Does The Media Have A Negative Impact on Our Youth

The media as we know it; television, radio, internet, video games and film just to name a few, gives children a way to learn, be creative, get ideas and interact with their peers. The content of the media throughout the years has increasingly promoted profanity, promiscuity, drug, tobacco and alcohol use; these are all things that have a negative impact on our youth. Twenty years ago, the shows on television were about family issues and the messages were positive.

The lyrics to most genres of music were beginning to change, but were still limited in profanity and sexual content. Video games were just starting to get more graphic and the internet was just beginning to be introduced as a source of information and social media was introduced. Though the media can have positive impacts on our children, many studies indicate that the negative impacts and effects are far greater Although social media such as Facebook and My Space gives children that are normally anti-social a way to interact and be creative with their peers , it has also become a medium of bullying and harassment.

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This has a negative effect on those children that are trying to come out of their anti-social ways. According to a study done by Dr. Rosen, he stated that teens who often use Facebook tend to be more narcissistic, whereas young adults show signs of psychological disorders which include antisocial behaviors and aggressive tendencies. Youth who overuse media and technology are more prone to anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders.

This overuse also makes them prone to future health problem. Studies also found that student from middle grades through college who accessed social media throughout the day, achieved lower grades . Working in a school for at-risk students it is evident how the media has negative effects on students. The vocabulary, form of dress and the way they walk are indicative of how they are trying to emulate what they see in videos, magazines and the movies. Surveys and research on violence in video games, music, and films has revealed that aggressive and violent behavior is prevalent in the youth who consume this media . Insert the positive here.

Insert the positive here.
Media use is usually correlated with nutritional terms such as “media consumption.” The nourishment of our children’s mind is based on the pattern and amount of media they consume, for many youth it has become harmful. The challenge for many parents today is how to provide a more nourishing fare .

Parents may feel overwhelmed by how savvy their children are when it comes to the ‘new medium’ of information. Parents should not ignore this but instead become knowledgeable on this medium and allow their children to reap the benefits in a safe environment . The social development of children is influenced by the media , therefore parents should be aware of and provide guidance on age-appropriate use of all media to assure that negative influences are minimized.



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