Divine Intervention In ”The Odyssey” Essay Sample

July 24, 2017 General Studies

The godly intercession of the Gods in human personal businesss is a familiar facet in the heroic poem verse form. The Odyssey by Homer. Throughout the first five books of the narrative. there are several happenings where Gods interfere in the lives of both Odysseus and his boy. Sometimes these interventions are to force forwards Odysseus’ nostros. for illustration Athena encouraging of the possibilities of his male parent being alive and to travel out and happen him ; nevertheless Poseidon. Odysseus’ godly adversary strives in the opposite way. seeking to forestall Odysseus from of all time returning place. Ultimately all of the engagement from the Gods in some manner focuses around Odysseus and his homeward ocean trip.

In the first book Athena introduces the thought of godly intercession when she gets Zeus’ consent to go to Ithaka to talk to “my ain bosom is broken for Odysseus. / the maestro head of war. so long a castaway/ upon an island in the running sea/”¦His girl will non allow Odysseus travel. / hapless plaintive adult male ; she keeps on wheedling him/ with her beguiling talk. to turn his mind/ from Ithaka” ( 67-77 ) She speaks with understanding about Odysseus quandary. because she is the goddess of conflict and wisdom she a natural liking for the brave and clever Odysseus. “I shall see Ithaka/ to set more bravery in the boy. and bestir him/ to name an assembly of the islanders” ( 113-5 ) Arriving in Ithaka she assumes the signifier of Odysseus’s old friend Mentes. Athena speaks in a hushed prognostication and in human camouflage because she can non merely look in all her Godhead glorification and Tell that her male parent is still alive. She convinces to put canvas and hunt for his male parent. With the support of Athena. eventually learns to takes some enterprise and he calls an assembly. and embarks on a journey to happen his male parent and eventually convey him place. In add-on to the physical journey he will be taking. he is besides shiping on a metaphorical journey into manhood to continue his male parent estate.

Devine intercession is taken to a farther degree in the undermentioned book. where Athena forms the camouflage of two more people ; another one of Odysseus’ old friends Mentor. and himself. While masking herself as Mentor she delivers a really motivational address to about the illustriousness of his male parent and foresees a fruitful journey in front. Athena maintains rather an influential appreciation on until she realizes that he is so traveling to ship on this journey and so she disguises herself as and goes into town to roll up a loyal crew to adult male his ship. “she roamed the town/ taking each likely adult male aside and stating him: / “meet us at twilight at the ship! ‘” ( 407-9 ) Athena has now become rather actively involved in seeing that sets out to happen his male parent she even goes so far to piecing his crew. Never once more in the undermentioned books does a God go so far as physically assisting a person to this extent. where they merely indicate them in the proper way and allow them calculate the remainder out on their ain. “Reason and bosom will give you words. ; / and a spirit will advocate others.

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I should say/ the Gods were ne’er apathetic to your life. ” ( 31-3 ) Since Odysseus is the 1 who is on the existent journey. by assisting out. Athena is indirectly fostering his return place without interfering with Odysseus’s larning experience from his expedition. She subsequently reveals her deity by casting the signifier of Mentor and altering into an bird of Jove remaining behind to protect ‘s ship and its crew. ” If grey-eyed Athena loved you/ the manner she did Odysseys in the old days”¦ ne’er have I seen the Gods help any man/ every bit openly as Athena did your father” ( 235-9 ) In the old chapters of the Iliad. the God Poseidon had developed some bitterness for Odysseus in the conflicts of Troy. “Poseidon. bears the combatant an old grudge/ since he poked out the oculus of Naturally. the God. after the blinding”mind you. he does non kill the adult male ; he merely buffets him off from home” ( 90-9 ) Poseidon keeps Odysseus trapped on the island with Kalypso. but we do non see Poseidon actively forestalling his homecoming until after Odysseus escapes from the island. After Odysseus has spent 18 yearss at sea. Poseidon is returning place from a trip to the land of the Ethiopians. when he comes across what his fellow Gods have done in his absence. He stirs up a storm. which about swallows Odysseus under the sea. This shipwreck delays his freedom from expatriate. but the goddess Ino comes to his deliverance and gives him a head covering that keeps him safe after his ship is destroyed.

Athena is bothered that Poseidon is forestalling Odysseus return place. and she sees this as unfair and attempts to make everything in her power to put this consecutive. While discoursing Odysseus’s destiny in the Godhead assemblies. she continuously complains of the unfairness that Odysseus is trapped on the island. and begs Zeus for justness. Zeus merely reminds her that it is in the Godhead program Odysseus is to return place. and it is merely Poseidon that is forestalling this return. “Yet all the Gods had pitied Lord Odysseus. / all but Poseidon” ( 31-2 ) Athena delivers a address in favor of the hero Odysseus and prevails on Zeus to step in. He sends his courier to travel to Kalypso’s island and acquire her to put Odysseus free. “send him back in hastiness. / His life may non in expatriate go to waste. /His fate. his homecoming. is at hand” ( 119-21 ) Kalypso eventually frees Odysseus. and points him in the right way to an flight. She provides him with the thought of doing a raft and provides nutrient supply. but she ne’er physically helps him in his flight. This is for the ground that he has to larn on his journey by experience. without this factor the events mean nil. Through larning on his ain. he is deriving cognition to asseverate and continue his ain humanity.

The nature of Godhead intercession throughout to the first five books is in some manner related to Odysseus’ nostros. All of the Gods. excepting Poseidon are step ining in his life harmonizing to the Godhead program and what his destiny entails. He is destined to make place finally. and it isn’t until Poseidon is brought to justness that he will make so. Without Athena’s positive influence in the greater strategy of things and her intercession in the personal businesss of and Odysseus. his homecoming would merely be farther delayed.


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