Do You Want to Be Famous Essay

August 19, 2017 General Studies

Bing a celebrity/famous individual comes with its’ advantages and disadvantages which can do living life really hard at times. Let’s expression at some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a celebrity/famous individual. Some of the advantages of being a celebrated individual are as follows: Celebrated people have everything they can perchance desire such as fast autos. large houses. money. adult females etc. They can travel wheresoever they want on vacations or any other twenty-four hours of the hebdomad and do non hold to worry about their hereafter because their income is so good that even after retiring they will populate good. Celebrated people are known everyplace.

They are invited to the best parties and run into other famous persons. Now the disadvantages of being a celebrated individual are they have no privateness and are ever followed by paparazzi’s who normally take exposures in most unexpected minute which can halt a individual from basking the simple things in life such as traveling to a film. shopping at a local supermarket or promenade. quiet walks on the beach or even traveling out for a nice loosen uping flushing with friends and household. Celebrated people are frequently followed or harassed by phone. electronic mail or messages by fans or followings who cross the line and go haunted and compulsion can turn into menaces. injury. or stalking.

Bing a celebrity/famous individual attracts excessively many bogus friends intending it attracts people who will merely desire to be a individual friend because of his or her famous person position and money. Me personally I enjoy populating a normal life style without the concerns of people watching my every move or waiting for me to make something out the ordinary so that the yellow journalisms and newsmans can hold my face on every newspaper. magazine. and intelligence channel in the universe. I enjoy my privateness and wouldn’t want my privateness or the privateness of my household or friends to be invaded so. if I of all time had the opportunity to go celebrated. I would go through on that chance.

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