Do people success by emphasizing their difference from other people? Essay

September 10, 2017 General Studies

Born to be different. persons should stress and wholly take advantage of their singularity in order to win. It is those differences that launch those who emphasize sharpness of things. into success. Through the narratives of amusement Parkss. the subject has been manifested to be true for several times.

Randy Guthrie. the ex-CEO of the ocean park. constructed Ocean Park by copying Western amusement Parkss such as Disney. and eventually launched Ocean Park into serious ‘financial crises’ . Detecting that several amusement Parkss became popular. Randy built Ocean Park in Hong Kong after detecting different manners of other opposite numbers. and imitated their instruments and sketch characters in 1979. In the twelvemonth of 2003. as more and more amusement Parks appeared. every bit good as the onslaught of SARS. the out-of-date Ocean Park suffered from bankruptcy-threatening loss. 4100000HKD. Have no manner to travel. the then-Chief Executive of Hong Kong Tung Chee-hwa invited another advanced adult male. Zeman to be the caput of Ocean Park. Allen Zeman. an clever enterpriser. found out and explored singularity of Ocean Park. and finally gave metempsychosis to the park. Sing shuting Ocean Park as a commiseration. Zeman tried his best to salvage it. Rolling about in the park. Zeman noticed that the direction and equipments of Ocean Park were earnestly outdated and beyond ‘repaired’ . After believing for long clip. he realized Ocean Park should stress its ain peculiarity—its typical location. and should no longer copy other amusement Parkss. The breath-taking beautiful seaboard of Ocean Park is a antic vantage point compared to other Parkss. Zeman defined the windbreaker a subject park about animate beings. ocean. environment. instruction and preservation. and invited 15 interior decorators from the United States to transform the draw-up design into a up-to-date aquatic animal-centric subject park. These attempts eventually born fruitin2005. when the park made a net income of 95700000HKD. Besides as all the alteration he exerted in the ocean park began to work out. in 2006 ; a record of 4. 38 million visitants came to Ocean Park. giving it ticket gross revenues of $ 539 million Hong Kong dollar. Emphasizing and taking advantages of differences. non merely enable Ocean Park to be one of the most popular subject Parkss in the universe today. but besides launched Zeman to great success.

Had Allan Zeman non focused on Ocean Park’s uniqueness merely like Randy. neither Ocean Park nor he would be every bit successful as today. Nothing will be same in the universe. Every person should stress his or her ain difference in order to success.

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