Does the technology a curse or a blessing

February 18, 2019 General Studies

Does the technology a curse or a blessing? A common misunderstanding is that technology is considered as a blessing while it is huge cares. In reality after the internet had develop, people begin to rely on the internet daily in an exaggerated manner. Moreover, smart phones make people lazy, and lose our mind. People who working or studying online, there depend on internet and did not use their mind. I strongly believe that the technology is not as benefit as people think because it makes them dumber. Technology is a curse such as it makes people rely in the internet and lose our mind.
First, it is possible to imagine how people nowadays rely on the internet in an exaggerated manner. Unfortunately people depend on internet daily without any benefit. In my opinion internet in a good think when we used it in good way. According to David Wong “New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It is all about how people choose to use it”.
Second, people depend on the smartphones an there lifestyle. People nowadays did not life without their phones. The majority of people restricted her life in their phones and did not make think it result that makes them lazy, and did not think about anything. According to author “we live in the rea of the smart phones and stupid people”. It is clear that the smartphone is not benefit thing.
In addition, todays people who studying or working online did not use their mind and depend significantly in the internet. Also they do not make effort, and everything got it from internet. A study has shown that people who have string cognitive skills spend less time in their devices them those with less.
In conclusion, everything in the world has both sides positive and negative. Generally technology has advantages and disadvantages. So we should care about how to use technology. In my opinion technology nowadays did not benefit people because people did not use it in right way.


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