January 19, 2017 General Studies

Introduction: One of these mammals makes a perfect pet, whether you”re alone or when you’ve got a growing family. .

A dog is a member of the family mammals called Canidae. Canidaes are placed in a larger group called the Carnivores that are meat eating animals that catch their food by hunting and then dispatch and eat their prey using powerful teeth and jaws.

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All breeds of domestic dog belong to a single species called Canis familiaris. Some dog breeds are built for speed, endurance, guarding people and property. Some are prized for their herding abilities and others for their skills in detecting or retrieving game for the hunter. Dogs are owned because they fulfil another important role for a man and they have been adapted to become a good and faithful friend. The dog excels like no other animal. Intelligent, affectionate, playful, resourceful and loyal.

Dogs have a friendly nature and adapt well to living in our houses as pets. Dogs perform a particular duty better than humans do. For example no one discovered a better detector of drugs or explosive than the canine nose, rounding a flock of hillside sheep without a collie dog would be an almost impossible task, and many blind people would face an isolated and lonely life without a Labrador dog to help them. The list is endless.

The ancestor of the world’s meat eating mammals is called Miacis that appeared 40 million years ago in North America. Miacis gave rise to a creature called Cyndrose and it gave rise to another creature and so on. The dog species had spread to all parts of the world except southernmost regions such as Astalasia and Anartic from which they were isolated because of the vast ocean that seperated land mass.

Somewhere among the members of the Canidae is the ancestor of the domestic dog. Scientist long time ago thinks that hyenas, foxes, jackal or coyote is the ancestor of the domestic dog. Hyenas and foxes cannot mate with dogs, foxes are not social pack animal and jackals, and coyote are not the same species.


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