document analysis

December 28, 2016 History

“Discipline in the New Factories” that was written in Berlin in 1844, is an informative type of document because it informs the workers of the new rules that are being used in the new factories. It reveals to us as students of history that the factories were in demand of new discipline of the requirements of machines. This document comes from a set of rules that are used in a factory in Berlin. “Child Labor: Discipline in the Textile Mills” that was written in 1832, is also an informative document because it allows the people to be aware and let them know about child labor. It also inquires the condition of child factory workers.

“Discipline in the New Factories” is about the discipline in the new factories. These rules were used everywhere the factory system had been established. It also states that there must be good order and harmony should be looked upon as a success. These rules are to be followed and would be strictly observed. “Child Labor: Discipline in the Textile Mills” is about child labor in the textile mills. It talks about how they overworked the children and how the made them work long hours. It also tells the people how they were treated to keep them up to date on their work and make sure they weren’t slacking off on the job. Children would get gagged or beaten severely if they did something wrong, acted up, or even if they were a few minutes late for work.

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These two documents are related in some ways by both dealing with textile mills during the Industrial Revolution. The rules that were used in the textile mills were used all over in different countries, which meant that the rules applied to the children. Children not only had to follow the rules of the textile mills but also other rules because they were only children and had to listen to the adult in charge. It was said that all children could work including the girls, yet an adult female’s job would be to stay home and take care of the house and the cooking.


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