sameness of intervention but at the same clip to handle people as single. 2 there is no universally accepted definition of diverseness direction and as a consequence this can take to incompatibilities in the manner directors apply the construct. In other words, the deficiency of a clear definition of diverseness direction means that directors even within the same administration can follow different attacks ( p.5 ) . Similar jobs to those expressed by Foster and Harris were highlighted by.. on

In-depth interview

Harmonizing to ( Boyce and Neale 2006 ) one of the jobs with in-depth interview is that it is prone to bias. In this context interviewers can inquire interviewees inquiries in order to acquire a peculiar response. Another issue with in-depth interview is that is hard to do generalization because of the size of the sample. However, utilizing in-depth interviews means that a research worker can acquire more elaborate information. Case survey besides poses its ain set of jobs which can take to inappropriate consequence. Research worker is likely to be influenced by the instance survey ( Yin 1984 Keke to acquire ) .

One of the jobs with utilizing semi-structured interviews is that it is easy to stray into other countries ( Ref needed Modupe to acquire ) . Equally long as this aside helps the interviewer to derive a deeper apprehension of the topic this is non an wholly bad construct. In the instance of Foster and Harris it is hard to find whether this was a job but on mean it would look that the interviewers were able to peruse issues relevant to the informations aggregation which could non be planned for.

Restriction of the survey

Foster and Harris survey was based chiefly on the trial and processs for analyzing perceptual experience of diverseness direction in retail administrations entirely in the UK nevertheless nonsubjective steps may be engaged in the hereafter to burden major differences in diverseness direction theory and its existent application in world. Furthermore the chief focal point of the researching the UK retail industry as a sample of other administration may non convey an nonsubjective decision of its findings of other civilizations industry and states in the planetary economic science of the universe.

However, the research and its choice of assorted samples in the administration expresses the feeling assorted employees from assorted subdivision of the administration on diverseness direction.

Foster and C established literature explore the organisational enterprise of an organisation ‘s work force as an effectual but under-mined dimension of diverseness direction and equality. The Literature which viewed assorted parts to comprehending diverseness direction constructs in relation to their importance and operational world.

The construct of diverseness as an resistance to the equality chances policies is one of the three major position highlighted by the writer. In knocking this attack, the writer does mention ‘right-based ‘ attack by Webb ( 1997 ) without giving a elaborate penetration as to how this reflects an resistance to the diverseness direction attack. Our perusal of the survey of equal chances by Webb ( 1997 ) and Sue Johnston ‘s ( 2010 ) recent publication of diverseness direction and flexibleness for female directors in the Australian retail sector, some places of equality chances policies is embedded in the construct of diverseness direction ; even has major differences still take its topographic point ( Greene AM and Kirton, G 2009: 33 ) and should non be viewed as an resistance to the Diversity direction construct.

The deficient grounds and deficiency of lucidity as to the diverseness direction construct different from the equality attack and the averment that it could be viewed as an resistance to diverseness direction ( 2005:5 ) would sabotage the position of Foster and harris as to how different they are and its effects in a retail administration. Nevertheless, the shortage position serves to throw the alternate “ equality theoretical account ” ( 2007: 57 ) into crisp alleviation.

The writers besides highlighted another position of diverseness direction construct as the

This survey postulates that public presentation assessment will be effectual to the extent that directors and subsidiaries have a shared perceptual experience of its intent and map and the grade to which it meets the demands of both groups. A two portion research undertaking was conducted to: 1 ) place manager/subordinate perceptual experiences of the intents served by the formal public presentation assessment procedure ; 2 ) determine, the extent to which these intents are being satisfied in organisational pattern ; and 3 ) buttocks if directors and subsidiaries have a shared perceptual experience of the effectivity of the assessment procedure. The sample for the survey included 36 directors and 143 subsidiaries from a division of a big Midwest service organisation. The consequences were assorted with respect to the assessment system efficaciously carry throughing its diverse ends. However, in general, there was support for the impression that both directors and subsidiaries find the assessment procedure to be a worthwhile organisational pattern. Approximately 70 % of the respondents indicated that they would take part in the assessment plan whether they were required to make so or non.


The article has clearly demonstrate the jobs with the practical application of diverseness and the phrase “ easy to state, hard to make ” in the rubric of the essay truly reflects the job with diverseness direction.

Webb, J. ( 1997 ) , “ The political relations of equal chance ” , Gender, Work and Organisation, Vol. 4 No.3, pp.159-67.

Boyce, C and Neale, P. ( 2006 ) Conducting indepth interviews, a usher forigning and conducting in depth interviews for rating imput..Pathfinder international tool series, Monitoring and rating -2. May 2006.

Nicholas R. Johns, School of Law and Social Science, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

Alison J. Green, School of Law and Social Science, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

Equality, equal chances and diverseness

Bewilderment as societal justness


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